Here Comes the Sun (Script)

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Note: This is just a little short film script that I wrote last year at University for my script writing course. It was supposed to only be around 5 minutes long so that's what I aimed towards.

Given how all it was doing was collecting dust I thought I'd post it here. ;)


We open on an image of the Bahamas, a beautiful picture that fills the screen while depicting a tropical beach as well as a crowd of tourists stood completely still. It's the sort of image that would be used on a postcard to advertise a location.

We slowly pull back away from the image and we realize that MARTIN FENCE has been staring dreamily into his photograph of the Bahamas as he sits behind his desk in a stuffy office. On his desk lies a mountain of paper work, completely untouched. While next to the paper work lies a sign saying: CEO.

CHRISTY (OFF SCREEN): Got some work for you, boss.

CHRISTY walks towards Martin's desk carrying yet another stack of paperwork. Martin snaps out of his daydream and looks at her with horror in his eyes.

MARTIN (STUTTERING): Je... Jeez, Christy. Don't we have someone else that can fill all this out?

The paperwork drops onto the desk, creating a dull thud as it lands. Martin looks at it depressed as Christy immediately turns around and heads for the office exit.

CHRISTY: Someone's got to do it, sir.

As Christy leaves, Martin looks back at the picture of the Bahamas on his desk and sighs. Before reaching forward and booting up the computer on his desk. The screen begins to light up, and as Martin waits for it to activate he gets out of his chair and moves to the window, looking out at the sun light beaming down from outside. Just outside on the building wall we see a sign saying:APOLLO RAYS! FINEST PROVIDER OF SOLAR POWER!

Martin looks at the sign for a moment and grips his fist angrily. Behind him the computer beeps letting him know that it's ready, and when Martin turns around he finds himself face to face with,,, a man dressed in a white tuxedo sat in Martin's chair with Martin's picture in hand.

MAN: The Bahamas is a lovely place this time of year.


MAN: Not quite.

Martin steps back shocked, placing a hand over his heart as if it just skipped a beat. He looks at the man with a mixture of fear and anger before stepping forward towards the chair.

MARTIN (ANGRY): Who are you and what are you doing in my office?

The man smiles and slides the picture back onto the desk.

MAN: Why am I here, Mister Fence? Why... I'm here to talk business! Why else would a man come to this building for any reason other than to talk about...

The man points a finger at Martin who seems confused.


MAN: Exactly!

Sitting back down in the chair, the man pulls a cigarette out of his jacket's pocket, and lights it behind the cover of his hand. Martin steps towards him, nervous.

MARTIN: There's no smoking in here, Mister...?

MAN: Belvedere.

The man takes a puff of his cigarette and winks at Martin, while also shaking out a small flame that appeared upon his finger.

(CONT'D) Apollo Belvedere.

Shock fills Martin's face, and he shakes slightly out of fear.

MARTIN: As... as in the Greek god?

The man who is Apollo smiles which quickly turns sinister. He stubs his cigarette out on the desk and leans back in Martin's chair.

APOLLO (AGITATED): Yes. As in the Greek god of the sun you named your company after and made a fortune off!

Martin steps forward slightly, trying to look brave.

MARTIN (QUIET): I... I don't believe you.

Yet we see on his face that he does.

MARTIN: And... and if you don't leave I'm going to call security!

Apollo shifts in his chair, putting one knee upon the other. He smirks to himself and brings his left hand's fingers together in a clicking position.

APOLLO: Then allow me to convince you.

He clicks his fingers, and suddenly the room gets dark. Outside the sun has completely disappeared, which Martin stares at in complete shock.


Apollo claps his hands together, getting Martin to turn back around in utter terror. Apollo smiles to himself, almost evilly, and stands up.

APOLLO: Now. Martin... or Marty. I've grown very bored recently, sitting up in Mount Olympus with my brothers and sisters.

Martin backs up against the window in terror while Apollo stays in his seat.

MARTIN (STUTTERING): Ple... please I don't understand. I don't...

APOLLO: So I thought I'd come down to Earth and have a go at owning a business.

Apollo gets up out of his seat and begins to move slowly towards the window.

(CONT'D) And 'lo and behold. I come down to Earth and find one already set up for me!

Martin closes his eyes and looks away in fear as Apollo walks right up to him, towering above him as he reaches into his jacket.

MARTIN (MUTTERING): Please... please...

Apollo pulls a sheet of paper from his jacket and dangles it in front of Martin's face. Martin opens his eyes and looks at the paper confused.


APOLLO (ANGRY): It's a contract. Sign it.

MARTIN: Why...?

APOLLO: Sign it and I'll give you your heart's desire.

Martin looks at the sheet of paper for a moment, reading the text written upon it. Then he peers around Apollo's shoulder and looks at the picture of the Bahamas just upon his desk, glowing bright as if inviting him to go there. Martin finally looks back at the contract and looks angry as if changing his mind.


Apollo pulls the document away from Martin's face and glares at him.

APOLLO (CALM): What did you just say?

Martin looks up at Apollo, pulling a brave face. We can see Apollo's shadow on the ground below him.

MARTIN (DETERMINED): I don't believe in you. I don't believe in God, and I refuse to give you what I've worked for! I won't-

Apollo's shadow upon the ground begins to shift and change, growing gigantic and monstrous. Martin's face changes to one of utter fear, and he quickly changes his mind.

MARTIN: I've changed my mind.

The contract appears upon Martin's desk which he quickly runs over to. Behind him Apollo shrinks back down to his regular form and walks over, just as Martin starts signing upon the page.

APOLLO: A wise decision, Martin. Wiser than most.

Just as Martin is about to finish signing however, he stops. Turning his head towards Apollo he looks worried, while Apollo just stares down at the contract, bored.

MARTIN: Will... will I still get whatever I want?

Apollo takes the pen from Martin's hand and steps towards the contract. He quickly makes a few notes down upon the page and smiles to himself, as Martin looks very worried.

APOLLO (CALM): Thank you Martin.

There's a quick flash in the air and Martin vanishes. Apollo quickly checks over the contract before rolling it up and sticking it under his suit's jacket. In the background the sunlight returns, just as Apollo sits back down upon Martin's chair and turns towards the desk, putting his feet up.

(CONT'D) That will be all.

Suddenly Christy appears, slamming a pile of paperwork down upon the desk. She doesn't seem to notice that her boss is a completely different person.

Apollo frowns slightly, unsure of his decision.

CHRISTY: Work for you, boss.

Apollo watches her leave the office and takes his pen, moving onto the documents. Whilst beside him upon the desk, we see that Martin is now trapped, screaming within the Bahamas picture that he spent so much time looking into.


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