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Well, I think of hit it., The biggest writer's block I've ever had. I don't know why, I just am having some real trouble writing my next scenes. I need help, and BADLY! For those of you who don;t know, I'm writing two DC centered Fan/Fics about characters named Psycho A.K.A Bryant Wieters and The Doomhound A.K.A Sean Luthor. Here are some chapters:

Bryant Wieters/Psycho

Sean Luthor/Doomhound

I know I've over posted these kind of forums, but I REALLY, REALLY need help, or I'm not sure I can continue the series. So yeah, if you're a great writer who's a fan of Ivy, Red Hood, Harley, Creeper or Deadshot (Who will be appearing later in the series), please PLEASE PM me about it.



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Alright...I will say this, the reason why you can't finish your story is due to several reasons. Some of which only you know. Sometimes it's best to move on if you can't finish.

The way I see it is this, know your characters and you will have a story. A story is this for many:

Give someone good/bad character traits (like real people) and put them in challenging situations and watch them come out on top...eventually. It's that simple. Everyone likes a story like that.

The reason you write is important too. Don't write just for the sake of being popular, write because you actually like the characters and care about what happens to them. Remember too that plot shouldn't be forced. Characters should react to things based on who they are. If you want something to happen, make a situation where the character will react accordingly.

That's all I can say. Had to, since no one else has responded yet. And as always: punctuation is 90% of it, you have to do the homework to make a masterpiece.

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