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This is what I have so far for my X-men fanfic ofc: this all takes place around 94.

Name: Odette Maxine Roux. BOD: 10/31/1970, age 24 when story starts. Basic physical: 5'2, trim hourglass figure, waist length mostly straight flaxen hair, soft silver eyes, pale skin (she's a winter color palette wise), 2" long scar onher stomach, full lips, deep set eyes, she has a v-triangle shaped face with a slightly upturned nose. Sexuality: Straight. Personality Traits: Skittish, demure, compassionate. Status: Upper class but remembers where her family came from. Still a virgin. Soon to be partner/lover: Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner. Relatives: Mother, Father, Older Brother, Grandfather (Close relationship.)

Favorites:Food: Breakfast, eggs Benedict with bacon instead of ham. Lunch, chicken nachos (Chili's Style). Snack, most fruits but she is allergic to mangoes and blueberries; pecans and walnuts but allergic to cashews; most vegetables. Dinner, steak cooked rare over a bed of garlic fries with a red wine sauce. Brisket and cornbread is a close second that she only gets when she visits her grandfather. Color: Jewel tones of everything.

What I need:

Names to her mother, father, brother, and grandfather of a Louisianan french or french origin, both works great. Possible latent/known mutant power(s). I need help building her personality a pinch more. I'd like to give her a birthmark that is either related to her possible power(s) or just a normal birthmark. I want to give her a tattoo on the back of her neck but am having trouble deciding on a design and am open to suggestions, I personally am leaning towards something Pagan or vintage inspired. Want a nonreligious reason for being a virgin still, maybe something that could be considered humorous. Would love a cutesy little tick for her although its not needed, irl i have a facial tick where my nose twitches that my friends all get a good giggle at and that bf have found adorable; so something like that for her that Kurt can find too cute would be perfect.

I greatly appreciate any help I get. <3

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@mousebane: For the tick, go with the nose twitch. You know all about that. You know when it happens, what it feels like, and how people react to it. There's nothing wrong with putting a little bit of yourself into your characters. Sharing a trait doesn't mean that they have to be you.

I don't know which version of Nightcrawler you're going to use, but if you're using the one that has the marks all over his body (inspired by the movie version) then have her tattoo be something similar that draws his interest. That could be the conversation starter that gets them talking and leads to their relationship.

Non-religious reason for virginity: she is afraid it's going to hurt? If she's demure, then maybe she's just too shy to show herself to a guy in that way? Maybe she's ticklish in that general area, and is too embarrassed to let anyone know that?

Relative names- When I'm stuck for names, I go to a baby names book or website, and see what I can find. I've never tried an ancestry site, but maybe? Try googling French/Louisisanan names, and see what comes up.

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"winter color palette" This part got me thinking about cold possibly freezing abilities. But this "Skittish, demure, compassionate" got me thinking very powerful perhaps afraid of her own power. And I remembered that cold is mostly a lack of energy. So perhaps her ability is to absorb things/peoples kinetic energy. Making them cold and immobile. Perhaps she can hold Kurt in place. I look forward to reading your story.

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I like the absorption of kinetic energy it does work quite well against Kurt.

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I'm currently writing it. First two chapters are up on the story is called Roses and Brimstone. Mousebane is my writer's name there. :)