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The BEST Story Ever! If You Like Laura & Hellion This Is For You!
I Read This 4 Times Already & Cant Stop!

1: Rescue & Redemption


After the mansion is attacked and Hellion leads his team to their doom he has left the institute and started working for his parents as their “fixer” w/ his powers he goes and sabotages other peoples (stark industries) projects and makes a lot of money for his parents but they still don’t acknowledge him as one of the family.

In his spare time he tires to be a superhero to try to redeem himself for what he did to his friends but when he discovers a underground prostitution brothel w/ girls who are being kept there against their will by powerful mutants w/ far greater powers than his. He meets a girl who he falls for but who wont trust him, how can he save them if he is only one man w/ no one to turn to, can he get the x-men to help or will they attack him for his turncoat ways.

2: Sniff


Laura has become obsessed w/ Hellion after he saves her life when Nimrod nearly killed her, she finds a shirt of his and gets a wiff of his scent, she is hooked she finds his smell intoxicating and he decides to start a relationship w/ her which he constantly messes up

Sniff 2


After her and Hellion leave the institute they are followed by the facility and Julian is taken, Laura has to ask for the help of the x-men will she save him or will he die

3: Cow Pie


When the skrulls have destroyed the world and the rest of the survivors are left to live on spaceships they are attacked by a fleet of Skrulls in which Hellion is sent back in time to the Quaker days he finds a mute girl that he beings to develop feelings for who is accused of being a witch by a bunch of douche bags and a ugly girl named Kimura

Cow Pie 2


After barley escaping the witch hunters and being sent back to the future Hellion must try to get the Quaker girl to adjust to the new environment after she finds out that her mother and earth are gone forever.

4: Save Your Breath


Julian has met the new girl but there’s a problem he fu^^in hates her…or does he?

Save Your Breath 2


After giving in and trying to be nice to x-23 Julian decides to bring her along w/ his friends to his house in Beverly Hills for the Summer but what they don’t know is that they are not gonna have a good time at all w/ confessions, old enemies, heartbreak messing up their vacation (lotta fun reading it)

5: Jungle Drum


Julian has strong feelings for this new weird girl but when he’s near her his A**hole meter spikes and she brings out the worst in him can he finally tell her how he feels w/out insulting her or will she get tired and slice his up (omg I was so pissed reading this one how can Hellion mess up so much!)

6: Prisoner Y (Pt 1 of 2)


In a world where mutants are being sent to concentration camps Hellion is backstabbed by his family and sent there where he meets a girl who he loves but is killed or so he thinks and how will the camp nazis take the news that she is pregnant better yet how will he!

Prisoner X (Pt 2 of 2)


After escaping the camp w/ her they try to travel to Europe to have a better life where they can begin to raise a child but lots of doubts race thru X-23’s head weather she should stay or ditch Julian (this one was hella sad)

7: The Five


In this post apocalyptic world where mutants are being hunted day and night Hellion leads a small team of survivors to try and find the Messiah kid but when he finally gives into his urges/feelings for x-23 his guilt takes over when he’s caught by Sofia. Who will he choose and can he become a strong leader who doesn’t visit the medical wing every 5 seconds? ( I love Hellion but I wish he would stop getting hurt and finally do the hurting)



After seeing his de-powered friends die Hellion is sent to see a group therapist who is suppose to help him w/ his pent up feelings, but he finds a crazy girl that makes him want to keep living. The only problem is that she only see’s him as a customer (yeah she’s a prostitute and a assassin) he goes into a spiral of wtf-ery where he cant take anymore of everyone lying & using him. He decides to leave it all and start a new life when he is propositioned by x-men enemy Magneto (hella sad and crazy I love it and I feel bad for Julian & kinda hate Laura for being so selfish/manipulative)


This next set is different stories from different people but as I read them I kinda realized that the stories could almost make up one big story that takes place over a long period of time

It Happened One Night


Julian comes back from a daily flight exercise when he is greeted by Laura who has been waiting (stalking) him, he takes her out to fly to help her relieve some stress and so that he can have some alone time w/ her.

Breakfast at IHOP


Hellion wakes up craving Pancakes but there’s none and decides to eat whatever Deadpool is fixing up until Laura reminds him there’s a place that is all about morning crap. He invites her there and they start to learn more and more about one another.

Yoga In The Danger Room


After Surge kiss incident he decieds to let Laura know that Surged kissed him and not the other way around also that he’d like to take Laura out on a date



Julian tries to get Laura’s Aunt & cousin to the school for Laura’s Birthday



Late one night the gang are all hanging out in the kitchen when they cant find Laura and they hear some strange noises coming from Julian’s room, thinking he’s under attack the gang along w/ wolverine/emma/cyclops barge in to find the schools new couple in bed.

This is the Ultimate Story Of Hellion/X-23!

10: Helix stages Vol 0: Year Zero


This one is the ultimate Hellion/X-23 Story!

Hellion meets Laura for the first time while the de-power scare is going on, how will he handle this and the things to come like a pink robot?

Helix stages Vol 1: the first try


Hellion/X-23 finally become and item but there are a bunch of crappy events that will test their relationship and make it stronger or breaking it, that and some new teams, enemies, horrors, deaths, feelings, babies (it’s a long and super awesome journey)

Helix Stages Vol 2: Another Version of the Truth


When the phoenix(Hellion Sorta) saves everyone & rewrites everything we are back to the beginning but how will Hellion (everyone has no memory of the past events) feel when he meets a feisty cold bratty Laura Kinney? That and being attacked by the facility who leave them a 9 month gift. Bunch of heartache, same feelings, new enemies, wtf moments, and new yea Lol

Helix stages Vol 3: us 2 little gods


The shrimps have arrived and are causing a ruckus up in here! Having to deal w/ babies, bills, enemies, and people trying to mess up Hellions life while he tries to be in class before the bell rings wtf! (its really shows you the relationship that everyone has w/ one another in times of need)

Helix Vol 4: armagoddnmotherfkingeddon


After graduating high school and having to work for the school as teachers and the new X-men they are visited by arch-enemies who will change Julian/Laura’s life forever in ways that are really high on the wtf level!

Hope you like these stories and if you know of any others leave them in the comments!

Also if you know the authors of these awesome stories can ya tell them to finish them! I’m dieing here!…So Yeah! Hellion/X23!      






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Thank you for enjoying "Breakfast at IHOP" expect a special Post SC chapter by the end of the month. And if you enjoyed IHOP; check out "Saying Goodbye"

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thank you for your review on Caught!