Hellblazer x Etrigan - Seventh Sin #1

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Seventh Sin #1

Gotham city, voted the most opportunity filled city in all of America, also voted shittiest city to visit on the whole fucking globe. Believe it or not it used to be worse before the big bad bat arrived. Cleaning up the pimps, gangsters, and Sunday cartoon villains that break out of the cells he put them in the day before. He may be one smart bloke under the getup but it takes more than a little deducing and detective tricks to figure that you’ve lost your way. He used to take the fight to the rich criminal scum that fed on Gotham’s population like a leech on yer arse. Now that the Falcone family is out of work and the police corruption is at an all time low he thinks he’s done his job and fixed up big business, if you haven’t guessed he’s fucking wrong. Now Gotham is the host to a legion of demons, devils, and the damned all laughing in the faces of the ignorant “superheroes” that claim they’re the only thing standing between us and chaos. I say screw em’ I don’t need the help of some indestructible boy scout, or a space cop with a fetish for the color green. Shit, all that is sounding real good compared to who I’ve got for help right now.

Gone, gone the form of man. Rise, the demon Etrigan! *Fuooosch* Flames surrounded Jason Blood and soon retreated to reveal the demon beneath. “John Constantine… supposed savior, but true fiend!” rhymed comically the fierce greater-demon. Unsurprised by the rhyme cursed hellspawn’s hostility I respond as usual “Nice to see you too yellowbelly.” Couldn’t go in alone on this one, I don’t know Gotham and I know the enemy even less. Etrigan knows the guy well of course; they probably played kickball on the abyssal schoolyard. “Etrigan you know why we’re here? Jason’s filled you in right?” I say to the permanently scowling brute. “The man Jason has foretold; our dire quest’s unearthly mold.” “Yeah… whatever.” The bloke confuses the hell out of me sometimes.

It was starting to get cramped in the maintenance closet we’d hidden in. Outside our little hubby hole was the fundraising party for a mister Kennet Falmer aka Greed one of the sins of man. When I first researched this job I thought maybe that one kid that turns into the superman clone might’ve been some help but of course he’s of world saving some alien teletubby looking race. The plan was to wait here until the monster left then confront him in the alley we knew he would use as an exit. Then of course Etrigan had other plans. “The demon greed lies beyond this door? A traitor of hell escapeth once more?” questioned the hulking thing. “Alright you made that word up buddy, but yeah our guy’s right in there and as soon as he leaves the room of innocents we’ll…” It was after that last word that Etrigan crashed through the door and onto the balcony above the rest of the party.

Author's Note

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