Hank Pym: Origins

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Hank Pym walks to a huge mansion, and presses a button on his belt, and shrinks down to the size of an ant. He thinks to himself.

I can't believe I'm doing this. This is how ants see the world! I crumb is the size of a mountain! I finally figured these "Pym particles" out!

He walks underneath the door, and sees a guard walking by.

Time for a quick constume change.

Hank presses a button on his belt, and he converts into another persona.

Now, as yellowjecket, I can fly easily, and have all the powers my name suggests--

Hank presses down on his gloved hand, and a beam shoots out, knocking the guard down.

--including a sting!

He sees five guards heading over to him, but they do not see him.
He raises his fist above his head and grows, allowing him to uppercut one of the guards easily. He is instantly knocked unconscious.

"Who do we have here?" One Guard says,  
"The invisible man?"

The guard begins to shoot, but Hank shrinks down again.

"What the-- where'd he go?!"

Hank flies through the air as Yellowjacket, and punches the man, he then transforms into Ant Man again.

"So you're making yourself tiny?" A man says, "Let's see how well you dodge bullets."

To the man's surprise, the gun backfires, knocking him out. The last man starts to panic, as ants crawl out of the man's gun.

"Oh, man, oh man."

Hank grows, and hits the guard with a punch to the gut, then a right cross, and an uppercut, knocking him out.

Hank is then suddenly knocked to the ground by what feels like a blunt object hitting his back. He turns around, weakly to see a man with a giant skull.

" 'Names Hammerhead, leader of the Hammerhead family of the Maggia. Why'd you feel you have to come in here and hurt my boys?"


"Hank Pym coughs.

"You're the guy who wrecked my lab, destroyed years of equiptment..."

Hank eyes then grow cold with hatred.

"...and killed my wife, Maria Trovaya"

"Well that's too bad, man..but I'm still gonna kill you anyway..."