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This fan-fic is to be read from the perspective of the elite known as "Great

Gregory Ex" It is from an alternate timeline in Halo.


I have no point to live.

It hurts to live longer than all your closest friends. Some of their deaths were

my own fault. My life is flashing before my eyes. Gun in hand, once this note is

done, this will be the last you hear of me.

I remember when I was 6, me and my best friend Abhishek were taken from

our parents so that we could be Sanghelli soldiers. We practiced together. I had

simple very faded pale yellow armor to the point where it was nearing dusty white.

Abhishek was much better in combat. He ended up being an Orange Ring soldier.

There would only be 12 Orange Ring soldiers at a time. They were some of the best

soldiers, trained by the master and the Arbiter. His armor was deep orange, he

carried two brute spikers with him as his weapons. I had a simple plasma rifle.

I remember watching him in his first battle. I was aiding him. UNSC marines

crowded us. 20 of them at least. They were getting ready to fire when he told me

to jump. "Jump" What a silly command. We jumped and dodged all the bullets they

shot. He stabbed a few and shot down all but two. I beat the other two to death.

I was dubbed his assistant or errand boy from then on. I went on all missions

with him. Being with your best friend is a great thing. I helped him conquer the

humans. Our friendship has never been stronger. We lived and fought together, as


But one day that all changed. There were some venomats that were thought

to be stealing our food rations and Abhishek and I were told to go kill them.

Venomats were sentient beings. They had not wronged me in any way to deserve

death. They were black and white bipedal beings with "scorpion tails" We found

only a single one that was stealing from us. Abhishek slowly killed it. It took

him hours to kill it. He did it slowly, slowly enough so that the venomat begged

for mercy, pleaded... Cried. I could see the pain in that venomat's eyes. That's

when I noticed - Abhishek was laughing at his pain. I couldn't stand it. I needed

to do something, I couldn't idly stand by. I took my gun and smacked him on the

head with it. He yelped. I had caught him by surprise. My mind was racing. Was I

really going to hurt my best friend? Now I know that my best friend died that day

and that he emerged a new, evil person. He got up and tried to stab me. I simply

grabbed him with my free hand and hit him with my gun again. I fought and fought

until I could fight no more. He was bloodlusted. I had to take drastic measures.

I shot him in the neck and chest and watched him bleed. I left him with the

venomat. Unfortunately for him, venomats have great regenerative abilities.

I went back to the base. Some called me a hero. "Great Gregory" they said.

The council was not pleased. They decided I was no longer welcome, I was a

traitor. They told me to leave now or be thrown in jail. I was about to leave,

when an Arbiter (Whom I'd get to know very well as the most knowledgable Arbiter

in history) stepped up and said that if I left, he would leave with me. Together

we left. The Arbiter was on my side.

Arbiter and I searched far and wide for a home. Eventually we heard news

of a team of "Spartans". We found them and were nearly killed. We explained that

we wished to join them in destroying the Covenant. My memory is foggy as to

the original Spartans. One was simply "Commander" a red EVA trooper. Another was

a white Hayabusa named "Mark". There was a teal air assult trooper who was named

"Kate" She was the only girl. There was a red and blue Spartan who called himself

"Craig" and a yellow spartan named "Sigurd".

Our first mission was to infiltrate a Covenant base. We got in and found

a Grunt Ultra in a cage. I freed him, as he said he was deemed a heretic. He

joined us in our quest. We fought our way through so many guards and militia.

At one point we found a room where an Elite Ultra was going to be excecuted.

At the last moment I stepped in and shot the brutes trying to kill the ultra.

This Ultra was named "Vikrant". He joined us and we found our way into a

room called "Experimental super-brutes". Brutes were of little threat to me - Or

so I thought. We went in to see a brute run at us. He took Commander and threw

him like he was a childs doll. He ran after it and then ripped Commander's arm

off from the elbow down. He yelled at us to run, that he would sacrifice his life

for the mission. Kate blew up the door and we ran. Mark took out a pistol and got

to work. He reminded me of this fellow I'd meet much later on named "Wade". Mark

shot grunts in the face, making these annoying comments like "You might want to

put a bandaid on that" or "Here's a present, coming full speed at your face" It's

like he was talking to himself. And elite came out and tried to attack him. He

pulled out a plasma grenade and said "Here comes the traiinnnnn" and shoved the

bomb in the elites mouth and ran. It made quite a mess.

In the next room, there were no lights. It was dark, and we all heard

chains rattling, and heavy breathing. Inside we found a figure that I remember

well. His name is Tartatus. He lost his position in the council after he refused

to help an Elite base. He saw me and pleaded to me "Please, free me from these

chains. I haven't aten in days. Please, humans, spare me, I beg you. I'll do

anything you want" Sigurd responded with "Hey bro, those chains look good on you!

Are you sure you want them off? Food isn't very good anyways... When it's not

mine that is" Mark smacked him and said "Hey, don't steal my part!" and I quieted

them and freed Tartarus. He grabbed his "Fist of Rukt" that had broken multiple

times and now was really just a heavy chunk of metal. Sigurd said "Okay man, we

freed you, now you gotta chill with us, okay broski?" He was very annoying.

The next room we found the brute captain, new brute leader. He saw us and

laughed. He called us "A pathetic attempt at a freedom league" Arbiter ran up to

him and smashed his energy sword onto the brute, giving him a deep cut on his

nose, and his right hand was cut plain off. The brute screamed in pain. His

guards came and Tartarus smited them with his large supposedly useless hunk of

metal. We then were driven out after Kate planted a bomb.

We arrived at our base. Some mourned over the MIA Commander. I myself did

not worry. A couple days later we had a knock on our door. Craig opened it.

Commander and the super-brute made peace. The super-brute was an experiment by

the new leader. He was given unbelievable strength. He killed the new leader's

father, and wanted to rebel. He joined us.

With Commander back and the new Brute named "Brutiah" (Broot-eye-ah)

we were going smoothly. After many missions, I was declared the new leader of the

team due to my passion and good leadership.

On one mission we had to spy on that same base. When we got there, we

found out that the new leader has given himself a very small dose of super

strength giving injections. I heard a mildly familliar voice. It was like the

voice of a friend, only the majority of his voice was robotic. Almost like 90%

of the vocal cords in the person were remade out of cybernetics, and the 10% was

still organic. An elite in orange stepped out and then it hit me - Abhishek was

alive. This Skirmisher who called himself "The last" was there too. He was the

best sniper the Covenant had ever seen. I gasped after I saw Abhishek. This

alerted the people. Brutiah, Mark and I told the others to run. I didn't want to

see them hurt. I ran and tried to hit Abhishek - Only to get a blade in the

abdomen. Time seemed to slow. I looked to my left - A battle between the white

spartan and the last Skirmisher. I noticed the Skirmisher jump and dodge a bullet,

and a "what the--" emerge from the Spartan's mouth. I looked to my right. The new

leader was a good 10 feet in the air, it looked like Brutiah uppercutted him.

Suddenly the blade bulled out. I heard the glitchy voice say "Your death

will be slow and painful, friend" he tried to stab me again. It landed in my chest

yet again. I was spitting blood. I thought nobody could save me. Suddenly, at an

impossible speed, I saw something blue ram into Abhishek and the Skirmisher.

Brutiah saved me. He picked up Abhishek and threw him across the room.

He went up to the new leader and choked him. Brutiah was panting, his eyes tearing


LIFE. THIS IS FOR HURTING MY FRIENDS!" He smashed the new leader into the ground

and stomped on him. I ran and told Brutiah to stop, and we left.

So much more happened. We grew as a team. Eventually we had Vikrant's

armor repainted. The right side of the armor was red and black. My armor had

gained a red and black stripe on the helmet.

I remember the light, yes. Arbiter opened a portal and pushed us all in.

I remember waking up strapped to a table, a man dressed in red and black greeted

me. "Heya pal, ready to have your insides pulled out?" I now know this man to be

Wade Wilson, the Deadpool. At first I thought he was Mark. I managed to escape

and fight him. He was unarmed, and I had a gun. He kept teleporting it seemed.

I eventually caught him and kicked him out of the 12th floor of a building into

the streets below.

Much later on, he'd become a friend of mine and Mark's. In fact, Mark

and Deadpool were best friends. When we were called back to what he called "The

Halo Realm" he waved us goodbye and tapped Kate's buttocks. He then got a slap

from Kate and a farewell from the rest of us.

20 years later, I got putple armor, the armor of the masters, trainers of

the Orange Ring. Little did I know that this fight would be our last stand. Our

team was bigger now. It had more spartans and some others.

We were being hunted by the new leader, Abhishek and the last Skirmisher.

It was all recorded for me to watch. It started with Commander being beaten on,

having his bones broken one by one until he died. Next was Sigurd and Mark. This

could be the only time they worked together without arguing. They shot at the

thousands of Covenant soldiers. Eventually One emerged from the smoke, from the

piles of bodies - Abhishek. They tried to shoot him but Sigurd's assult rifle ran

out of ammo and there was one bullet in Mark's gun. Did I mention that Mark had

his legs torn off by the new leader around 8 years before this?

Mark used his last bullet and aimed at Abhishek. The gun fired and--

He missed. It was his time, Vikrant said. The Spartans tried to run and hop, but

Abhishek (who had undergone more cybernetics) caught up to them and stabbed them

both in the back of the head and shot. 3 Spartans down. Next was the last one (

The Skirmisher from the beginning. He named himself Oen) and his new army. One

pinned Vikrant and smashed him across the face. Vikrant shot him in the face,

and watched the Skirmisher pin down Kate. A roar erupted, but not from anyone

visible. The roar came closer, when Tartarus, with many scratches came out of the

bushes and swung (and missed) at the skirmisher. Kate was dying, as she was

pinned and shot by the Skirmisher. He swung and missed again. The third time he

swung, he did hit something, but not the Skirmisher. He hit Kate. He ran and

choked the Skirmisher and ran to Kate. He held her. "Thanks *cough* For trying.

You've *cough* been a good friend" This is the only time I saw Tartarus cry.

"Kate I.. I'm so sorry. This is a good a time as any.. Kate, I.. I love you"

Kate coughed and then laughter emerged from her helmet. "Truth be told, I love

you too. You know nobody would ever let us be together. They'd think it wrong.

Take off my helmet *cough*" Tartarus carefully removed the helmet and saw Kate's

face for the first time. Black hair down to her shoulders, gray-green eyes.

"*cough* Come *cough* Come here..." She smiled. Kate, with her last breath,

kissed Tartarus on his furry brute lips. She then exhaled for the final time.

Tartarus cried. He cried and roared. I have never seen anybody in this much pain.

Vikrant tried to comfor him when something appeared behind him. Tartarus

then got to see his friend... My friend Vikrant be stabbed and killed by the

energy sword of an Elite. Tartarus, in tears, threw his hammer to the ground and

beat the Elite to death with his bare hands. He then picked up his hammer and ran

to the nearest scream. He came and found me and Brutiah. We were fighting

Abhishek and the new leader. Oen the Skirmisher came out and shot Tartarus in the

leg. He turned and ran at him. He swung his hammer over Oen's head so hard that

it broke. Yes, both Oen's skull and the hammer. He told me how most of the team

fled and everyone else was dead. In an instant, Abhishek jumped over us and

stabbed Tartarus in the neck. I watched Tartarus fall. This would be the last

time I'll ever see him.I ran at Abhishek in a rage and kicked him to the ground.

I shot him in the neck and then I lost it - My sanity was gone. All my friends

were dead. I had nothing to live for. I bit the flesh off of Abhishek's neck and

face. I then continued to hit him until he died. Brutiah was wide eyed for a

moment when he was hit by the new leader. I broke down in tears and heard the

noise of bone breaking and somebody being beaten into the ground. Somehow, Oen

lived. He got up and limped away. "Forget him" Brutiah said.

We then regrouped, and Gunther (the grunt we picked up on our first mission)

Left with the Spartan named Chris. They "retired".So a headcount here -

Craig, Brutiah. Suddenly, a brown armored elite came out of the bushes.

"Gregory my boy... Is it you?" I recognized the voice instantly. Arbiter.

"Arbiter! It's been so long!" "20 years to be exact" he said. I felt hot.

"I failed you. The team is dead" He then said to me: "I'll join you then".

Then after days of starving, a multitude of Spartans came.

One was black and red. "We're here to join your team. My name is William"

Could it be!? A white Hayabusa. "I'm Mark, bro" This Mark had one silver robotic

leg. A cobalt spartan came and said he was "Night Star" The black Spartan called

himself "The Savage". Craig admitted he was apart of these people.

William explained. He was Craig. He was stabbed and MIA. He actually

changed his armor and tags. Eventually he got new armor after hunting red team.

He was infected by the flood in this armor and had to get his leg amputated.

He then became Mark. Mark eventually stopped being stupid and became William.

Then we found out that Oen was the new leader of the Covenant. They

actually invited us to watch something. There was a real forerunner! It used some

magical powers to create an elite - The original armoured me. Red stripe on the

helmet, armor, it was me from the past.

The me that didn't fail.

I fail.

Then he resurrected Vikrant. Vikrant got mad and talked of how he was

taken out of Heaven. We calmed him and then we went on this adventure to go

find where the forerunner went.

We are not there yet. We're in the camp still.

I hope this gun doesn't alert anyone else. It's just that my friends are dead

all because of my failure and bad leadership and arrogance and ugh.

I'm no Gregory. I'm a failed attempt at a past me. I don't deserve to live. I

fought my past self the other day. He beat the the first time due to be getting

enraged. The second time I broke one of his ribs.

Right now, he should lead. I'm washed up.

The gun is at my head.

What!? Arbiter is coming. Gotta hide the gun.

Arbiter is gone now. He talked me out of it. I'm not going to die. He

says I need to live to fulfull a certain purpose. I'm going to keep living this

shell of a life, this failed attempt at a past self, just for him.

Maybe I should just throw this out. I'll leave it until tomorrow. I hope

nobody finds it.

Maybe Greg' shouldn't leave his stuff out.

Posted on the internet by yours truly, Mark ;)