Grey Area a Star Wars Story Part II: Chapter 5, Return to Korriban

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A shuttle leapt out of light speed, and it began its way towards the ancient sith planet.

"Why are we back here Krieger? Sssk" Drago slowly guided the ship towards the surface "there is nothing here but dust and darknessss."

"I'm here to collect my things and learn what else there is to learn about the dark side." Krieger stepped out into the cockpit, he had made a new armored suit. His cortosis gauntlets survived the blast of dark lightning, but the rest was replaced. Krieger now wore boots with shin and knee armor, shoulder and elbow plates, and a lightweight chest plate. The armor was made of shiny black metal, which went well with his new blue robes, cloak and hood. Krieger also changed his helmet, this time it resembled that of the senate guards of Coruscant. Krieger's helmet however was black, crestless and had a blue visor.

"Fair enough I guessss. We are approaching the coordinatessss you gave me." Drago gently placed the ship down in the courtyard. "Whatsss with the tarp?" Drago pointed towards a tarp covered object

"That my scaly friend is my ride out of here. Its and old modified nabooian fighter, it got me here years ago." Krieger exited the cockpit as the loading ramp lowered. "Drago I want you and Unum to head to the base on felucia, and help K-3 and Sunja train the recruits and begin mobilizing the fleet."

"Are you sssure?" Drago followed Krieger to the edge of the ramp. "You don't know if that old ship will even run, let alone make it to felucia. ssk"

"It'll be fine, now go there isn't much time, if Palpatine goes through with the original plan we've only got a few years tops before the galaxy is plunged into conflict." Krieger stepped of onto the stone of the courtyard.

"Very well, ssseee you ssoon." Drago turned and made his way back into the ship.

As Krieger began to walk away, the ship's thrusters activated. As it took off, Kieger's cloak billowed in the wind created by it. He began to make his way towards the temple, but before he reached the steps he looked of to the side were a old statue stood. Krieger turned towards it and began his way over to it, he stopped in front of it and used the force to lift the statue up and throw it into a nearby wall. Krieger kneeled down and used the force to move the sand, revealing something covered in a cloth. He reached down into it and grabbed the cloth, unwrapped it and picked up his old jedi saber and his old master's saber. Krieger sat for a moment looking at the two sabers.

"What are you doing my young Padawan?" a voice caused Krieger to freeze. He stood up and turned around to see Kara but as a blueish see through figure.

"Master?" Krieger ignited his blue saber and leveled with the figure. "What dark side trickery is this?"

"I'm not of the dark side Krieger, though this planet's strong connection to the force does help me hold this form." Kara took a step forward "now what are you doing?"

"Simple im retrieving my sabers." Krieger deactivated the saber and attached both of them to his belt.

"No I mean why have you chosen this path? Your jedi brothers have fallen to your blade, and you've joined the sith only to further your own goals." Kara shook her head "And yet you betray the sith with the intention of destroying both of our orders?"

"I think its a pretty glorious plan I think." another voice whispered from the desert. Krieger looked over to the temple and down the stares walked a red ghost of Plagueis. "However the dark side would be a better option."

"Great." Krieger watched as Plagueis walked next to Kara.

"Sith scum you turned my Padawan to the dark and caused all of this trouble." Kara turned her head slightly.

"No master, I chose to go on the path of darkness, but I no longer have need of pure darkness." Krieger stood cross armed.

"Then you choose weakness Fallax?" Plagueis raised an eyebrow

"Please, clearly he realizes that turning himself over to the jedi is the best option for him." Kara rolled her eyes.

"You are both wrong." Krieger dropped his arms to his sides. Kara and Plagueis turned towards him. "Both of your orders are flawed, and yes masters my original plan was fueled by revenge but now its fueled by the problems both the sith and jedi cause. Many people lay in miserable or horrible conditions because the jedi will not act even if they are supposed protectors of justice. The sith talk of peace but bring nothing but crime and war. It is now my personal mission to bring balance by learning to use the dark and the light and destroying both of your orders and any others that stand in my way."

"You dare raise your voice to me?" Plagueis's eyes flashed with anger

"You need to know you place Padawan." Kara raised a finger to Krieger.

Plagueis and Kara continued to argue and criticize Krieger, who stood there his anger began to boil. Krieger however began to guide his anger, he thought of how he wanted to burn both orders for there wrong doings. How he wanted to to separate from them, unique and start his own order. Finally Krieger cleared his head and looked out at the jedi and sith spirits.

"ENOUGH! I am neither sith nor jedi I am of my own, I am the balance of light and dark. I will bring peace to the galaxy after I burn you all to ashes!" Krieger raised his hands, but it wasn't a telekinetic or electrical blast that shot out. From Krieger's hands shot out red hot fire, the spirits dissipated and the flames cooked the nearby rocks into molten lava.

Krieger lowered his hands, and stood breathing heavily. He walked over to the tarp covered ship an ripped off the tarp. Before he entered the ship, he noticed a strange light reflection on the side of it. Krieger turned and saw that the statue had crumbled after hitting the wall, and something was shimmering from the pile. He out stretched his hand and pulled the object to him, it flew into his hand. Krieger turned and opened his hand, and there in his palm was a kyber crystal. Krieger plade the crystal in a pouch and entered his ship, its engines fired up with some resistance. He began to take off, and punched in the coordinates for felucia.

Authors Note: I am very sorry for such a long space between posts, but things came up and I didn't have time. However I will finish Krieger's story and I will try to maintain quality, but I cant promise a constant posting time.