Grey Area a Star Wars Story Part II: Chapter 4, Leaving The Dark

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"Whatsss your plan bossss?" Drago landed on the platforms on Coruscant in the early afternoon.

"Simple. They aren't expecting me to turn on them." Krieger stood ready to exit the shuttle. "Hopefully I can get the jump on them. However I will admit I sense a huge shift in the darkside."

"Be safe Krieger, We will wait for you here." Drago pressed a button and the exit ramp lowered.

Krieger walked out of the ship and hit a button on his wrist, his speeder moved came out of a nearby alley and stopped in front of him. He hopped on the speeder and zoomed off, knocking down nearby protocol droid. He entered the flow of traffic easily, but today was slow for the city. Krieger looked around and saw a jedi ship fly over head, he slipped down to the lower levels of traffic to avoid detection. He zoomed along barely missing a speeder full of senators, he zoomed over a larger bus speeder and drifted around a tight corner. He finally arrived at the tall building in which the sith resided. Krieger dismounted and walked towards the entrance when a strong feeling hit him, a strange new and powerful force signature. Krieger sensed the signature was a great distance away, he thought to himself.

"A new force user is born, but one with a strong presence such as this? Impossible." Krieger stood for a second and closed his eyes, the signature was indeed young. He couldn't understand how any creature could be so powerful. Krieger shook his head and continued on, he noticed a strange speeder parked on a nearby plat form. It looked like a "C" turned on its side, it was unfamiliar to him. The doors shot open as he entered the building then quickly into a nearby lift. The spike in the force had evened out and dissipated, Krieger made a note to check into it once his business was done here. The lift stopped and opened, Krieger stepped out into the hall and noticed that the guards usually stationed here were no where to be seen. He shook the thought as it would mean less witnesses anyways. Krieger made his way through the halls of the floor and to the room in which his sith mentors resided. He walked in to see Sidious standing and looking out of a window onto the city.

"Good to see back in one piece Darth Fallax, most impressive that you survived an encounter against a large number of enemies." Sidious stayed facing towards the window.

"You underestimate me master." Krieger slowly and quietly reached for his sabers. "Where is master Plagueis?"

"He is dead." Sidious stood towards the window still unmoving

"What!?" Krieger stepped back. "How? Did the jedi find us?"

"No, He is dead by my hand." Sidious finally turned around "And now I am the lord of the sith." Sidious cackled loudly, Krieger flashed back to the vision he had on Korriban. His blood chilled, and he focused in on the dark lord. Krieger stood for a minute as he learned the identity of the evil laugh.

"Well in that case." Krieger regained his focus. "You've made my job easier." Krieger ignited his sabers.

"You dare oppose me Fallax?" Sidious stared at Krieger with a blank fierce rage.

"I never truly stood with you sith scum. I merely needed to gain the necessary knowledge of the dark side to gain power." Krieger entered a battle stance. "Now I possess all the power needed to destroy both the sith and jedi."

"Your confidence will be you down fall." Sidious raised his hands and lightning shot out, Krieger blocked the attack with his sabers. "You will die." Sidious cackled again, but stopped when Krieger began to advance.

But before Krieger barely made it a few feet when he was knocked into a nearby chair. He looked up and their stood a dark hooded figure, the figure ignited a dual bladed lightsaber and lowered his hood. The figure was a red tattooed zabrak warrior.

"Meet my apprentice, Darth Maul. Your replacement." Sidious laughed.

Krieger got up and leapt at Mual, but the attack was blocked. Mual then performed a series of powerful strikes, Krieger stepped back and blocked the attacks. Mual spun and swept low, Krieger jumped and kicked Maul in the head. Mual rolled back but gut up and charged, the room lit up as the the two warriors fiercely battled. Mual and Krieger entered a clash, and they locked eyes trying to search for a weak point. The clash broke and the two warriors stepped away from each other, Krieger deactivated his sabers and placed them on his hilt. Maul looked at him for a while then did the same. Krieger swung a right hook at Mual, but the sith ducked and tried to perform a kick. Krieger side stepped the attack and landed a quick jab into Mual's side, but the sith retaliated by upper cutting Krieger. Again a fierce brawl broke out and the two exchanged blow after blow, finally Mual landed a hit to Krieger's abdomen. As Krieger recoiled, Mual let loose a barrage of punches and kicks and punches. Krieger caught one punch, and then delivered a powerful punch to Mauls face. Krieger then followed with a knee to Muals stomach and then a hard elbow drop into Maul's shoulder. Mual fell to one knee and looked up only to see the bottom of Krieger's boot coming at him. Mual hit the floor, but as Krieger tried to hit him again, Maul threw his opponent into the nearby window which cracked from the hit. Maul got up and charged, but Krieger outstretched his arms and a force blast caused maul to fly across the room. As Mual hit the opposite wall, Krieger was hit with a powerful blast of sith lightning. Sidious laughed as his barrage caused Krieger to fly out the window. The two sith then approached the window and looked down to see Krieger zooming away on the top of a speeder bus he had landed on.

"Shall I pursue him master?" Maul held his side in pain.

"No, we have more important things to attend to." Sidious turned away from the window and was followed by his apprentice.

Krieger sat on top of the vehicle, and watched the building grow further away. He looked at his armor, Sidious's hit caused many of the armor plates to be destroyed. Krieger reached up and took off his helmet, he was breathing heavily. Krieger clicked the button on his wrist, it sparked at first but then it glowed, his speeder made his way to him. Krieger dropped on to the speeder, barely catching himself. He punched some coordinates into the bikes controls before passing out, some how staying on the bike as it zoomed off.