Grey Area a Star Wars Story Part II: Chapter 3, Sith Plans

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Palpatine and Plagueis stood outside on a balcony, each had a drink in their hand.

"My apprentice, we stand on the edge of greatness." Plagueis looked out onto the sleeping city. "The clone army stands at the ready, the Trade Federation is in our back pocket. All the pieces are ready to play, soon our marvelous plan will be set in motion."

"Yes master, soon the Republic and the Jedi will begin there decent into destruction." Palpatine laughed "I have forseen our rise to power." Palpatine smirked.

"I sense that our little pet was successful and we are safe." Plagueis turned around and began to walk inside.

"Yes, but now that the plan is ready is he still necessary?" Palpatine followed his master.

"I see no immediate use for him. However he has proven useful after all if he had not killed your predecessor in the senate. As well as your competitors." Plagueis entered the large living quarters.

"True, I do owe him much. But he could still end up being a rival, he is far more powerful then we originally thought a few years ago." Palpatine went straight-faced for a moment

"Perhaps, however we could simply just keep him in control. His skills are very useful, and he has become a powerful sith killing him could prove difficult." Plagueis sipped his drink again.

"He could not withstand our combined power." Palpatine smirked

"My apprentice, He was able to kill multiple jedi, and advocates easily. If he wanted to, neither of us would stand a chance against him." Plagueis grabbed another drink from a nearby droid

"Master, we must respect the rule of two." Palpatine waved the droid's offer away.

"Oh, and what about that zabrak you've been training?" Plagueis turned towards his apprentice.

"How did you learn of Maul?" Palpatine took a step back.

"You should know that anything you do I will find out about it, not matter what." Plagueis smirked

"So we both agree that the rule of two is weak?" Palaptaine took a seat

"You could say that, or you could say we simply are prepared for anything." Plagueis began to wander around the room. "My apprentice, we will need servants in the future. The jedi will not fall easy even with order 66, some will survive and we will need soldiers specifically trained to kill jedi."

"You think Maul and Krieger will fill this role?" Palpatine watched his master.

"Yes, in fact I am thinking of recruiting more force users as true sith." Plagueis stopped and looked out a window

"Master, I agree we need jedi hunters but abolishing the rule of two completely could be dangerous. Maybe force users only trained to a certain extent would be better?" Palpatine stood up and walked over to the window.

"Well according to you we are to powerful to be overthrown." Plagueis laughed.

"Maybe you are right master." Palpatine smirked "I believe in your plan and I will trust it"

"As you should my apprentice. Now I am going to rest for the night, we will discuss Krieger's fate tomorrow." Plagueis set down his empty glass and entered his room. Palpatine stood there for a moment and closed his eyes. He focused intensely and soon he managed to hide his force signature, making him practically invisible even to Plagueis. Palpatine stood and looked out the window for about ten minutes before he waved his hand and deactivated the service droid. He began to make his way to the entrance to his master's room and looked in. Plagueis slept soundly the drinks helping his slumber, Palpatine like a shadow moved next to the bed. He reached into his sleeve and pulled out a shiny lightsaber hilt, Palpatine gave his master one last look as he placed the saber against the sleeping sith's head.