Grey Area a Star Wars Story Part II: Chapter 2, Friend or Foe

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Drago guided the ship out of lightspeed, they were in the Kashyyyk system. The system was a great place to hide Jak due to the heavy foliage and the locals being allies of the republic. The republic cruiser opened fire on Krieger's ship. Unum began shouting in jawanese, as Drago performed evasive maneuvers.

"Ssssince when doesss the jedi open fire immediately." Drago barely dodged another barrage of fire.

"Since they're hauling a major republic asset. Jam their communications and take out their engines." Krieger was standing braced with one hand on Unum's seat. Unum tapped a few buttons, and nodded as he confirmed the communications were jammed. Drago quickly advanced on the cruiser blasters firing at full power, he hit the engines and it lit up in a hot blaze.

"Engines are down, scanners indicate that two light fighters have just left their hanger." Drago maneuvered away from the ship, and sure enough two jedi fighters were on their tail. Unum made his way up a shaft to the tail gun, and fired on the starfighters.

"Krieger I cant deal with both these fighters and the cruiser at the same time." Drago struggled against the incoming fire from all opponents.

"Have faith my friend." Krieger sat down in the copilot's seat. "If I'm correct help should arrive soon."

"Scanners indicate another ship exiting lightspeed, its a jedi ship." Drago looked out the view port as Eta class shuttle exited light speed.

"A jedi ship yes, a jedi pilot? no." Krieger watched as the ship zoomed over head and destroyed one of the pursuing fighters. The communication system on Krieger's ship buzzed to life and a voice came through.

"Looksie like yousa in need of some help." Sunja laughed.

"Thanks for the hand Sunja." Krieger placed his helmet on his head, as Sunja circled and destroyed the other fighter.

"Ssssk, coulda showed up sooner." Drago turned the ship toward the jedi cruiser.

"Meesa just wanted to see how good of a pilot yousa was." Sunja chuckled again, Drago growled.

"Enough you two. Sunja take out that gun on the cruiser, Drago move to the hanger." Krieger was inspecting his two lightsabers. Drago moved in and Sunja swooped in front of them destroying the gun with a missile. "Sunja stay circling the cruiser, make sure no one gets away. We cant have anyone send out a distress call, or half of the republic security force will be on us."

Drago swooped in to the cruiser's hanger, and blasted away a few guards. As Drago lowered the ship's ramp, Krieger made his way to the back and exited the ship. He ignited his pair of crimson blades, and deflect some blaster bolts. The guards on the cruiser were republic security droids, skilled but not enough to stop the sith. As Krieger deflected the blaster bolts, Drago came out of the ship wielding a heavy blaster rifle and started obliterating droids. Soon the sounds of heavy metal steps could be heard exiting Krieger's ship. Krieger looked back and saw Unum in a large exo suit, one arm ended in a large rotating blaster cannon the other ending in a grenade launcher. Unum revved up his blaster cannon and fired, mowing countless droids down as he chuckled with joy. Soon the hanger was cleared of droids, and Krieger walked toward the entrance to the rest of the cruise.

"You two watch the ship, I'll be back shortly." Krieger looked back towards his two friends.

He stepped out the door and cut down three security droid that attempted to stop him. Krieger walked through the ship and encountered spotty resistance from multiple groups of droids. He was more or less confused as to were the jedi were, he closed his eyes and reached out with the force. He searched the ship for any indication of the jedi, he found it they were held out in the reactor room. Krieger walked into a nearby lift and went down to the reactor level, and as the doors opened he was faced down by at least twenty droids between him and the reactor room. Krieger placed the hilts of his lightsabers end to end, and twisted them until a click was heard. Krieger removed one hand and stood for a moment, with his sabers now forming a single double bladed lightsaber. The droids opened fire, and Krieger deflected the bolts into the wall and then threw his saber. As it returned to Krieger's hand, the droids fell to the ground. He walked through the hall and forced the door open. He entered and there stood Jak, along with four jedi.

"Who are you and why have you attacked us?" one of the jedi stood and activated his saber

"I am Darth Fallax, and I am here for the officer." Krieger entered a battle stance.

"Wait... Krieger? Your alive?" Jak stepped forward.

"Jak you mean the one who betrayed the jedi and killed many of our members?" Another jedi ignited a pair of sabers.

"You'll die for what you've done." a third jedi activated his saber, the fourth jedi activated a double bladed saber.

"Yes, I am alive. Now however my allegiance is to my own." Krieger looked around as the jedi surrounded him.

"Then why do you carry the blades of a sith? You clearly serve a master." The fourth jedi stopped right behind Krieger.

"Please, I seek power the sith can grant me that. But when my training is done, I will leave the sith and use the dark and the light to save this galaxy." Krieger looked back at Jak.

"Then its a shame your training ends here." the first jedi charged along with his comrades.

"You Should not assume victory so quickly." Krieger jumped up and over the jedi in front of him, and spun slashing the first jedi across the back. "My skills have vastly improved."

The dual wielding jedi performed a spinning move, Krieger dodged and swung low. The jedi jumped and kicked Krieger in the head. He recovered and blocked a incoming attack from the jedi with a single blade, Krieger deactivated that blade. The jedi fell forward in surprise as Krieger used his still active blade to stab the jedi through the back. He unattached his sabers as he activated the one again, and swung down at the dual wielding jedi. The jedi blocked, and the other one tried to swing at Krieger. Krieger stepped to the side and the two jedi ended up clashing with each other. He cut off the dual bladed jedi's leg and then slashed his head diagonally. The enraged last jedi swung madly at Krieger, soon they clashed and all four sabers locked. He began twisting his sabers until he cut of the jedi's hands. As the jedi screamed in pain, Krieger deactivated his sabers and clipped them to his belt.

"Now feel the new power that I have gained." Krieger outstretched his hands, and soon bright white lightning shot from his fingers. They hit the jedi and he went flying into s nearby wall, the barrage continued as the jedi screamed in pain. Finally Krieger lowered his hands as the jedi's body sat burnt and smoking. Krieger quickly put his had out to one side and caught a blaster bolt, and with another movement the blaster flew into his hand and he crushed it.

"What do you want Krieger?" Jak lowered his now empty hand and Krieger turned to face him.

"I was orded to 'eliminate' you." Krieger stepped forward until he was a few feet from Jak.

"So? What is stopping you?" Jak crossed his arms.

"Simple." Krieger removed his helmet. "You do not deserve to die my friend."

"Its bold to assume you are still my friend Krieger." Jak shook his head

"Because, if I wasn't. I wouldn't have killed the jedi first." Krieger tuck his helmet under his arm.

"Fair enough." Jak uncrossed his arms. "But you know I can't trust you still."

"You will. I have an offer." Krieger out stretched his hand. "Come with me, im creating a small army to face off against the Republic and a new force that my agents have confirmed is rising."

"Krieger, I will not just abandon the Republic." Jak looked at Krieger's hand.

"Think Jak, you were about to reveal two sith working within the ranks of the Republic. As far as everyone is concerned you already betrayed them, beside who knows what other corrupt Politians there are." Krieger again offered his hand. "Please, I have all the proof you need just join me and you'll be safe.

"I suppose I don't really have a choice." Jak shook Krieger's hand.

"Good now, lets get out of here." Krieger turned around and made his way back to the lift, followed by Jak. He clicked a on a holopad he carried on his belt and the figures of both Drago and Sunja appeared "Drago prepare the ship to leave, Sunja land in the hanger I need you to take Jak to our base on Felucia."

"Yesss Krieger."

"Messa will be there."

"I'm not coming with you?" Jak stood alongside Krieger in the lift.

"No, I still have to deal with my so called master." Krieger turned his head slightly. "Don't worry, Sunja is a trusted friend. You'll be safe with him."

The two exited the lift, Jak looked around at the countless destroyed droids. Jak then looked at his old friend with a strange sense of both fear and respect. They entered the hanger as Sunja landed and lowered the ramp, he and Z-3 came out. Krieger and Jak stopped in front of the ship.

"Sunja, K-3, Drago, and Unum. This is a Jak and the newest member of our inner circle." Krieger then looked at Jak. "Go with the gungan and the droid, I will see you again soon."

Jak nodded and entered the ship with Sunja and K-3, the ramp raised and the trio took off. Krieger entered the other ship with Drago and Unum. They took of and as they left the hanger, Krieger saw Sunja's shuttle jump to lightspeed.

"Were to now, sssk." Drago said sitting in the pilot seat, and Unum in the co-pilot seat.

"We return to Coruscant." Krieger sat down and placed his helmet on the back of the chair.

"Will, Your master and Palpatine be suspicious?" Drago looked back.

"No, they never were concerned of Jak. They just wanted to test me." Krieger then closed his eyes and lowered his head.

As the ship entered lightspeed, Unum clicked a remote in his hand. He laughed manically as the jedi cruiser blew up in a bright fiery ball.