Grey Area a Star Wars Story Part II: Chapter 1, A Darkened Path.

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It was evening time on Coruscant, and a man in dark robes stood looking out a window at the nearby jedi temple. The lights of the city reflected off his silvery armor, and glared off his visor. The helmet had a patch mark along it, from a crack made by a powerful opponent.

"Krieger." A door opened and a young man walked through the door in fancy senate clothes. "Master wishes to see you."

"Does it ever surprise you, that the jedi are so oblivious to our presence here?" Krieger turned his head slightly.

"Why not at all my friend." the man walked next to Krieger. "The jedi are weak, and arrogant, they believe the sith are gone forever. So they make themselves believe it to be so, and they have let their abilities to sense us wane. However it does surprise me that they haven't sensed you Krieger, after all your imprint would be familiar wouldn't it?"

"Yes but like you said Palpatine, they are arrogant, that I wholly agree with." Krieger turned away from the window and walked through the door. "As far as they are concerned I'm something to forget about, they even stopped wasting agents on me." He walked into the room and there in a chair sat his sith master. Krieger bowed. "You wished to see me master?"

"Yes, Lord Fallax. I have need of your skills." The master stood up and walked towards his apprentice. "There has been an unfortunate development. It would seem some how that a republic officer has learned of our presence here, how he did it is Sidious's mission."

"And mine is to eliminate the threat?" Krieger raised his head.

"Precisely." The master paced back and forth. "He must not be allowed to expose us. Right now he is being escorted off world by a small band of jedi, in an effort to keep him safe."

"The jedi do not matter, I've killed them before, and I will do it again if it is necessary." Krieger followed his master's movements closely.

"I know, but it is the target itself is what has me thinking this will be an excellent test for you." The master stopped and looked down at his apprentice.

"Who is the target?" Krieger bowed his head.

"The officer you must kill, goes by the name of Jak." The master chuckled a bit.

"J-Jak? Are you sure master?" Krieger's heart jumped at the sound of his old friend's name.

"Yes, my apprentice. I sense you know the officer of which I speak." A smile crept along the master's face.

"I do master, he is an old friend." Krieger's head was racing on how his friend found out about the sith.

"Will this impede your mission?" The master turned away.

"No, master." Krieger felt a cold come up his back.

"Are you sure, your feelings say other wise." Palpatine had walked in behind Krieger and overheard the conversation.

"I assure you I will complete my mission." Krieger stood up.

"I sure hope so, for if this... Jak succeeds, I will make sure to make you suffer dearly." The master returned to his seat. "Now, go." Krieger and Palpatine both left the room.

"You don't trust me? Do you 'Lord Sidious'." Krieger hurried along the hall.

"No, I do not 'Darth Fallax'." Palpatine followed Krieger. "Your an ex jedi, with a reputation for trouble."

"Well, I assure you this mission will be complete even if I have to blow the ship into space dust." Krieger entered an elevator with Palpatine, and hit a button that lead to the lower levels.

"That reminds me, you must not perform the mission while the ship is in Coruscant's system." Palpatine stood next to Krieger and faced the elevator doors.

"I understand. Now leave me two it." Krieger exited the elevator and left Palpatine behind, he walked out onto a nearby plate form wear a speeder bike sat. Krieger hopped on the bike and revved the engine before taking off into the busy traffic of the city. He quickly bobbed and weaved between speeders, barely avoiding contact with them. He clicked a button on the speeder and a hologram fizzed to life, and there in blue light stood a Trandoshan.

"Yesss, Krieger." The scaley alien hissed.

"Prepare the ship we have a mission to attend to." Krieger ducked under a incoming platform.

"Right away my friend, ssssk." The trandosian nodded.

"I'll see you soon, Drago." Krieger hit the button again and the hologram stopped. He looked up in time to dodge an incoming taxi speeder, barely avoiding it. Finally he approached the landing pads of this sector of the city. He made his way down to it, and hovered along the platforms. He flew over the top of a startled astromech and actually clipped a pitdroid. Krieger slowed down and reached the platform holding a large SS-54 assault ship. The ship's loading ramp dropped and Krieger zoomed in, as the ramp closed Krieger dismounted and made his way into the cockpit. There sat the yellow scaled Drago in the pilot's seat, and next to him in the co-pilot's seat sat a Jawa hastily imputing commands.

"Where to Krieger?" Drago turned around in the chair.

"We are following a ship leaving Coruscant, a jedi ship." Krieger sat in a passenger seat

"I know the one your talking about, pipsqueak here hacked into republic communications." Drago turned back to the controls. "Chatters all over about some high class intel that cant be discussed here, and only a guy named Jak knows said intel."

"Yes, he has become an apparent threat to the sith." Krieger removed his helmet.

"What are you gonna do about it then?" Drago took off and punched in some stolen coordinates.

"I have an idea." Krieger looked towards the Jawa. "Unum, I want you to send a message to Sunja for me." The little jawa turned and nodded. As the ship went into hyperspace, the hologram activated and there stood a Gungan ready to hear from his friend.