Grey Area a Star Wars Story: Chapter 8, Revenge

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The jedi shuttle jumped into the felucia system. Krieger went through the post lightspeed systems check, Dooku was in the co-pilot's seat.

"Scanner confirm you space stations here." Dooku looked up and out the view port. "There right in front of us."

"I see it." Krieger prepared the shuttle's weapons system

"Whats the plan?" Dooku looked over to Krieger.

"The only plan is that we charge into that station, take down anyone that stands in our way." Krieger placed his helmet on his head

"That's no plan, that's suicide. They out number us 10 to one." Dooku kept looking between Krieger and the station.

"Those are good odds." Krieger began charging the space station. The holoprojector flipped on and a assassin droid was visible.

"You are trespassing in restricted space, change current course or be destroyed." The droid emotionlessly starred at the two jedi.

"Shut yourself down droid I have no intention of changing course." Krieger flipped of the projector.

"I hope you know what your doing." Dooku braced himself as a group of fighters emerged from the space station. Krieger opened fire, and destroyed three fighters, before the group dispersed. They circled behind him and fired, but Krieger was able to dodge the incoming attacks. He hit the reverse thruster, and as the fighters swerved to avoid him, Krieger opened fire, destroying two more fighters. The last fighter dodged and weaved Krieger's attacks, but he simply reach out with the force and crushed the star fighter. Krieger shot open the station's hanger door, and barely made it in. He began spinning around and firing clearing the hanger out, as he landed the station's hanger shield activated.

"Come on then, we've got a slave ring to crush." Krieger walked off the ship, with Dooku close behind. The blast doors on the opposite end of the hanger opened and in stormed assassin droids, and different mercenary aliens. Krieger and Dooku ignited their blasters and began deflecting the incoming onslaught. Krieger advanced much more quickly then Dooku, and he had reached his targets. He first cut down an assassin droid, and nikto mercenary, then he force pushed three more mercenaries into the wall. Dooku finally caught up and joined in cutting down the enemy.

They had barely made through thru door, when a jet of hot flame shot at them. They dodged, but there in front of them stood a mandalorian in black armor.

"So your free and walking then?" Krieger easily recognized the warrior.

"It'll take more then any republic prison to hold me jedi." The Mandalorian drew his blaster and opened fire, this time he was backed up by more mercenaries. With their combined efforts Krieger and Dooku started deflecting blaster bolts back into the mercenaries. One by one the enemy fell, but Krieger charged the Mandalorian. His target side stepped, but this time Krieger used his free hand and force pushed the Mandalorian into the wall. The Mandalorian barely recovered and dodged as blue plasma stuck near his head. He punched the jedi and kicked him away and blasted a shot into his head. Krieger was knocked back by the force of the plasma that struck his face, but the armor held. Krieger then lifted the Mandalorian in the air with the force and again an invisible hand wrapped itself around his target's throat. Krieger didn't crush the man's neck though he just pulled him in and impaled his target on the blue blade of his saber. The Mandalorian's body dropped to the ground dead. Krieger stepped back, and watched as Dooku finished the few remaining guards.

"What now?" Dooku turned to his friend.

"We free the slaves on board, then we head to the command center." Krieger made his way to a nearby lift. Dooku followed. Krieger hit a button and the lift shot downwards. "We free the slaves and it ensures that Zanq will stay to try and recover his lost cargo."

"Your smart for being so brash." Dooku was inspecting his saber. "But you must understand we are to take Zanq alive.

"We will see." Krieger ignited his saber again and deflected two blaster bolts back into the ones that fired them. "This is it, free these people."

Krieger and Dooku looked into the cages full of Twi'leks, humans, and even wookies. The slaves were starved, beaten, and desperate. Krieger sliced the door off of a wookie cell, and asked them to guid the others to escape pods. The wookies picked up the blasters of the fallen, and started escorting the other slaves out. Cell after cell was opened and their inhabitants freed. As Krieger opened the last cell, he noticed some crates pushed up against the wall. He walked over an pushed away some of the crate. There was a very heavy duty box at the bottom of the pile, Krieger used the force to pick the lock. When the crate opened, he saw only three ingots inside. Krieger tapped a button on his gauntlet, and his helmet scanned the material. It was cortosis, delighted to see one of the items he so longed for. He quickly grabbed the ingots and placed them in a hidden pouch he had on the back of his belt.

"Whats taking so long Krieger? Lets go!" Dooku was motioning Krieger to hurry.

"Sorry, just got distracted." He hurried back to the lift. This time Dooku hit the button and the lift shot up, past the previous floor and up to the command center. They stepped out and were met by more mercenaries, Krieger simply ignited his saber and threw it at his targets. Before the saber returned to Krieger's hand all the enemies laid dead. Dooku stood in awe at the skill he had just witnessed. The two jedi hurried down the hallways, they twisted and turned neutralizing anything that stood in their way. Finally they reached the control room, the door was locked so Krieger began cutting down the door.

"Remember Krieger, we take him alive. Don't let your emotions cloud your judgement." Dooku stood ready to enter the room.

"I'll do what is necessary, Dooku." Krieger finished cutting and the door fell through. Dooku stepped in and deflect a few bolt back at there senders. Krieger stepped through and he saw in the center of the room, Zanq, the man that killed his master. The zygarian turned towards the jedi, as Dooku leveled his saber at him

"Surrender Zanq, you are under arrest." Dooku moved towards Zanq, but He barely dodged an electro whip strike.

"Please, jedi. You are not the first to say that and you will not be the last." Zanq moved his attention to Krieger. "And you must be the legendary 'Silver Knight' I've heard so much about."

"Zanq, 15 years ago you killed a jedi on ryloth. That jedi was my master." Krieger took a step forward and readied himself for the next strike.

"You mean that idiot Twi'lek?" the zygarian laughed "I see your here to avenge her, and have your justice."

"That's exactly it." Krieger charged, but was stopped by a strike from Zanq's whip.

"You can dream all you want jedi, but soon I will have your saber as well as your master's" Zanq unclipped a saber from his belt. Krieger saw the weapon of his master in that monster's hand, and soon he could hold back his anger no longer. Zanq's chuckling was stopped when Kara's lightsaber flung from his hand, and into Krieger's.

"YOU WILL DIE!" Krieger ignited his master's emerald blade, and paired with his own again charged Zanq. This time he blocked the whip attack and used his free saber to cut of that hand. Krieger then kicked the zygarian down.

"Stop Krieger, he is beaten. We can take him in now." Dooku put his hand on Krieger's shoulder. Zanq had barely gotten to his knees. Krieger looked first to his master's saber, then back at Dooku, then at Zanq.

"No, not this time." Krieger in one swift movement used the force to push Dooku back, and then he used his master's saber and decapitated the slave lord. Dooku got up and approached Krieger.

"In the name of the jedi council, I herby place you under arrest for disobeying a direct order." Dooku raised saber at Krieger, turned to meet him.

"I no longer serve the jedi Dooku, they failed me the day the sent my master to her death, and ordered this monster be taken alive." Krieger took a step back and stood with both of his sabers at the ready.

"So be it." Dooku made the first move. Krieger simply blocked the attack and countered with his free saber. Dooku sidestepped the attack and tried again to strike his opponent, but Krieger was by no means a bad duelist. Krieger unleashed a fury of anger filled power attacks, Dooku was barely keeping up. Eventually they had made their way back into the hall, and toward this level's escape pods. Dooku used the force to push away Krieger, but he simply flipped out of it and charge. Dooku again sidestepped the attack and tripped Krieger. As he fell both lightsabers fell out of his hands. Krieger was quick to recover and spun around as Dooku jabbed at him. However Krieger caught the tip of the blade with his hand. Dooku was shocked as his opponent, almost effortlessly pushed back his attack with no saber. Krieger then used the force to grab Dooku by the throat and lift him into the air.

"I am beyond you Dooku you are out match here." And with that He slammed Dooku into the floor and threw him into an escape pod. Krieger walked over and punched some commands into the control pad. "I only let you live out the fact that I rescpect you, but know this, If we meet again I shall kill you." He pressed one final button and the pod ejected.

Krieger watched as the escape pod floated away, he then retrieved both lightsabers and returned to the lift. He went back down into the hanger were his ship, waited. First he stopped at one of the few slaver shuttles in the hanger, and started it hyperdrive and aimed it towards the core of the station. Krieger then hurried back to his own ship, he deactivated the tracking beacon on the ship, and took off into space. As he flew away from the station, the makeshift bomb he had made activated. Krieger then jumped to lightspeed, unsure of his future as the station behind him was destroyed by a massive explosion.

Author's Note: Thanks for reading and for those who stuck along thank you. Im sorry for the face paced, and heavy action of this chapter but Krieger's Jedi story needed to end. If you are confused as to why Dooku was here and not Windu, I ask you to look back at chapter 7 as I edited it for timeline reasons. Krieger's story isn't over and there is still much to be seen on his adventure. I hope this chapter was still somewhat enjoyable.