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It was late evening on the barren wasteland of Jakku, settlements here are far and few between. Most of the outposts here contain criminals, slaves, and those in between. One of these settlements held a small makeshift cantina. In the far corner a nikto, a weequay, and a zabrak sat at a table laughing and drinking.

"Say how did that job go with the zygarians." the nikto pointed at his zabrak friend.

"Yeah, I delivered them a shipment of new... product." the zabrak laughed

"You best be careful, running wit the zygarians could get you in trouble with jedi." the weequay took a sip of his drink. "Especially that one they call the Silver Knight."

"Please, the Silver Knights just a myth. Its just some ol' jedi, nothin special." The zabrak smirked.

"Thats not what I've heard." the nikto leaned closer so he could be heard better. "They say he has left entire slaver compounds destroyed, the slaves where freed but the slavers dead."

"Same with the ships, slaves freed but no survivors otherwise." The weequay sipped his drink and glanced at the zabrak. "I'm telling the Silver Knight is no normal jedi, he is something different."

"Please, like a jedi will travel this far out. Besides if got two Assassin droids outside." the zabrak waved off his comrade's words and took one last swig of his drink. "Now, how 'bout another roun-"

Blaster fire was heard outside the door, causing the cantina's patrons to look towards the entrance. The door opened and an assassin droid's head rolled in, then a large figure walked in. The figure wore silver armor from his helmet which has a green slit visor, down to heavy combat boots. He also wore a dark brown cloak and hood. The man walk towards the three in the corner.

"Which one of you is Klax." The helmet distorted the mans voice.

"That'd be me." the zabrak looked cautiously at the man. "What are you some sort of bounty hunter?"

"No, I-its the Silver Knight." the nikto began to shake a bit.

"Oh, I suppose your looking to bring me in?" Klax laughed.

"I'm looking for information on a zygarian, named Zanq." The man slowly unclicked something from his belt.

"Yeah and are you gonna make me?" Klax stood up as did his friends.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." The man ignited a blue lightaber.

The nikto drew first and fired, but it was deflected back into him. Klax fired next, but the man just out stretched his hand and the blaster bolt hit it with no effect. The man then sliced of the weequay's blaster arm, followed quickly by his head. The man then outstretched his arm again and made a gripping motion with his hand, and immediately Klax felt his feet leave the ground and a invisible hand grip his throat. The man the pinned Klax up against a wall with out even touching him.

"Now, where is Zanq." The man continued to hold up his target.

"Okay, okay!" Klax could barely breath "I-I've never met the man in person, but ive heard he runs his operation on a large space station orbiting felucia. B-but its gaurded like a rancor nest, you'll never get to him."

"We'll see." The man dropped his hand and deactivated his weapon, and as he turned a way the zabrak's neck could be heard cracking. As Klax's body hit floor, the man exited the cantina. He made his way to his ship a short walk away. It was a jedi fighter, triangular in shape with a r2 unit in the droid socket. He entered the ship and began to take off, as he did so he aimed his guns towards three small ships lined up next to each other. He opened fire and destroyed the three ships, the last one was Klax's. As the man left atmosphere his ship's holoprojector activated, a young jedi master appeared in the blue light.

"Master Krieger, how goes your mission?" the jedi master stood with his hands at his side. "Did Klax give up the information you needed?"

"More or less." Krieger removed his helmet and placed it beside him. "I've got Kanq's location. Im heading back to the temple to refuel."

"Good, and the council has decided that I will be accompanying you on this mission." the jedi master crossed his arms.

"With all respect master Dooku. I have no need for an escort." Krieger tried to argue but was interrupted.

"With all do respect, Krieger. You are already on thin ice with the council. I coming to ensure that Zanq is brought in alive for his actions." Dooku glared at Krieger through the hologram.

"I understand master. But he was the one that killed Kara, my master." Krieger began docking with the jump ring and input the coordinates for Coruscant.

"Its been 15 years since then, you need to move on. I'll see you when you arrive. Dooku Out." The hologram fizzed out.

"I'll move on when Zanq is dead." krieger mumbled, and soon he jumped into lightspeed"