Grey Area a Star Wars Story: Chapter 11, Welcome to the Dark Side

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Krieger jumped out of lightspeed and before him sat the red planet. He began to speed towards the planet, but two jedi fight jumped out of lightspeed behind him. The two fighters ditched their booster rings and sped after their target, unleashing a large fury of blaster fire. Krieger did his best to dodge and weave through the attack, then he quickly pulled up and attempted to get behind his pursuers. However, one jedi broke off to the right and circled back. Krieger rolled over the incoming fighter, just barely avoiding contact. He looked forward and saw that the first fighter had turned around and was coming straight at him. Krieger barely dodged the incoming attack, he quickly decided to head towards the planet. He had reached the planet's atmosphere but the fighters were still close behind, Krieger quickly dived into the cloud underneath him. The to fighters followed and ended up under the cloud, they looked around but couldn't find their target. The Krieger dropped down behind them, he opened fire and hit the left fighter causing it to burst into a ball of fire as it spun towards the surface of the planet. Krieger also hit the second ship just enough to cripple it, he locked on, and fired a proton torpedo which struck the fighter with a spectacular explosion. With the threats gone, Krieger looked around and spotted a temple nearby. He flew over to it and landed his ship in the courtyard.

As he exited his ship, Krieger felt a wind hit his face mixed in with some dust. He also felt an immeasurable amount of cold and darkness emanating from the planet itself. He began to walk towards the temple, and was looking around. Krieger stopped when he noticed a crumbling statue, he walked over to it and used the force to lift it up and back a few feet. He then used the force to dig a small hole in the ground where the statue once stood. Krieger removed his sabers from his belt and wrapped them in a small cloth. He placed them in the hole, and placed a light amount of dirt over them. Krieger then returned the statue to its old location.

"Until I next need you." He turned and head back towards the temple.

The entrance was located at the top of a large flight of stairs, and Krieger eagerly began the ascent. As he climbed Krieger once again felt a breeze in the air, and heard sand hit his armor every so often. His mind was filled with thoughts of what the temple held, and if it was worth the trouble of coming here. For a second he stopped and sensed a presence, he looked around. For a second he thought he saw two hooded figures on the behind him, he looked back towards the entrance but when he looked back the two figures were gone. Krieger shrugged off the thought and continued on. As he grew closer to the entrance, the feeling of cold darkness grew and he thought he could hear whispers on the wind. When he reached the entrance, it was shrouded in an ere shadow. Krieger walked on in, and inside was a large room with sith inscriptions on the walls. In the center of the room was a alter, and on the alter there was book with a black cover and red writing. As Krieger approached the alter, he felt the energy emanating from it. Krieger went to open the book, but when he made contact a surge of energy shot through him. He saw flashes of sith lords, red lightsabers. Eventually he saw the bodies of innocent people and children, he heard their screams. Then he saw a woman, she was located somewhere in the galaxy next to slaves. Krieger then saw young jedi murdered in cold blood, Soldier in white marching on the jedi temple. He heard the horrifying breathing of something evil, followed by flashes lightning and a blood chilling cackle. Krieger finally saw a large moon like object with a powerful weapon, then it flashed to a planet that exploded. He finally came back to reality, Krieger was on his knees in front of the alter. He tried to make sense of what he had just saw, the jedi record never said anything of a super weapon like that. Krieger couldn't recognize the woman, ore the source of the breathing and cackle. He came to the conclusion that the visions were of the future, Krieger stood up and this time braced himself as he opened the book. Nothing happened this time, but the book contained sith history, lightsaber designs, and force abilities. However, for some reason the back pages were torn out.

"You are trespassing on sacred ground, jedi." a strong dark presence entered the room. Krieger spun around to see two figures standing there, one taller then the other.

"I am no jedi, however I can sense that you to are of sith." Krieger stood ready for an attack.

"Well you are correct in that matter, but since you know of our existence. I am afraid you cannot leave here alive" the taller figure raised his hands and bright white lightning shot from them. Krieger caught them but the force of the blast caused him to step back, his tutaminis was strong but even he had never faced sith lightning. "Impressive, for a non-jedi." the tall figure laughed and lowered his hands.

"What are you doing master?" the shorter figure looked at the taller one.

"This one could be useful to our plans, my appretince." The master looked towards his apprentice.

"But what about the rule of two?" The apprentice shook his head.

"We'll ignore it for now, this one could make a great ally. If only temporarily, and he would be wasted as a simple acolyte." The master looked back towards Krieger.

"Perhaps." The apprentice snapped his fingers, and eight hooded figures entered the room and surrounded Krieger. "But we should still test his abilities."

"This, I do agree with." the master nodded. "Go on my acolyte, don't hold back. If he dies, then he was useless to us."

The eight acolyte ignited their sabers of crimson plasma, and advanced on Krieger. He knew this would be difficult, from what he could tell these acolytes were no weak underlings. However, Krieger was determined to win by any means. So, with immense power, Krieger performed a force blast in all directions knocking over the approaching enemies. He charged one of the acolyte, who had already recovered and slid under an incoming slash. Krieger then quickly stood up and grabbed the acolyte by the back of the head, and with a loud crack the acolytes body hit the floor. Krieger picked up the fallen acolyte's saber in time to block an incoming attack, he quickly punched the attacker in the gut. As the acolyte dropped to his knees, Krieger stepped forward and stabbed the acolyte through the back. Krieger blocked another attack this time kicking the acolyte, he then used the force and threw the acolyte into three others. Krieger, was then assaulted by a fury of lightsaber hits from two other acolytes. Krieger force pushed one back a little, then entered a blade clash with the other. He looked back and saw a recovered acolyte charging him, so Krieger moved in a way that moved the lightsaber of his clash partner out of the way and dodged the incoming charge. The result was that the charging acolyte missed and stabbed the other through the head, while sitting there stunned the acolyte had his head removed from his shoulders by Krieger. The four remaining acolytes surrounded Krieger once again. He managed to parry two attacks, and used his cortosis gauntlets to block the other to. The two acolyte with deactivated sabers were slain by a single swipe of Krieger's blade. He then caught another blade with his tutaminis, and force pushed the attacker away. The other acolyte tried to charge but was stopped when an invisible hand wrapped around his thoat, Krieger crushed the acolyte's throat and threw him to the ground. The final acolyte recovered and faced Krieger. In one movement Krieger used the force and pulled the acolyte's saber from his hand, while at the same time Krieger also threw his saber. As the acolyte's saber reached Krieger's hand, Krieger's saber struck the acolyte through the heart. As his last opponent fell, Krieger deactivated the saber and clipped it to his belt.

"Impressive, very impressive!" the master was clapping as he laughed.

"Yes, what an amazing display of power and skill." The apprentice chuckled.

"Is that all you got? I expected more of a sith lord." Krieger faced the two sith.

"Oh, no dear boy, that is merely a taste." The master raised his hands and again powerful lightning shot out. This time Krieger couldn't counter in time, and flew back as the attack struck him. He fell into the alter destroying it. The master stepped forward. "Now, kneel before your master."

"As you wish." Krieger moved to his knees and looked up at the master. Krieger's helmet had a crack on it, from the left top corner, across the visor and to the middle of the faceplate.

"You will obey me, no matter what. And serve me diligently." The master was right in front of Krieger.

"Yes, Master." Krieger lowered his head.

"Your new title is Darth Fallax. You must earn you rank as sith lord, for now you are simply an apprentice. Now rise." The master turned towards the exit.

"Yes, Master." Krieger stood up and followed his new sith master. He was already contemplating what to do when he had received the necessary training, for now though he would play the part and learn the ways of the dark side.

Author's Note: Hello and I hope you enjoyed. The first section of Krieger's adventure comes to a close as he begins his sith training. be sure to look for "Grey Area a Star Wars Story Part II" as it will continue our warrior's story. Also I want YOUR input, chapter 1 of part II will start a while after this and I want Krieger to gain another companion alongside K-3 and Sunja. I want your guy's opinion on what I should make that companion. Options are as follows:

A: an astromech droid

B: a mandalorian

C: a trandoshan

E: a jawa

F: an ex republic commando (pre clone wars obviously)

I will also leave a slot for option G, which is another species/droid type. if I like the idea of option G, I will choose that one. Thanks for your help and support, I will see you all in Part II Chapter 1