Grey Area a Star Wars Story: Chapter 10, Temptations

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Krieger was resting on the ship, he was tired from the days of endless running. Sunja, and The Droid went into town in search of supplies. The locals of nemodia were notorious business men so it was taking the two sometime to get back. Krieger opened his eyes, he immediately glanced over to the other side of the room. The box containing the sith holocron sat there, Krieger could feel the dark power emanating from it. In the past few days he has grown more curious as to what data was held within the device. He knew the dangers of the dark side, but he had never thought of learning to use it. However, Krieger was also sensing impending danger. He thought the power could help him defend himself against those who would harm him and his friends. Krieger got up and walked over to the box and opened it up, the small red pyramid gave a low glow. It was as if it was calling to him, his curiousity was gnawing at him.

Eventually Krieger gave in, he knelt down and placed the holocron in front of him. He closed his eyes and reached out the force, focusing on the holocron. The holocron lifted off the ground and the points of the pyramid pulled away from it turned themselves and rearranged back onto it. Krieger felt the dark energy rush through him, he could feel the anger and hatred of the darkside. Krieger fell back, he opened his eyes to see a bright red hologram. It contained a map, and details of how to get to a planet. Krieger stood up and studied the charts, he was curious as to where this map led to. Carefully he followed the directions that the holocron was giving and he eventually landed on the location the map was leading to. Krieger's eyes flashed in surprise.

"Could it be?" He whispered to himself. He began reading the rest of the data, it was in fact directions to the sith planet: Korriban. Krieger had read stories of the planet back at the jedi temple, the original sith empire was founded there and the old home of the now extinct sith species. Krieger grabbed his data pad and quickly recorded the data, and coordinates. He then deactivated the holocron and returned it to the box, as he did so Sunja and the droid returned.

"We have returned master, and we brought the supplies." The droid dropped a few large crates on the floor.

"Thosa Nemodians, very rude." Sunja grumpily shut the shuttle's door. "Theysa stubborn, and expensive."

"I understand, Sunja." Krieger chuckled abit.

"What are yousa doing?" Sunja noticed the sith box had been moved.

"I opened the holocron Sunja." Krieger, began running a quick system check on the ship.

"Are yousa mad?" Sunja hit his head with his hand. "The sith is bad juju, yousa was a jedi yousa should know this."

"I WAS a jedi. but now im not." Krieger turned to face his friend. "I understand the dangers of the darkside. However learning of it could make me more powerful."

"Why would yousa need to be more powerful?" Sunja leaned up against the wall.

"Because, we are in danger. You being a run away slave, and me a jedi traitor." Krieger sat down in the co pilots chair. "I may be strong, but I cant rely on just my old jedi training for long."

"Aren't the jedi, muy muy powerful?" Sunja looked confused at his friend

"Powerful yes, but not invincible." Krieger looked down at floor and his hands hung of his knees. "Beside my friend I sense something coming. Something big."

"Like what master?" The droid chimed in.

"I sense an immense darkness, something I can only assume to be a real sith lord." Krieger looked up. "And ive noticed the Trade Federation making uncharacteristic moves, as well as rumor of the geonosians becoming active again."

"hmm. Even meesa cant deny that trouble is coming. But is the dark side the besta way?" Sunja stroked his chin curiously.

"I believe so, in fact I am already planning on heading out." Krieger turned to look outside the cockpit. "The holocron gave me the location of Korriban."

"Korriban master? surely you don't mean..." Before the droid could finish, Krieger spoke up.

"Yes K-3. The sith home world." Krieger looked at the droid.

"Yousa want to go tosa the home of bad juju? Yousa are crazy." Sunja shook his head

"Perhaps I am, but it doesn't matter." Krieger stood up and folded his hands behind his back. "After my training with the darkside is complete, I have a plan."

"What kinda plan?" Sunja stood straight.

"The republic is corrupt and failing, and whatever darkness is rising isn't good either. So ive decided why not throw my hat in the ring?" Krieger began pacing.

"Yousa don't mean challenging the republic?" Sunja stepped back into the wall.

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean. But not yet." Krieger threw his friend a data chip. "That contains the location of both republic and jedi treasure vaults forgotten about for generations."

"Whatsa yousa want meesa to do?" Sunja looked at the chip.

"Collect the treasure and turn it into credits, and start investing in our military." Krieger Put on his helmet.

"Alright, but whereas wesa hiding our army until its time?" Sunja looked back up at Krieger.

"Go to Felucia, the foliage will help hide it." Krieger Looked back at his friend.

"Its a plan then." Sunja nodded reluctantly. "Why are yousa preparing for battle?"

"Because my friend we have company." Krieger walked over and opened the shuttle door. As he stepped out he saw a mysterious ship with three hooded figures standing infront of it.

"Krieger! We are here to bring to the jedi council for trial. Stand down or prepare to be detained." The middle figure ignited a yellow light saber, and his companions followed.

"I should've figured the jedi would send agents after me." Krieger ignited both of his sabers. "You should know that I will not come quietly."

"Very Well." The middle figure charged, followed again by his partners. Krieger sidestepped the first jedi and kicked him, then blocked the second attack. Krieger then used the force to push away the third jedi, he swung at the second jedi with his free saber but it was blocked. Krieger then blocked an attack from the first jedi, he was barely holding of the two clashes. He heard the third jedi getting closer, so quickly he managed to backflip and avoid the attack. He picked out that the second jedi was the weakest, so he set his sights on that target first. Krieger unleashed a heavy volley of saber strikes onto the weaker jedi, but was interrupted by the other two. He held of the attacks, and looked for an opening. He saw it and swung, the third jedi screamed as his hand saber still gripped hit the ground. Krieger then kicked away the first jedi and finished the third one off with a quick slash across the chest. The first jedi watched as his comrade fell, and enraged charged at Krieger, who simply grabbed him with the force and slammed him into the ground. The second jedi recovered and charged again, his strike was meat with Krieger's gauntlet. The Jedi's saber bounced off and shorted out. The jedi looked confused at his saber.

"Its called cortosis kid." Krieger quickly impaled the young jedi with both sabers. The final jedi recovered, even more enraged at the loss of his other partner. Krieger deactivated both his sabers, as the jedi charged. He caught the jedi's saber in the palm of his hand.

"H-How?" The jedi stepped back in shock.

"I've all but mastered the skill of tutaminis. you stand no chance against me." Krieger then used the force and pulled his target's weapon to him and crushed it.

"I don't need a saber to end you!" The jedi charged again, and swung at Krieger with his fist. Krieger dodged, grabbed the jedi's arm and twisted it. He then kneed the jedi in the gut then knocked him to the ground with a left hook. Krieger picked up his opponent with the force, but unbeknownst to him, a fourth jedi snuck out of the ship behind him. The fourth jedi was about to swing, when a blaster shot rang out. Krieger looked behind him as the fourth jedi hit the ground, then over to see Sunja blaster drawn and smoking. He then returned to the last jedi, who had an invisible hand wrapped around his neck.

"Now, you will return to the temple and inform the council of what has happened here. And it will happen again if more agents are sent after me." Krieger then threw the jedi against its ship. "Go" Krieger turned and began walking away. The jedi looked up, the looked at his fallen friend's saber.

"No! You will pay!" The jedi grabbed the saber and charged one last time but he stopped as a emerald blade separated his head from his shoulders.

"Anger is not the way of the jedi." Krieger turned and walked towards his friends. "Thanks for the assist, Sunja."

"No problem." Sunja nodded. "Now what do wesa do?"

"We split up." Krieger stopped before reaching the ship. "You and K-3 go on that treasure hunt, and I'll be off to Korriban."

"Alright." Sunja nodded

"Be safe master" K-3 turned, and followed sunja into the ship. As they left, Krieger made his way to a nearby ship dealer to find a ride. He didn't want to attract more attention by stealing a second jedi ship. Krieger persuaded the weak minded dealer to give him a modified Naboo starfighter. How it got there Krieger didn't know, but it had hyperdrive and that's all he cared about.

Author's Note: sorry for such a long wait on this chapter, but I hope you still enjoyed. We are nearing the end of Grey Area Part 1 (Chapters 1-11 and maybe 12). But the story will not end there, Krieger is throwing his hat in the ring to face of against the republic and a soon to rise separatist alliance.