Green Arrow: Arrowhead Chapter five

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My take on the Green Arrow Mythology

Chapter five: The Boat

The sun’s blistering hot. The green leaves of the tree tops allow enough of the rays to blast through, leaving whatever it touches burning. Seeing Roy from the behind, I can make out scars all along his back and legs. The thing is though, they’re not new. From what Roy’s told me he’s only been here for a few weeks, the scars I see have long since begun to fade.

“What happened to your back?”

Roy looks back at me with confusion.

“You know, how’d you get all of those scars?”

He shrugs, “You know, this island can be kind of a kicker.”

He smiles like it’s all a joke but I don’t believe him. Nevertheless we keep on walking, me not bothering to strike up another conversation. Finally, after hours of walking along the river, we make it to the pool.

It’s actually exactly what you would think it would look like. The river flows right into it, the pool being close to thirty feet across, connected to several smaller streams that probably flow all around the island. Through the trees, I can make out a mountain peaking overhead.

“Well, there it is.”

Roy moves away from my view and lets me get a full view of the pool, which also includes the boat. A smile bursts onto my face and I start to run to the pool. Surprisingly everything looks okay! The ‘Queen of the Seas’ looks great except for a few scratches along the sides and aside from that you almost wouldn’t think it had just been through a huge storm. I wait for Roy to catch up, and then we dive in together, treading our way to the boat at the center of the pool.

“Man, this thing is huge!” Roy says, once we make onto the yacht. He really is right though. I was there just a few years ago when Dad bought the boat; he had planned to use it to go on a cruise for himself and Mom a few years ago but then-

“Oliver, in here!”

Roy must have gone on ahead inside while I was looking over the deck. He beckons me over to the door and we walk into the cabin. “I’m sorry man, something’s happened.”

I don’t think I heard him correctly. My vision instantly tunnels once I see the bodies lying on the floor, and my world slowly collapses.

“Mom…Dad…they’re dead…”

Their bodies lie there, lifeless and…bloody? I slowly look over their bodies, my eyes trying their best to stop the flow of tears, until I see the arrows sticking out of their chests. They each only have one, both placed in the same spot on each body, a perfect shot to the heart.

“Those look just like the one you have.”

I look back at Roy, confused until he points to the arrow I’ve carried with me ever since I got here…he’s right. Same shaft, same notch, same fletchings, same everything. “How is that-“

I turn around just in time to see the archer pull back the string of his bow.

“Roy, DUCK!”

Roy dives just in time for the arrow to wiz past him and sticks itself onto the wall behind him. The mysterious archer, clad all in black, wastes no time on me and runs out the door, diving into the pool.

Roy looks at me for answers but I’ve got none to give. Before we can say anything, a beeping fills the room. Oh no.

“Roy, RUN!”

We both make it outside to the deck when the bomb goes off, the blast propelling us into the jungle.

I’m unconscious before I hit the ground.

I wake up with a start, the cold floor telling me I’m back inside the cell. I sit up, the drugs making me a little drowsy but not enough for me to just lay still. The first thing that I notice is that the door, while usually closed, is now open, leading on into the hallway. I get up from the floor and slowly make my way outside, Author waiting for me on the catwalk.

“Enjoy your sleep?”

I look at him darkly. “Tatsu knocks me out and all you have to say is if I enjoyed my sleep? No ‘How’s your head, Oliver?’ No ‘Tatsu would like to apologize, Oliver?’”

Now Author looks at me darkly and I try to remember my tone.

“There was a bomb. Roy and I found the boat my parents and I were cruising on and some archer blew it up.”

“Did you die?”

Why does that matter?

“…No, I just blacked out from the blas- hey, wait, I’ve answered your questions now you need to answer mine. Why did Tatsu knock me out? Why is it so important that I see other people inside those dreams?”

Author just stays at me without answering my questions and just says, “My boss would like to see you Oliver.”

“I’m sure I’d like to see him too. Where is he?”

With a sudden move, Author wraps his arm around my neck and pulls me over the side of the catwalk, taking himself with me. Swiftly, we fall down into the darkness, to our doom.

End of Chapter five

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#2  Edited By batkevin74

@knightofthechronicle said:

With a sudden move, Author wraps his arm around my neck and pulls me over the side of the catwalk, taking himself with me. Swiftly, we fall down into the darkness, to our doom.

Very nice!

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This chapter seems a bit short, but only when compared to the previous ones. I was just kind of blah about this one. Not because it was bad, but because it didn't really tell me anything, I guess. Fix your jailer's name. Arthur is a name, author is a writer.