Green Arrow: Arrowhead Chapter eight

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My take on the Green Arrow Mythology

Chapter eight: The Sanctuary

Five Weeks Later

Tatsu’s blow comes at the exact point she taught me, connecting with my one of ribs with a definite CRACK! The air is quickly knocked out of my system but I recover and stand ready for the next strike. Tatsu delivers as usual. A kick, lightning fast, is aimed to my right side, directly where the now broken rib lies. Her teaching, however, proves to her disadvantage and I quickly move aside, grab her leg, and flip her over my shoulders. For a second, I allow myself a little gratitude over my progress but I then realize that I just sealed my fate. Behind me, Tatsu sticks the landing, dead-legs me, and in my crumbling state she pins me down on the mat, my head between her tightly closed legs.

“Very good Oliver.”

I feel her grip lighten and I’m back on my feet, slightly doubling over due to my rib. Tatsu sees this and motions me to the door behind her. “Get to the infirmary, Dr. Light will patch you up.”

I nod, my mouth not daring to give her a smile. I walk across the gym floor and open up the heavy metal door. For weeks this is all that Roy and I have been doing, waking up, training, getting patched up, and then going back to sleep. This was what they made us do, what he made us do.

After my encounter with the man in the hood, I was dragged from the room I was in and put in another one with Roy. From there the man gave us his name, Arthur, and then gave us our options- stay with them, the Sanctuary, and train, becoming like them or be killed right there on the spot.

When we asked why we would have to train, Arthur simply responded, “To stop him.”

And so now, here I am, making my way towards the infirmary once again, ready for my daily medication. Dr. Light (yeah, that’s his name), looks at me for a split second and then motions me to a chair once I walk into the room. The good doctor wears on himself his regular wardrobe, a white coat, white pants, and white turtle neck.

“Tatsu really doesn’t like to go easy on you does she, Oliver?”

“No, not really.”

I wince once I sit down on the chair but try my best to fight off the pain using a technique Arthur’s taught me in our many sessions. God I hate that man.

“Okay, where does it hurt?”

I motion to my rib and he begins his work. A half an hour later I’m back down my beaten track toward the cafeteria, a huge grey room that looks like it belongs inside a prison. I get in line with everybody else, around fifty over people who I don’t really care to know, and get my daily rations. Looking around, I quickly spot Roy sitting by himself and go over to join him. Halfway to the table though, I’m stopped by Arthur.

“Hello Oliver,” he says, slapping his hand over my shoulder.

The mere touch of him drives me to want to kill him, but I calm my anger and try not to reach for the knife on my plate.

“What do you want Arthur?”

He guides me away from Roy, who looks at us quizzically, and to the door.

“Tatsu tells me that you’ve been getting better with you combat skills, that’s very good.”

For a second, I almost hear a hint of pride in his voice. I ignore it.

“We walk out the door and I find myself in a different part of the camp I’ve never been too. Making our way through several different hallways we find ourselves in a room lined with every single kind of gun that I can think of. Arthur barely even notices them and instead goes for the bows. Picking out his own bow, he tosses me one. Catching it, I remember the arrows stuck inside my own parents and the anger once again bubbles inside me.

Arthur notices the expression on my face and beckons me forward, saying, “Come, Oliver, I think it’s time that you and I had a chat.”


I hear the whisper of the gas leaving the room and I open up the iron door, walking through the room to Oliver’s awakening body.

“Hello Oliver.”

I crouch down I his still dreary eyes look up at me. For a split second it’s the same eyes that I have seen for weeks now, but now, something’s changed…I see anger in those eyes.

“What, Oliver? What’s wrong?” I say, genuine concern in my voice.


It’s all he says and I begin to feel a combination of both fear and concern.

“Me? What about me Oliver?”

“You killed them. You killed my parents. YOU KILLED THEM!”

He begins to thrash under his bonds and I back away toward the door.


I close the door behind me, lock it, and turn the valve next to it, hearing the same whisper of gas I heard leaving just seconds ago.

I make my way to the Boss’s office, diving into the water, making my way past the other doors without getting to close to the last one, and finally making my way up top. The office is just the same as it has always been, dark and serious, just like the Boss like’s it.

“It’s happened hasn’t it?”

He already knows it’s me without having to turn his head from the curtain-drawn windows.

“Yes, John’s had too much contact with Oliver; he’s lost his connection to reality.”

The Boss turns his chair towards me, his face portraying no emotion whatsoever. “Good. I need you to keep extra eyes on Oliver’s cell. I also want Tatsu to move, she doesn’t need to be a part of this anymore.”

“Sir, please, Oliver’s a good man, we have to stop this. Oliver doesn’t need to go through this.”

“I believe,” the Boss says, “That he does need to go through with this. John’s never made a move like this with anyone else; if Oliver keeps this up we may know why this is happening. Until then, Oliver continues the process.”

Anger boils inside me. “Why don’t we just go down to John’s room and demand answers? No one has to go through what Oliver’s going through if there are easier ways to get information.”

“That is enough Mr. King.”

His voice is raised slightly and I immediately remember my place.

“Clearly you’ve gotten to attached to Queen…Your off the project.”

“But sir!” I blurt, forgetting myself.

“No ‘buts’ King, you are done with Oliver Queen!”

I stare at him for a second, and then I nod my head. “Yes sir.”

End of Chapter eight

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#2  Edited By dngn4774

It's good, but it gets a little confusing in the middle. I think you switched points of view without announcing it or placing a break in the text.

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@dngn4774: Thanks for that, I guess I didn't notice that there wasn't a break when I was converting it from my computer to the site. Anyway, it's fixed.

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#4 cbishop  Online

I'm confused about who Arthur King is supposed to be. Since that's a flip on King Arthur, my guess would be Arthur is actually Merlyn. Just guessing though- perfectly willing to wait and see.

Ollie mentions being with Roy in the Sanctuary, with no mention of how he found out Roy was there. Obviously, with John, there's some telepathic hanky panky going on here, so it doesn't completely bother me that this has stopped making sense. Curious to see where this goes next.