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Brainless, Part 1

Where am I? Who am I?

Whats happening?

All I can remember is my last mission.

Apparently I went on tons of other dangerous missions.

But the last mission was.. different.

It ended with a big explosion.

I blew up.

Everyone died.

I failed.

But then why am I here?


Somebody answer me!

Am I dead?

Am I stuck somewhere between Earth and Heaven?

I don't know if I'm a good person.

I don't know if i was supposed to go to Heaven.

I don't know who I am, and thats the worst part.

Maybe this is what it was like.

Before life or anything else was created.

Just a dark, endless area.

No up, no down, no left, no right.

There's only... here.

Is this what its like?

Is this what its like to be brainless?

Whats going on?!?!

Agent Dog & The Lost Channel Changer

What happens when you accidentally upload all the memories and thoughts of a former C.I.A agent into the mind of your pug?


This week on Agent Dog, we answer the big, age-old question: WHERE'S THE REMOTE?!?!

Using his detective skills, AGENT DOG COMES TO THE RESCUE!

Agent Dog sniffed around the living room

Suddenly, the COUCH caught his attention!

Agent Dog stuck his snout into the crack between the couch cushions and started digging

Finally, he found.... a notebook with government secrets.

"LAME!" yelled Agent Dog's owner, Jim "We don't need government secrets! There already in your freaking head! Go get the remote!"

Agent Dog ran up to the window and started barking at the kids across the street

"No! Bad!" yelled Jim "You get over here right now, and FIND THAT REMOTE!"

Instead, Agent Dog went crazy on his squeak-toy using some mad karate skills

"BAD DOG!" yelled Jim "No karate in the living room! Now find that remote!"

A.D. just sat down and dragged his tiny, Pug butt across the carpet

"RRRG!" Jim was getting angry

Next, Agent Dog started using suction cup gloves to climb up to the ceiling and back over and over

"Bad Agent Dog!" yelled Jim "I said NO SUCTION CUPS! How many times do I have to say that? I said it last week, NOW I'M SAYING IT TODAY!"

Agent Dog ran up to Jim and started jumping up, barking at his back pocket

"Huh?" Jim patted his back pockets and felt something in one of them "There it is! Thanks!"

Jim pulled the remote out of his back pocket and turned on the TV

"Get back to whatever you were doing" said Jim as he sat down on the couch

Agent Dog jumped up on the couch next to Jim and watched TV with him

"Heh" Jim laughed at the cartoon "Man. Fall down. Funny...."


  • Real Name: Taylor Korpral
  • Occupation: Scientist, government agent
  • Origin: When she got a strange virus after being stung by a rare scorpion, scientist Taylor Korpral gained the abilities of a scorpion as well as flight. Her deadly "scorpion stings" she fires from her hands are capable of turning the strongest man in the world into a pile of dust and bones, depending on how much energy she charges them up with. When her former partner, Miguel Skorpio, has the same virus injected into his bloodstream in an accident, he went on a rampage. After stopping Skorpio, she decided to defend humanity with her powers and became a special government agent, code-named "Scorpion Woman".
  • Enemies: Skorpio, Doctor Pricklo
  • First Appeared: Should I Write A Series About This?
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@GR2Blackout: interesting...

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@The Poet said:

@GR2Blackout: interesting...