Gotham's shadow: Nightwing Part 3

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( I know this series isn't going well, I hope it will get better soon, This is rated T, for mild Violence. After this series has ened, I will do another taking place after this, and POSSIBLY one during this, both featuring different characters. Also, I have someone else making chapters for this storyarc, in a different characters point of view you could say.)


He was back.

Dick made it to his newly purchased apartment. The once member of the family of three, "The flying Graysons" Equipped his Kevlar suit, with red sporting his symbol, other than blue. He placed his mask over his eyes, and gripped his eskirmas tightly.

The sound of an engine roared from his garage, and a motorcycle began to speed out.

Solomon Wayne Courthouse

Rain poured hard, down over Damian, and Bruce as they stood on the Solomon Wayne Courthouse rooftop.

Police circled the area, knowing someone was inside, Harvey Dent.

Commissioner Gordon hung above an acid container, with dent by his side, standing up straight and tall, a magnum in one hand, and a coin in the other. Groups of men gathered, All, which worked for Two-Face. On the temple of Gordon's head, was a barrel of a gun, reloaded, and ready to have the trigger to be pulled. "Court is in session!" Dent hollered over the thugs cheering. The doors where shut, and Gordon was sweating, severely.

The doors where cieled shut, and two men guarded them, while sniper armed thugs surveyed the windows."Heads or tails, Mr. Gordon." He asked, in a growling tone. James didn't reply, he just shook his head, that didn't please Harvey... Dent quickly pistol whipped Gordon across the face, exclaiming. "PICK ONE!" Gordon sighed, and watched his blood drip into the acid, and dissolve slowly.


Harvey flipped the coin in the air, and it was as if time froze, as it was about to land, the sudden sound of a motorized vehicle was heard, and a motorcycle crashed through the door, with Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, leaped off, while Batman, and Robin fallowed behind him.

Two-Face flipped the coin, it landing Heads, and he snarled, lining his gun to the head of Batman.

"Batman..." His Growling voice spoke, and lip curled.

Dick spinn kicked a thug to a wall, while slamming an eskirma across another's left cheek.

A bullet emerged from the barrel of the magnum, and headed straight for Bruce, like an upcoming train. He stared for what seemed to be forever, and then tilted his head slightly, allowing the bullet to skid his cheek, and tear flesh. Batman opened a compartment in his utility belt, releasing a Batarang' directly to Dent's hand, disabling the gun, and impaling his wrist.

The police headed in, and opened fire, a helicopter circled above, and Damian was ready for his part of the mission. The police began to fire at all in the Courthouse, including the three vigilante heroes.

Dick, and Bruce took cover, as the Police began to free Gordon, while Damian called in the Bat-Jet.

Five Minutes later, a jet zoomed above the sky, and Damian grappled to it, along with Dick and Bruce. An armed thug with a sniper lined up a shot at Damian's bat grapple cable, and pulled the trigger. The cable didn't break, but surprised Damian, and disturbed his grip, causing him to fall.

Damian Free fell... down back onto Gotham's surface, but not yet hitting.

To be Continued.

( I own none of these characters, but it is my storyline.)