Gotham's shadow: Nightwing Part 2

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The conclusion To Gotham's Shadow: Nightwing part I


Wayne Manor

Dick had been inside of Wayne Manor for the first time in years. His smile igniting his face with joy, as he stepped through, placing a motorbike helmet, and a backpack down beside the doorway.

"Alfred, where is Bruce?"

"Training With Damian in the Batcave." Alfred replied, with the same grin, then stepping back into the kitchen.


Dick began to walk down steep steps, leading to a, well, a maze, you could say. Dick Grayson heard Batmans fingers type on the Batcomputer, and Bruce had heard someone stepping down the steep steps.

Batman quickly stood, fixating his eyes on the shadows, and then, then emerged Dick Grayson.

"Dick...?" Bruce said with a straight face, and Damian turned away from his training course, and said the same.


Grayson tilted his head, and replied.

"Yeah, surprised?"

Damian, and Bruce began to step towards the staircase, as Dick began to hurry down.

Bruce began to smile, and waled faster, Damian made out a slight grin, he didn't want to show he was happy, and didn't need to it seemed, Hopeless to him.

"Dick, would you like to join Damian, and I, on patrol tonight." Bruce spoke, meeting Dick at the end of the staircase.

"Sure, I have bought an apartment, I will be heading back there right now. See ya' Later Bruce, Bye Damian!"

He said then sprinting up the staircase to equip is backpack.


Part three will be up, either tomarrow, or friday.