Gotham's shadow: Nightwing #5

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Okay, hear you go, I am starting up Gotham's Shadow: Nightwing again, I will make This issue, and on the best that I can. I hope you all enjoy.


Two months after Damian's death.

It was a casual night in Gotham, cold and filled with crime. Two months passed since Damian's death, and Batman has just returned. I have given him his space, I have let him take out crime alone, and quietly. Harvey Dent has vanished from Arkham yesterday. The inmates say "Batman took em'". It makes since, and that is my next lead. Bruce would have him, he would have him, torturing him, beating him, but Would he kill him? No. He would never cross that line, he won't.

I stood tall on the Waynecorp building, scouting down below. The streets ran red, men lurking, thinking that they wouldn't be punished for their crimes. The Criminal in power at this time was Penguin, also known as Oswald Cobblepot. He has been taking out rival gangs out of the shadows, and everyone knows where he is, that is what bothers me. Gordon knows where he is, and he ignores arresting him. The Ice burg Lounge. He would gamble there, take everyones money, and feel unstoppable.

Tonight is the night I talk to Bruce, I find him.

Arkham Asylum

Edward Nigma, or The Riddler, sat in his cell. Two guards opened his cell door removing him from it violently. He was placed in a dark, interrogation room. Commissioner Gordon stared at him through the one way mirror. Edward's cell was across from Dent's and I knew he saw something, and so did Gordon. The room was dark, and one lamp turned on, Commissioner Gordon Faced Edward.

"Listen Edward, I know you saw what happened to Dent. Talk." Gordon said, staring into Nigma's eyes.

"What makes you think That Gordon? " He replied, with an evil grin on his face.

"Your cell is directly across from his Nigma, Don't play games. Who took Dent?"

"You see Gordon, The world is filled with questions, But I prefere them as riddles."

"I see we aren't having any cooperation Nigma." Gordon stepped out of the room leaving Edward alone in the darkness.

Gordon watched, and discussed with an officer about how to try and get it out of Edward. They turned on the lights, and saw Me behind Nigma slamming his head into the table.

"Owe...." Edward spoke, wiping the blood from his nose.

Gordon watched, eyes widened, and told his men to stand down, and see how this plays out.

"Where is dent, Nigma?" I asked, stepping across from him.

"Why would I tell you, fool. My mind is for myself, not to share.... Unless..." He replied simply.

I knew what this was going to resort to, a riddle.

"A riddle, for you "Nightwing". If you answer it correctly, we have a deal, and you find out who went in, and snatched Harvey Dent."

I placed my hands on the table, then through it to the wall, grabbing him from his seat.

"Listen, you low life piece of filth, Dent killed Robin, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he rots in this hellhole. Now TALK!" I exclaimed, with rage flowing in my veins.

"Look at you Bird Boy. Your afraid to answer my riddles, all you want is to be just like The Batman, well, you aren't! You don't match the batman, your mind is more week, and even weaker then his is compared to mine, My mind. The Riddler's Mind..."

I breathed heavily through my nostrils, and released him.

"I will be back Nigma, and I will not hold back..."