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(A lot of characters in this fan-fic aren't of my creation I.e Joker, Batman, Catwoman etc. and belong to DC comics, all though some characters and the sick twisted plot of this story is of my own creation, I hope you enjoy)
Rating: 18, this fan-fic includes some strong violence and mild language, also involving sexual references.

Gotham Knights: Rude awakening

48's eyes lazily opened, everything was blurred, what the hell had happened last night. from the feel of it, someone or something was also in the bed behind him. He stroked it with his foot, It felt human, but he'd been wrong before. As he pulled his foot away the thing gave an affectionate purr. "what the Funk?" he muttered to himself. He wasn't sure if he was going blind or he was just having a really bad hang over. From what he could make out, in front of him was a table, a lamp on top along with his t-shirt. He rubbed his eyes and tried to get out of bed, he was yanked back down instantly by a seemingly unmovable hand. 48 fell back down into the bed bewildered he looked up at his right hand, he'd been handcuffed to the bed. Who the hell would want him that bad? to actually lock him to the bed to stop him escaping no matter how rough it got. As the person moved their hand unknowingly across to 48's groin, after he decided to lay back down, he realized he had no clothes on.

Wow, what a night it must've been. By the feel of the persons hand, it had to be a woman. She was very affectionate, more than ever 48 wanted to turn around and look at who was lying with him, but really for the moment he didn't care. He now had a strong urge and wanted to know what had happened last night. Thinking about the  "accidental" pleasure that was going on at the moment, surely she has to be half awake to be doing it that long 48 thought or maybe it was an instinct to be desirable through her sleep, thinking about it soon it came to mind that his ass felt really sore, from that 48 wasn't so sure about wanting to know what happened last night.

The woman stroked his head making him jump a little, "meow big boy" she said desirably, her hand streamed through his hair and started to play with him like a cat. No doubt about it, last night he made out with catwoman, one of the hottest villainesses around, "meow indeed" replied 48....
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"what the hell" said a familiar voice, "why am I chained to the bed?" the third person rattled the bed trying to get loose from the handcuffs. the rattling bed abruptly woke a fourth person, exactly how many people was there? 48 thought to himself. "shh Jokeykins" said another familiar voice, kissing his pale neck, "ah not Harley" 48 accidentally said aloud, "what? who said that? what are you doing in bed with me and my hubby wubby?" the three questions left the bewildered Harley's lips and met 48's ears "It's not like I wan'ta be 'ere, what happened last night?" 48 asked hoping someone knew. "I want to know why I'm chained to the bed with Harley and another man" said Joker shaking the bed once more, "don't forget meeeeeeeow" said Catwoman purring once more as she carried on playing with 48's hair. "exactly how many are in this bed?" asked Harley "only four by my count, that's me, you, Joker and Catwoman" 48 said very matter-of-factly . "And you are?" asked Joker "I'm 48"  he said slightly offended, "oh the new  kid, you won't last long.....I here your a copycat of me" said Joker, by the sounds of it trying to sit up. "It's true you were an idol, everything  was taken from me at a young age, I was left with nothing, I do not seek revenge or to regain what I've lost but to show a true meaning of Anarchy, all shall fall, gotham knights, villains, everyone will be pushed into a slumber of hell and when I'm done.....well that's yet to come"

"SHUT UP, THE LOT OF YA" shouted a new voice, higher above on a balcony stood a man, red helmet and machine gun at hand. 48 strained his neck to see the man jump over the balcony landing at their feet, "I'm the red hood as most of you know, I am the reason you're here, you were all a part of my experiment.....for those of you who are dieing to know what happened last night, feel free to track me down, those who don't by any means go live the rest of your life, I have all I need for the experiment, but be warned , I will be monitoring your steps" the man must be as psychotic as they were, he's a good guy threatening the evil guys, "you should watch your step little red robin" said Joker laughing. The Red hood stopped walking to the door and turned around "from you ol' bid bad bad guy?" said Hood laughing just as crazy as Joker, he took out four shiny objects and threw them on the bed before carrying on to the door.

48 saw him ride off in a limousine and snapped back to reality when Catwoman dangled one of the shiny objects in front of him, it was a key, with his face on it. "What a weird guy" muttered 48 still thinking about Red Hood....

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wow thats good reminds me a bit of frank millers stuff