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AHHH, my very first superhero I ever made up.  Animal Teen and Manchine Teen were originally me just from different Dimensions.  Animal Teen in the RPG turned to Manimal.  When I was in college I hit 21 and said no more Teen.    I know you want to read it so Here it is.  you can learn more about his power at my website.



Animal Teen
Was originally created in the old Marvel RPG. He was
created in 1983. So he is literally 26 years old this
year. He was my first character I created with a
purpose. His original background was just getting hit
linked him to Earth and its Biosphere. If he was away
from Earth for to long he would begin to weaken.

His Powers have grown as he has gotten older.
Strength, agility, and Stamina increased as he
changed from Animal Teen to Manimal. For his
Primary Powers he is pretty much Spiderman on
steroids. Along with growing and shrinking he could
also talk to any animal. Yes he is Aquaman but with
all the animals. LOL

His looks have changed since he first started. He
originally had a visor and looked similar to the old
80's cyclops uniform. He could fly with wings he had
back in my RPG days.  City of Heroes allowed me to
change his looks. He became his own person with his
looks there. He also grew a tail. Which makes him

As for the name Manimal. Its copyrighted so I didn't
want to take the chance on it so I reverted back to
Animal Teen.


Animal Teen is a High School student with a loving
mom and a nosy little sister.  His father left him a long
time ago.  

A meteor fragment crashes into Adam's backyard.
Adam being overly curious runs over to see what it is.
As Adam is looking at the Meteor fragment, it
explodes. The energy trapped in the meteor
somehow links Earths Bioenergy to Adam. Adam
soon learns he has all the powers of the Animals. His
Strength and Speed have increase beyond anything
seen before. Animal Teen is physically the strongest
person in the team and his willingness to help people
is genuine.  He kept his powers hidden from his
mother.  Until recently, his mother found out he was
sneaking out at night.  She confronted him when he
got home in his Animal Teen outfit.