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Name: Acid


Acid  is a cold blooded killer. Anyone who pays her
enough money can get anyone killed by her. She
was always successful as a contract killer. After the
Invasion her powers started to manifest. At first it was
simply her clothes breaking down faster. Then she
one night during a nightmare she destroyed her bed.
She immediately called in a favor and had a doctor
there. In the next few days she found out she was
sweating acid. Even her blood was acid based. She
wore a special suit to contain the acid but even that
disintegrated. At first she thought her life was over
but she soon found out she could control parts of her
without being attached. She was able to send a
globe of herself miles away and get through security
to kill who ever the target was. It was almost as if her
powers were made directly for her.

Now she is completely acid. She can control how
acidic she can become but whatever human parts of
her were left have become just a shell just like her


Acids body has been completely transform into Acid
substance . S he can access secure areas and small
openings with relative ease; when h er bodily mass is
dispersed in this form it simply can reforms
depending on how far apart the mass was. All of
Acid's cells remain fully under her control at any time .
Sh e can turn parts of his body to liquid while retaining
the rest of his human form, allowing him to slip from a
foe's grasp or have projectiles like bullets harmlessly
pass through him. She can manipulat e her body to
fir e off small streams like a fire hose, shaping parts of
her body into 'solid- acid ' to make swords or needles .
If needed she can wear a suit to prevent acid from
eating away at the environment. This suit can only
resist her acid body for a couple of days at max.  

Acid possesses a certain degree of superhuman
strength, and has been shown to be an exceptionally
skilled fighter, and adept at using her powers for that

She can attach a small portion of to a target and she
track the target where ever it goes. If a large enough
portion is attached to something she can even see
through the Mass.