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This is a fan fic that I wrote after playing Halo 3. Although it isn't comic related I'm thinking of doing some art to do with it so here goes.

“So you want to know about the war do you?”

The old man sounds almost angry at my question. I bluster and fiddle with the writing pad in my hands, mumbling something apologetic. His sky blue eyes never leave me, as if my meagre explanations aren’t worth his time.

“I’m sorry Mr Knight but your one of the few Helljumpers left and the only one to be awarded the Colonial Cross. If you could just tell me about how you got it.”

The little man shrugs his hunched shoulders unevenly, as if he had a stiff neck.

“At an award ceremony. There were fanfares and such, nothing to discuss really.”

I feel the frustration build up in my chest but choke it back down and ask again.

“No Mr Knight I want to know how you earned it, about your mission. I won’t leave until you’ve told me.”

I can see I’ve hit a note with him as he sits up straighter in his chair. Again he spears me with those blue eyes, as if he can see right inside me. I can almost feel him reading my soul.

“Have you ever killed something? Don’t bother answering. Young men these days don’t even know which end of the gun is the dangerous one. Well I can tell you this, killing someone is easy, it’s dealing with it afterwards that’s hard.

The mission was labelled triple alpha, Extremely Hazardous/Suicidal. Someone had to go behind enemy lines and take out a big wig religious leader who’d been inspiring the enemy to incredible feats of bravery. Command reasoned that if he died the Covenant would give up. Shows how much we didn’t understand them back at the beginning. About thirty people volunteered and I was one of them. I was the best sniper in my company. At that stage I had fourteen confirmed enemy kills, almost twice the next man, so they chose me.

The day was cold but clear, with long banks of cloud rolling in from the west. I had found a good position in an abandoned tenement building close to the ground. Above me, several floors were missing and I would have been the perfect target for a passing Banshee any further up. Besides I had a good enough field of fire from where I was.

I ripped a strip from my sleeve and tied it around the base of my rifles barrel to buttress it against the stone work. With a push of a button my scope came to life, tactical readouts flashed across it and I closed my eyes and pushed my face into the rest. After a few seconds my helmet and the scope optics began to chatter. I was ready to take a shot.

In order to hit your target at one thousand meters takes concentration, natural talent and lots of practice. I had all three, plus the best equipment available. I naturally began to control my breathing. If you’re breathing is too quick or shallow any shot you take will miss. When I was taking long deep breaths I centred my crosshair on a sleeping grunts head and began to calibrate. But before I could finish something caught my attention. I upped the magnification on the rifle and watched as over a dozen civilians were herded out of a squat, grey building. They were a mixed lot, women and children mostly with a spattering of older men. The Elites were rough with them, pushing those that fell behind the main group forward into a clear area before their marshalling ground.

They were left in a tight huddle before a ragged line of Covenant soldiers. A huge Elite, at least to meters tall with blood red armour strode out in front of the line and roared a challenge. A child started crying in the group, the sensitive microphones in the sight picked it up over the huge distance. The Elite started to laugh the deep, throaty sound coming across vaguely metallic in my helmet speakers. With visible glee he started to fire into the group with a needler, the pinkish blades scything into soft flesh and detonating in sprays of crimson. The Squad behind him opened as well, their plasma rifles overheating with the strain of continuous firing.

Theres more if people want to read it. Tell me what ya think!
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