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This is a world where our greatest minds decided to fix the energy problem. It was called Project Zenith: a machine designed to draw energy from the stars and bring immeasurable power. However, on its opening day on new years, it was called by a very different name. Genesis as the machine malfunctioned and the energies were released across the planet. 1.5 billion people died that day but the remaining 45% of the population became...different. Some could shoot energy from their hands, lift buildings and others could turn water into wine. The creator of this cataclysmic event survived and decided that she would turn her greatest tragedy into triumph. She recruited 7 extraordinary individuals to become champions of the planet and bring humanity back from the brink. The world we know is over. All there's left is a world gone mad.

Chapter 1: A New Dawn

Chapter 2: First Step

Chapter 3: Phantasm

Chapter 4: Purpose

Chapter 5: Robin Hood

Chapter 6: Lament of a beast

Chapter 7: An Early Winter

Chapter 8: Diary of a mad scientist

Chapter 9: Rock Bottom

Chapter 10: Disarray

Chapter 11: A New Dusk Part 1

Chapter 12: A New Dusk Part 2