Genesis 8: Diary of a mad scientist

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Twelve years, seven months,29 days. That was how long it was before I could get Zenith to work. And all the while as I counted the down the days and ran the numbers I thought of how my name would go down in history. I would leave a legacy that would change everything. And looking back on it now I guess this is what my 8th grade English teacher Mrs. Doubtspire meant by situational irony. Hello future reader, my name is Chelsea Danvers, and I'm the creator of this world gone mad.

Soon after I started my crusade to do all I can, I decided to keep my sanity and pass the time I would make this online diary of my discoveries. If future generations ever survive and find this place, then I want them to know I tried. I tried making up for my irredeemable mistake, that I truly am sorry for all the tragedy that I caused and will cause, which explains only one question.

Document 1: From Zenith to Nadir

For you to understand the cause of Genesis, one must realize the goal of Zenith, and it's birth. Before I came up with Zenith, you must realize that I was not a monster, I was a child like everyone else. I only had a sharp wit, laser focus, and parents that carried me to the path I wanted. Though it should always be noted, I always had a deep love for humanity. I was the ultimate idealist, for I thought that despite our sins, we truly could make the impossible realized. So even as a little girl blessed with luck, I knew the thing I wanted more than anything: To do what my duty as a human being and make the world a better place. So there wasn't a day that went by where I didn't strive to contribute to the world. By adulthood was spent as a well-respected member of the science community with every new conquest, it brought me more fame and recognition. I remember the day that I came up with Zenith exactly, which is easy since I have an eidetic memory.

I was enjoying the past time of reading Socrates while listening to Panic at the disco(music helps me focus) as I thought up what my next goal would be. And I could almost hear the muse whispering in my ear. In a spark of inspiration, I decided I would post a picture of all the sustainable development goals and aimed a dart at one of them. I let probability decide, and when I looked at the results, I got number 7 sustainable energy. And as soon as I realized it, I said.

"Okay, challenge accepted."

It took me a month, but I came up with the basis of the idea. Zenith was a machine designed to necessarily to draw the cosmic rays that hit the earth a draw them into itself and then safely transmit itself into a vast network of transformers that would safely condense the energy into a series of main generators that would bring power to the city. I already had friends in high places, and the idea kept nagging at me to complete its grand design. I will be lying if I say it took a while for the public to get my support. My plan was not only expensive but controversial as it would drastically change fossil fuel companies and the economy.

It took a year to convince them finally, but I did eventually. Then I got to work. It took six years to do the fair trial as we managed to power five cities at once. I remember that the crew and I drank ourselves silly that night in celebration. Over time we got more traction and Zenith was supposed to come online in a grand opening that would power over 100 cities worldwide. I thought I was going to bring the world together in a new era. But all of you probably know how well that turned out. After I went into hiding, I did look into how Zenith malfunctioned as we ran through the data hundreds of thousands of time. The machine was destroyed in Genesis and most of the scientists that worked with it are either dead, in hiding or living their lives. But my results were various unforeseen variables. The timing of Zenith's debut would be delayed a lot due to sabotage of other countries who rely too much on fossil fuels, but I still managed to preserve through it all. But don't worry dear viewer. I put all the blame on me nonetheless. I flew too close to the sun, and I promise you that I will spend the rest of my life paying for the sin I committed on that fateful day. After all, why am I still alive if not to do that? How can I live with myself knowing I took so much instead of giving back?

Document 2: Daily routine

I spend most of my day to day searching up the latest news and random facts on the world while in the Trophy Case. Any food I get is from Phil even though I don't eat much. Genesis claimed many lives other than the initial wave. Unpiloted vehicles out of control helixes and entire ghost cities filled my screen. A month after Genesis, there were many programs meant to recover after the event. One of those being a website called www.Genesismemorial where loved ones get to exposit in detail over the lives of those who were lost. I take the time to review at least 5 of those stories every day. Frey Jones: intensities were liquified, Giovanni Peters: car crash, Nick Smith, self-destructed. Mariah and Jin Uzami both died in bed, leaving their six-year-old girl all alone. I take in there stories as they joined a list of seemingly countless others name in the recesses of my mind. All holding stories so terrible that they give me nightmares. Sometimes I wondered if I aimed higher than any human should've and if I indeed was the god of this new world. Then I deserved to at least look down on the all the horrible little creations that I made in my image.

Other news also caught my attention was debates of possible helix related matters. I've found tales of helix research facilities in progress, A new prison to hold them and terrifying news of antihelix weaponry and laws. Overall I created a world divided and wondered if, in the end, we will have saved the world, or just put a bandage on an ever-bleeding wound. I guess only time will tell.

Document 3: My Champions

I decided on the moniker of a champion if only because I wanted them to be like zenith(without the blowing up part I mean). I felt like after so much we lost I wanted to inspire the people that we could win over this someday if we stood together. I felt like what we needed now figured larger than life, a symbol that proves that order still existed in the madness. If I said that I planned everything when I recruited them, then it would probably be the most impressive lie of my career. I knew that I would have to make my recruitment method "special." I knew that after all, I've done having anyone stand by my side would be a miracle and that it would have to risk. That is why, as a rule at any time, they can kill me. It's only fair after I've taken so many families and friends. My death is a right to all the ones that survived and those who didn't. So I am thankful for all that have joined my cause. And in return, I make sure they have the knowledge and gear to survive this world gone mad.

Document 3a: Wildfire

Subject Wildfire was the first helix I ever had the pleasure of studying. Though we got on the wrong foot at first, we've come to a mutual understanding, but I will be first to admit that I'm guilty. I sense the fire inside of him every time that he walks past. There's a lot of rage in his heart, and he may very well be one that will consume him and everything unfortunate to be in his path. And as someone who is already so very empty, I hope tragedy doesn't repeat itself.

Apart from that, Wildfire is one of the most powerful helixes I ever met. So far, his strength and speed seem to grow almost limitlessly. I've analyzed his cells, and they are like contained explosions. Every time he runs the store in the heat made through conduction and moves faster from it. Though upon further investigation, I have noticed something interesting with the said energy packed within his body. On his suit, I put a small tracker that tracks his speed. And during that time in battle with "discount yogi" ( his words not mine), his speeds started to slow down especially when he ran into subject Winters's cryokinetic blasts. And after he explained what he called a "Megaton Punch" against a "Discount Yogi." After a couple of theories, it may be possible that this energy inside of him not only needs warmer temps to maintain but if possible this energy in these cells could be used for a myriad of unseen abilities and evolutions.

Though for now, I've kept things slow. As a way to deal with his "tunnel vision," I composed multiple virtual "tracks" in which to practice more dynamic maneuvers. Plus any publicity if done right can be good publicity.

Document 3b: Armory

Out of all of the Champions subject Armory is the one I viewed to be the most valued of them all. And in many ways, I saw him the most heroic of all them as well. For you see, despite what tabloids might believe subject Armory is entirely human. He could've led an average life, but he still committed to the role. And despite his humility, I don't think we would've gotten this far without him. I thank him every day for his service. So in return, I turned him into a one-person army. Which would probably turn him into a one Helix army but that is beside the point.

A couple of years back, I had kept in touch with a weapons manufacturer who had developed a next-gen combat gear that would revolutionize modern warfare. Using my connections between the science community and now the black market, I've developed my own less streamlined prototype. So far it has much more advanced body armor, goggles that give me a display to see off of and more gadgets. I'm hoping for the result to have a cable apparatus that could be used to increase Armory's maneuverability though success so far has been less than stellar with the first trial ending in him somehow pistol whipping himself unconscious. Though I think he's using this as a way to, reorder himself. He says that he's just made friends with a martial arts instructor and is spending more time with his family. For future reference, he stated that we could use an old chessboard for future endeavors.

I hoped that our partnership would continue for a long while.

Document 3c: Alchemist

I've officially met about 358 Helixes with defined power sets, but subject Alchemist has one of the most excellent abilities. However, unlike the other Champions, they have no combat based powers I make it a clear mission always to have her prepped for every possible scenario. Combine that with her natural curiosity, and I guess you can say that I had a little bit of an apprentice. We have weekly quizzes which she calls, "Are you-you, or are you not an ignoramus?" I also made her outfit with lost of items: a canteen, matches, tracers, Etc. I want her powers to continue to explore and evolve her abilities further.

But that is not the only thing that I want her to evolve in. As another one of my numerous side projects, I have been looking into bioengineering to help her if she needs help. I want to pass on my knowledge to the next generation. And who knows, maybe Sofia can make a miracle out of all these lemons.

Document 3d: Blackout

Subject Blackout so far seems to be the most comfortable with her abilities. Her electrokinetic skills hold much promise. Many of the test done with her have been merely testing the waters. Maria's cells were simply electrifying(And yes I know I should die from that joke alone). Her cells somehow naturally generate electricity and release it. Though this means here, cells have a limit to the number of volts she can absorb from outside sources. Still, I can tell from a glance that she genuinely does like the powers that I had inadvertently given her. And I hope that when all this chaos is over, I at least helped make a world where we could finally reach those goals that made me end the age of normalcy.

Document 3e: Gargoyle

I think out of all of my Champions Gargoyle is the one that I'm the most guilty over. He was forced to leave everything behind and only came with us as he had nowhere to go. He only came here recently with Winter coming two weeks later. I knew the only thing that I could do was try and be a friend. After all, we both were almost destined to live together for a long time. It's weird interacting with someone after so long, but I think we are starting to open up. Though despite his feelings in his new arrangement, I can't help but be in awe over his body. Through his gentle disposition, almost everything he did radiates power.

His very wings were tranquil but could flick open and take flight like a bird. His muscles felt like they were made of steel and his skin as hard as a stone. His body was a marvel of unnatural making. Still, though I saw the kind man behind the body and in him, I thought I saw our greatest strength. It's humanity's unfathomable ability to get back up after a great fall and grow stronger from tragedy. And I think we can all learn from such a lesson if they were going to survive.

Document 3f Winter

As of this moment, there is not much to say. The subject's cryokinetic abilities have shown to be quite compelling from what I've been told. Amongst the Champions his progress seems to be most substantial. Right now I'm making it so his suit will help him warm up at faster intervals though it seems his body has also built around reducing the aftereffects of rapid temp change. When we met for the first time, it was one of my more direct first impressions. I could tell he held a cold fury in his heart, but he granted me only one request that he called selfish in return for his service. That I remember the names of all the friends, he lost that fateful day. And as of now, I've kept that request.

Document 4 Helix database

As I've stated before I have seen many Helixes in the last near ten months of Genesis. Quite quickly, we had gained quite the rogue's gallery with each enemy giving a new colorful codename. The data collected from the various encounters have proven incredibly useful in my attempts to make a valid helix database. Sadly my progress is heavily impeded as so far the only helix that I have under research is subject Phantom. Arguably the most powerful helix I ever met subject Phantom is a helix who unfortunately has spent the first five months as a literal wraith, utterly invisible to the naked eye. Though eventually, we were able to get her under control and make her live in a world of the touching once again. With her freedom restored, it only made sense that she would try to live a normal life and nothing more.

Over the past few months, she's given us hundreds of cookies and thanks in return. The subject has proved to be capable of violently vibrating her molecules to create various effects. It also seems from past photos her body has undergone a significant change leading to a more... robust figure. It looks as though the anti-vibration gauntlets I made her have been working. Though it seems repair has been getting more and more often as her powers seem to have not let up in intensity.

Although it was difficult for her to accept with some help from Wildfire, I was finally able to convince her to start mastering and using her abilities in case the worst should befall her. Overall it was refreshing that I was able to save at least one life, Only a couple hundred million to go.


I think one of the reasons why I'm obsessed with the future is the uncertainty of it all. The untapped potential of it all is tantalizing to me. And with my optimism, I hoped I could make a brighter one.

If I could only impart one bit of wisdom from such a tragedy so those future generations may learn from my mistakes, so that history may never repeat itself, I need you to hear me when I say, never give up. Never give up seeing the bright side of it all. Because I promise we aren't going to. We don't have to make Genesis be our beginning of the end. We can make it a new start at a new age. All we have to do is see that bigger picture, stop nipping at each other's heels and cast off our restraints. Then maybe, we can achieve something even Zenith couldn't and finally win together. A new fate or even prophecy could be in within our grasp. But for the time being, until the world understands this lesson. We'll be here, working to be sure that we are genuinely the Champions that you deserve and brave through the chaos. I know it will be a lot of work, but maybe we can make a difference. So that hopefully you and your descendants will never pay for what we didn't do. This is Chelsea Danvers, and I thank you for listening dear viewer. All I ask is you judge me accordingly when all is said and done.