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Hello, my name is Maria this is my sister Sofia Mendez, and we live in a world gone mad. As a little girl, I was always wanted to make a difference in the world. Countless fables of Hercules, Beowulf, and John Henry Irons were all people that made achievements that are told even to this day. I always held to that arrogant thought that you could change the world. I never thought that the world would turn me in the most literal way possible. When Genesis came, I was asleep, but I quickly woke up to my sister screaming.

Sofia POV

I was always a different type of kid than most. Whenever I came across a problem, I didn't understand I would always try my absolute hardest to follow as fast as possible. I was the kid who everyone thought was "evil" for merely thinking a little bit farther than others dared. It wasn't my fault; the world has always been a tough place. I didn't know it would turn this cruel though. It was almost midnight on new years when I watched Zenith on the TV in my room. For a nerd like me it was about the coolest thing I could imagine I mean could you believe it? Infinite energy for the entire world: almost like something out of a silly fairy tale. I guess in a way it was as about a minute after the grand machine functioned a blinding golden wave hit my body.

Next time I regain consciousness my entire body felt ... wobbly and strange. I merely wanted to go to the bathroom to regain my composure. I thought that some water on my face would help, but to my surprise, my hand erupts with blue electricity and just like that my entire bed turns to water!

Maria POV

I rushed over to Sofia's room to see if she was okay. Along the way it felt like every cell in my body was about to spark off of me. When I reach her, I somehow found her bed to be gone and replaced with water and a soaked Sofia. Her curly brown hair, skin and short stature was complete mixed confusion.

"Sofia! What did the heck happen? Where's your bed –"

I couldn't ask any more questions as my concern somehow turns into a spark of blue electricity that leaps off my body and like an out of control taser knocks both myself and my hermana out. Next time I wake my entire body feels hazy like static on a TV. I could barely lift my body I tried talking, but that ended up being a mix of garbled transmissions.

"Whup blupblup," I said.

Nuestro Padre comes in and looks over us as I realize that we had dragged into the living room. I summoned enough strength to lift myself, but I still had a blinding headache. Padre asks me a bunch of rapid-fire questions when my headache subsides I reassure him.

"I'm fine. I'm fine."

"Oh, gracias a Dios your alive! I couldn't call 911, but the operator is swamped with calls. I don't know what's happening, but it's like the world is gone crazy. I'm of glad you," he said about to go into a hugging motion.

"Don't touch me!" I said as I quickly backed away from him, " I might hurt you."

Before he could make another response, Sofia wakes up.

Sofia POV

I wake up with a start as a drilling headache hits me immediately.

When it subsides, I realized soon enough that I had been somehow dragged into a living room. The two blurbs soon came to focus. I saw Maria with her braided black hair and fiery almond eyes and dad's spiky black hair and a small scar as I saw both we quickly back away from them and try to keep myself under control.

"Don't come near me! I don't want to evaporate you," I said frantically backing up to a shelf.

" You too what in infireno are you girls problem?"

We both blurted out our weird occurrences simultaneously.

"I tasered myself and Sofia."

"I turned my bed to water."

After that Maria's hands started to stream with electricity like a circuit in motion. The room was completely alight in the afterglow of her energy. Dad's face just looked completely surprised as he finally took notice of the fact we were thoroughly soaked. By that moment he broke down in complete shock. Honestly, I would be a little more impressed, but that's just me. I mean if my kid were a living battery I would hug her with my insulated clothing. Then I feel the same charge as before turns the entire shelf into rubber. My initial shock turns to intrigue now. It looks like I just not limited to liquids and the object keeps the shape as well. Interesting.

Maria POV

Padre seemed to stare out into the space trying to rationalize what just happened. I was still trying to wrap my head around it, but if I got the least bit flustered, it was like every cell buzzed with wild power. I wanted to keep it all controlled. It was a weird yet difficult feeling. Have you ever tried to contain a storm inside of you? It felt exactly like that but way worse. It was completely unbearable. But then Padre had finally snapped back into this world.

"Aye, and I thought puberty caused weird changes in you too. Okay look I know both of you are scared right now, but I need you to know we are going to get through this together. No matter what comes our way we're going to get through this as best as possible. Now I don't know what is happening out there, but this is important. Over the next few days, we need to practice powers it at the very least control them to the point where you don't liquefy or electrocute someone agreed?"



And those were our first few minutes in the age of Genesis.

Sofia POV

Saying the first few months of Genesis were hard was a significant understatement. It took us a week, but we were able to at least walk around town without shocking someone or turning the street to gold (well about four days for me). Honestly, I was more afraid of the people that I was of us. The new Dark Age was terrifying. Helixes were utterly crazy, and I wouldn't say that Purifiers weren't anymore easing. It was almost a miracle that our dad's restaurant survived intact while most everyone we knew had some crime or weird occurrence happen. You see my dad runs a restaurant called Diablo: the restaurant so hellishly good it's a sin. It's my dad's pride and joy so we know if anything happened to it would destroy him.

While Dad had strict rules, it didn't stop me from experimenting on myself. The good news was my power couldn't work on living things, but I've now realized its rules and specifications. With a just touch on a nonliving object as long as I know the atomic makeup, I can officially transmute into something else while keeping its shape. By May I was able to automatically remember at least a couple of transmutations that benefits me (I can have all the peanut brittle I want). And with the introduction of vigilantes like Wildfire, I can live an entirely annoyingly, dull, kind of average life. Hurray.

Maria POV

The New Dark Age had me praying me for my family for long periods. It petrified and frustrated me how much certain people would abuse and hurt others. Sure I'm always an advocate for change but meaningful change. Something that could make an impact on someone's life in others lives positively. Not this stupid noise. After all, Genesis has given us a world of firsts what we do matters more now than at any age. I know it's so much easier to destroy than create yet. But can you honestly tell me it isn't worth it? I'm only thankful vigilantes like Wildfire are even giving me the chance to ponder such queries.

Overall I kept my powers dormant. Unlike Sofia my skills, it lacked nuance like Sofia's. It felt way more primal and well powerful but close in a way. My padre said that I radiated power and now I guess its just taken shape. And little did I know that power was going to have a purpose. I was discussing with Sofia in our house about how I was going to Penn Law. I wanted to celebrate with my family, but only Sofia was there.

"You know there are other law schools you can go as well. Ones that have higher acceptance rates I know you're awesome; it's just that you know high reward high risk."

"I'll be fine. I need to keep ahead of my studies, and I should be fine. Since we're talking about careers when are you taking that biomedical engineering internship?"

"Biomedical and Bioengineering are two different things, and yeah I'm looking towards the internship in July. Though it won't take long to get a feel for the career."

Padre finally gets home, but he seemed drained and tired but what caught me most was the bruise on his head and him holding his sides in pain. We instantly rushed over.

"Dios Mio! What the hell happened to you?"

"Would you believe me if I said that I slipped on a banana," he said smiling through the pain.

"Dad, be serious," said Sofia.

"Fine, I will."

He set himself on the couch while hissing in pain.

"During the NDA there was a major power struggle but also an opportunity for a couple of gangs. Like this Pandilla cadella nuevo calling themselves the Lessors appeared. They asked for protection money saying that they could protect my restaurant, my workers, customers, and my family. After all the craziness I thought it was the best move. It is fine for the first few months. But between supporting my staff, you all and I eventually found myself economically challenged. So they made an example of me. If I don't pay, then they said you would also pay in blood."

At this moment my body was sizzling with voltage.

"Why didn't you tell us this? We could fight them. We have powers now!"

"And what would you do? What if they're helixes more powerful than you? What if those Purifiers found you or the police? I'm not putting you in danger. I'm only telling you all this because I want you to move on with your lives. I don't want any of you to get hurt because of my mistake. It would destroy me if that were to happen."

"Are you insane! How can I sit back a watch while these buitres pick you clean? I'm trying to be a lawyer damn it! Can't we at least go to the police?"

My emotion licked off with me in the form of azure luminous lightning that makes the lights flicker rapidly.

"The police are so outgunned they need a damn vigilante to run around doing their work for them. And I can't risk you getting hurt. I treasure you both more than my own life, and you have such great futures please as your father respect my decisions."

My rage dies down, and it is only replaced with sadness as both Sofia and me hugging our Padre as we walked out of the home we've spent almost our entire lives in.

Sofia POV

I was too young to remember, but Maria often says that we were toddlers when Dad adopted us. We may not have been connected by blood, but he was still everything a father should be and more. I was so hearing the news about how someone took advantage of such a kind man ripped my heart out my chest. The first few days after the "isolation" an opera of emotions erupted from me. I wanted to do something; anything but I knew that I was worthless. I thought I was unique in a world where men can break the fundamental laws of physics like toys. That was a big joke. As I was wallowing in my misery, I get a text from Maria.

As I enter her apartment, she immediately throws a costume. It was a thick gray hoodie, track pants and a ski mask with holes in it. A question instantly popped into my mind.

"What the fuck is this?"

"Well, how else are you going to protect your identity?"

"Please tell me you're not thinking what I think your thinking."

"I think your thinking what I'm thinking but too afraid to admit it."

"You want to play vigilante like Wildfire?"

"I'm thinking that instead of gaining control of our powers. We need to start mastering them. And let us start making certain people regret the very minute that they crossed us."

I looked in her eyes, and I knew I wouldn't be able to get her out of this, but I knew in my bones that she wasn't wrong either. So I grasped her hand signifying the start of our grand proclamation.

Maria POV

For the next two months, we had to balance our jobs, mastering our powers and taking out the Lessors. I was able to somehow resonant with my abilities and even localize the storm inside. Sofia herself managed to have a range to her touch basically and even selectively transmute some objects. Not going to lie the ability to have a Midas touch. Still, we were doing good work. The news of our escapades soon gave us a public alias: Dos Diablos as we managed to expose all the juicy secrets. It was indeed a strain on our lives, but we took this burden to makes sure that our father and ourselves (while shocking the competition).

Our hard work finally pays off as on July 7th where we found out that all the Lessor's lieutenants and even their founders Gyro and Barrier were discussing on our actions. As we saw the targets enter the base, we saw our objectives enter. As my body itched ready for a fight, Sofia quivered with fear. She was always at the back when it came time to do raids, but she was still scared. Which is entirely understandable who wouldn't be frightened? She then stated something unpredictable.

"I'm going on the front lines with you I don't know what could happen," she said practically shaking.

"You don't have to Sofia. I made this choice in the first place. "

"Yeah, but I'd feel like the world's crappiest sister if I did."

We went to end this finally. I tazed two of the guards that were closest to the fuse box, and I completely fired it until it was a hot mess. Sofia moved in second by turning an entire section of the wall into thin air. We walked in as fast as a lightning bolt with about ten men either convulsing on the floor or struggling against their new ironclad clothing. The door containing the lieutenants dissolves into the sand as I fire a massive blast of electricity into the crowd. But unexpectedly my blast explosion was met with a blue barrier that completely nullifies it. Through the screen of energy, I see Gyro and Barrier sipping coffee. Barrier was a ginger woman with short curly hair and blue eyes while Gyro was a freckled man with bright blonde hair. Both were dressed in casual clothing as if they were treating this whole thing as if it were as average as possible.

"So these are the Dos Diablos that's been gunning for our territory? I'm not impressed with our guys or you for that matter," said the man.

"True but it does give us to the chance to show that our troops may be weak but."

She gazed at us and her eyes shined blue putting us in a cube of the same energy shields.

"We are far further from the truth. "

At first, I stayed calm as Sofia tried to transmute it but no avail.

"Huh, learn something new each day right?" she said nervously.

"I never do get tired of people of that "oh, shit we're screwed" look. Always gave us the chance to show us who's truly in charge of things around here, "Gyro, the man, said humorously while standing up.

"Take it to the grave, you devils. Never mess with your superiors."

Horrifically he turned into a human-sized gray ball of kinetic energy. His entire body pulsed with power as he rampages his way towards us. My protective instincts took over as I pushed Sofia out of the way and meet his attack head-on with all the power in my body into a single blast of thunder that covers the entire room in white light as our powers collided!

Sofia POV

Our barrier is entirely eradicated from the force of the two blows, but I was lucky to enough to get up. I thought our little ball guy was done for, but luck was not on our side as I dove in front of an unconscious Maria and pushed us out of the way of ball man crashing into the ground from above! With fear pumping in my veins, I struggle to lift Maria. Our only advantage was that Barrier was hissing in pain from the shockwave and I transmute the rear walls in front of us as we made our expressway out of the building. With creeping horror, Gyro tries to escape his earthen prison. I feel him burst out of the ground as he started to pursue me. When I think it's all about to end, a blur of speed comes in and hits the Gyro right into another wall! The resulting impact is like a mini hurricane.

I saw him in newsfeeds, but he was more imposing than the people described. But there was no mistaking it I was genuinely gazing upon Wildfire. His stance was one of the radiated imposing confidence and power. Then faster than my synapses could even fathom he lifts with one hand to my shirt to the wall.

"You've got 6 seconds to explain what happened here before I throttle your ass to Hawaii."

At that moment I panicked from the series of fast-moving events and accidentally transmuted the jacket I had into thin air and his clothes into steel in one fell swoop as I drop to the ground. When I finally recollect myself, I realize I had turned my hero into a statue.

"What did you do to me!" he said inside his costume.

I quickly realized that he might suffocate with his suit now wholly steel. I picked myself up to try and transmute his costume to cotton, but out of nowhere, I hear a gun cock.

"What did you do to him," said an intimidating voice.

I lift my hands in surrender to see a man with a full Kevlar armor with added on pads on the elbows and legs. He wore a modified gas mask with dark red contacts and an army helmet. He held a pistol in my direction. I heard Wildfire had a sidekick, but this guy wasn't what I expected. Seconds passed until a new sound fills the air the sound of a car revving away. And I had a sneaking suspicion that Barrier had gotten away. The only option I had left was, to tell the truth quickly before the cops come. He allowed me to take off my mask.

"My name is Sofia Mendez, and my sister is Maria Mendez on the floor right there, and we are Dos Diablos. Please let me help your friend and let's talk preferably not in a jail cell. Please trust me."

"Why would you help us and why would you think I'd give you a chance."

"Because I'm willing to trust you that you won't hurt me and because you probably don't want to have your friend opened up like a literal steel can."

Maria POV

I wake up with a piercing headache as I survey my new surroundings. Seriously what is it with me and getting knocked unconscious? As I looked around, I saw that I was on the top of a building and I heard overlapping voices. I realize that Sofia was talking with two others. One was a man in black Kevlar and the other a red suit made of cotton.

"And that brings us to now. Please help us bring justice to these guys. With our powers combined we could take these guys out, of the equation and out of our lives," Sofia said.

Sofia was always good at selling her opinions. She could shift in any role to get the job done. They looked at each other like they had telepathy with one another of some silent argument.

"Fine! You win, but I am not sending you into a firefight I need you if both of you were completely capable of handling yourselves, "said the red man.

I jumped in with my hand buzzed with nature's most potent natural occurrence.

"Trust us when we say we have power. And unlike these criminales, we have the will to use them to their fullest capabilities. "

The two men look at each other and then the one in a Kevlar suit removed his gas mask to reveal Phil Thomas Tippie as he put out his right hand.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for a helix to say that."

As we shook hands, our alliance was made and realized that they were allies in our crusade. Who saw that we could move past a world gone mad. And that was how our lives with the champions first begun.

After our handshake the next two days were spent trying to trust one another until we can finally reorganize and we finally see into the lives of the unknown heroes that have been running around Philadelphia for nearly two months. We saw into the Trophy Case and met the progenitor of the world gone mad.

" Hello, Maria and Sofia I would like to skip all the formalities and say I'm truly sorry from the bottom my heart for any pain that I've caused you when this tragedy began. I promise to you that I will do everything in my power to help you. And if you are ready and able, I would be honored you would consider becoming champions to our cause. I only ask that on missions you call me Prophecy."

As impulsive as I was I decided to put a hold on offer. My life was beginning, and I don't know whether I wanted this to be my life. Even with the added sense of purpose, it brings. I mean how many people say that they have the chance to change the world?

Sofia POV

I never thought I would get the chance to meet Chelsea Danvers, especially after Genesis. I guess this was why they say never meet your heroes. She was my idol when I was a kid. Her dream and ambition was something that resonated with me and I fully supported with all my heart. When she caused Genesis with no word, it felt like a slap in the face and brought with me more questions than answers. But now that I see her with those sad eyes it makes me think of those dumb fairy tales.

You see I always thought that they were dumb because of how ridiculous they were. Real life didn't have a shining knight or a mustache-twirling villain. It was filled with uncertainties and worries, unfairness and phobias. Even when I had joined up with Maria's crusade I was mostly worried about her but now that I see a woman who despite being broken in every sense of the word still try to turn tragedy into triumph. I realized that despite the madness maybe there was a chance a small minuscule stupid chance we can change it for the better. True it was idealistic, impossible but then again I can change sliver to gold, so maybe it was an idea worth chasing.

Eventually, we managed to track down Gyro and Barrier who was planning to do a hostile takeover of one of Philly's most famous street gangs. As we mobilized our costumes were now less bulky, and we had more armor added to them. Phil then gave the plan as we saw a grand shootout.

"Prophecy I want you to call the police fast anonymously. I will take on some of the gang members while Derek takes care of Gyro you girls got Barrier. And guys, let's win this," he said with a completely calm approach.

It was then we moved into our warzone. However, the approach became far smoother than last time. I saw Wildfire traveling faster than the world's fastest car blitz Gyro who was already in his ball form as he hit him like a tank. Armory quickly disarmed and immobilized his assailants with an arsenal of gadgets. Maria protectively shocked anyone who was enemy with me transmuting anything to stun my opponents as we made our way towards Barrier. She had two guns in her hand with a crazed yet pained expression. Before she can turn her attention, I threw a stun grenade that Armory gave me before the fight. The good thing was that the Barriers couldn't block light. However, because of the barriers, she put we had to turn around to get a good shot at her. As we ran she recovered by summoning a shield on my foot to completely trip me up. I eat dirt and quickly brace myself when I hear the blam of a gun numerous times.

Maria POV

As soon as we got separated and heard the gun was the minute my world ended. All my surroundings were only I, Sofia and Barrier. I thank Dios that she was all right as her signature blue lighting somehow acted of its own volition protecting her. My thanks turn to wrath as I struck the Barrier with a blast. She summoned a barrier just in time, but it blew apart. She still screamed in pain, and I realized the sickening thought and reminded of what she did. I fire blast after blast into the barriers left standing as she convulsed in pain over and over. I wanted to make her hurt for all she had done for others. When I'm on the ground heaving, I saw that Barrier was knocked out.

Around the same time, Gyro was knocked down unconscious with Wildfire and Armory walking over signifying an end to the conflict. As I saw all of them are packed away into police officers, I felt pure satisfaction that I brought to justice many a criminal. It felt tangible, real and full of accomplishment. But despite it all, I decided not to join the champions in turn to live my own life. Sure it was a one of a kind experience, but I guess it was meant to be that way. Everything went back to normal in a couple of days. Chelsea managed to replenish Dad's funds and a couple of the others that were taken by the Lessors, which soon dissolved.

And as I was living another casual day Sofia contacted me. As I went into her apartment, she throws me a costume. I pull it off my look at it it was a suit with black leather with numerous white lighting emblems and blue designs with blue goggles. A single question popped into my mind.

"What the heck is this"

"It's a costume of course. Us champions need to be stylish right."

"It's just that why the change?"

"Well, after I saw those guys be brought to jail I remembered one story that always intrigued me. The story of Robin Hood: the first vigilante who made a difference in a harsh world. I always thought that you needed to be cold and cutthroat to survive in the world and after Genesis, after now that just meant getting by. I don't want to do that anymore because that's not going to cut it. You and I have always been amazing people Maria, and I think it's about time we start showing that."

I couldn't have agreed more and was all I needed to take the costume excepting my new title of champion. And as Sofia talked about our next set of adventure, the ones that will soon take us around the world and back again. I realize the first chapter of my life in Genesis first ended, as I knew one was edging to come forth. This is Blackout and Alchemist signing off.