Genesis 14: Genesis log Helixes

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New Year's Eve was always my favorite holiday; it represented a new start and a chance for new change. That's why I wanted Zenith also to be a new start as well. But now, all the holiday has become nothing more than a cruel reminder. My name is Chelsea Danvers, and in celebration of over a year of Helix research, my team and I have finally come up with a Helix guide in the hope of organizing a world gone mad.


Generally speaking, a helix is a term given to anyone or thing which has gained powers from Genesis, and in my constant boredom here in Trophy Case, I've devoted my life to studying them. I've pulled all the info I have from some of the top researchers and mixed them with my own, hoping that they would help as we enter 2 A.G. to, at the very least, categorize Helixes and make them easier to understand.


Helixes, as a name, felt the most appropriate to the superpowered men and women in our midst. Not only were all the good names were taken, but it also showed the most obvious change, your very DNA.

Similar traits

All across the board, Helixes have some form of superhuman powers caused as a byproduct of the energy created from Zenith. Some researchers have theorized as well that helixes also always emit a faint signature of cosmic energy due to the radiation from the event, since they're cells were able to adapt to energy and absorb it permanently in their bodies. Thankfully it seems that the technology to track which is till in the beta. Various rumors across the internet say some Purifiers and militaries across the world, in response to the growing threat of helixes, are developing anti helix technology that could prove bothersome in the future.

Different traits

It's very rare to find two helixes of a kind, with the range being nearly limitless. The power can be very different depending on the subject's environmental, psychological, and physical state before the change. Though the mental state of the Helixes seems to be very important in the mastery of the overall abilities. It very well can lead to the subject displaying no abilities, limited control, or even complete mastery. Certain helixes bodies will go over various changes to handle the powers given (i.e., Wildfires heat shield and Kate's tough body) know this is not always the norm (Ex: Winter). And from Wildfire's megaton punch, we now know that a helixes abilities can mutate and change over time through training or other extreme conditions and outside factors.


Various tests have proven that helixes traits and powers are hereditary. With reports displaying concrete proof over how the genetics are passed on.

2 humans = 1 human

One human + one helix=50% chance given the helixes have dominant traits.

Two helixes= 100% chance of helixes.


So far, they are five types of Helixes with three types of states of activity.

The states of activity for these powers are either Active, in which you can consciously activate (Ex: Blackout), Passive in which it's always on (Ex: Gargoyle), and Condition, which need certain rules to activate. The five types of helixes are as followed.

Radiators: which typically irradiated or added a new substance in the environment. Ex: Marauder, Blackout, and others.

Enhancers: Individuals that can change their structure and body type for various effects. Ex: Slime.

Manipulators: Manipulate something that is already in the environment for myriad purposes. Ex: Scale.

Morphs: People who have their powers irreparably change by Genesis and have their "powers" permanently on Ex: Ursa and Gargoyle.

Transmuters: People who can change the environment in some way shape or form into something else, Ex: Alchemist.

???: For future types to be discovered.


To rank the power of Helixes, we have come up with a cute animal system that has proven to help gauge the strength of a helix and their overall capabilities with their powers. The following will be from weakest to strongest.

Slug: weak helixes that can put an individual strength below human.

Bunny: Helixes with powers that put them equal to or above normal humans.

Viper: Are usually the moderate helixes and have shown the capability of scaling to building level to city blocks. These are the most common Helixes.

Tiger: Powerful Helixes that can range over multiple city blocks and have shown dangerous skill in using them.

Dragon: The most powerful type of Helix, these people are capable of endangering entire cities and more if possible. They can even display either precise control or uncontrolled havoc. So far, we have never encountered a dragon class yet implying rarity.


Overall Helixes are still an unpredictable and dangerous lot. My champions have a long way to go before we win in this world gone mad, but after surviving the Crusaders, I truly believe we are stronger than ever and feel ready to take on whatever comes next. But until that comes once again, this is Prophecy signing out, and I wish you a happy new year.