From Their Eyes - Chapter 7 (A Shadow of the Colossus Fic)

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Well, the first full week of February is half over, so to celebrate it, here is the seventh chapter of From Their Eyes. As I stated in the previous chapter's postings, this particular work probably stands along being written by a fan of a game who has never played the game. I've heard the music, watched playthroughs, but I have no direct experience with it myself, making my fic very unique. As with the previous chapters, I hope you enjoy this one. Now, you know I have been only posting one fic chapter a day, and I do this so not everyone gets pushed out due to multiple posts in a day. However, if you want to bump up my whole story, I understand. I will try to do the same, if you wish that.

Shadow Of The Colossus Disclaimer

Attention: Shadow of the Colossus is property of Sony. This should not be considered canon, but is based off the game. Please forgive any mistakes made, as of my information is from wikias and watching play-throughs on

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From Their Eyes

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Chapter 7: Colossal Combat

Barba sat quietly in the cavern he called home. It was one of many that riddled the lands the Colossi had come to, since their banishment from the old land. It was the closest to what his kind liked, and the little people had built a structure near it back when they were there. In fact, it brought back many happy memories of the old land.

Back in the old land, his kind were aggressive, but kept it in check by having good natured sparring matches. Every day, two of them would have a fight, which most times was just friendly sparring. It was on rare occasions that they had to settle a dispute. It was something that was enjoyed by all. It was even said some of the other Colossi would try to predict the winners.

Then the dark day came, when Dormin convinced them that the ones in charge were wrong. If there was anything his kind of Colossi hated, it was those that purposely did wrong. Barba recalled how eager he and his kin had been to fight for Dormin's cause. It had been unfortunate that they had not realized their folly until it was too late. Almost all of his kind of Colossi had been slaughtered before those remaining realized their mistake.

The worst part was when they were banished to these lands. Several, when they realized they were stuck in a land where their only companions were the ones who caused them to be banished, decided it was not for them, and they had chosen to end their existence. Then, the little people arrived. There had been little people in the homeland, but they remained far away from the Colossi, interacting with them very rarely.

When they arrived in the land the Colossi were in now, Barba noticed that Dormin had offered to protect them. For a time, he thought the one who caused their banishment had learned his lesson. The small people grew, and built up small cities. Eventually, the small people lived in harmony with all the Colossi, and some, wanting to get their own aggression out, built the arena.

Barba had enjoyed that at first, until the little people here were proven to be not as durable as the ones in the home land. Those had been gifted with magic, while these little people were not. This meant that in the arena, a fight with them was terribly one-sided, and eventually cost the lives of the little people that entered the arena. Barba felt remorse at having snuffed out the life of one, and swore never to do it again. He kept true to those words, even after Dormin had shown his true colors to the little people.

After that, the Colossi, again, banded together to stop Dormin, and the result was that Barba was the last of his kind, living near the arena, with part of Dormin's essence in him. He missed the combat, but to keep Dormin from gaining power again was far nobler. In fact, he had figured that Dormin was a Colossi that wanted not power, but godhood. No Colossi should ever think themselves a god.

His thoughts were brought back to the present by a sound. Something was climbing down the wall of the arena. That was something that had not been done in countless years. The last time something climbed down the wall had been in the years of the little people. He started to venture near the door, concerned, when Malus contacted him. "Be on your guard, Barba. A little person has entered the Forbidden Lands, as they call it now, and has killed five of us so far. He is under Dormin's influence, and he must be stopped. He is losing his identity and he must be unaware of it."

A new determination entered Barba at that moment. If a little person had been influenced into helping Dormin, there was only one thing to do to save them. The person had to die. The little people were not Colossi, and they would not have the willpower to fully throw off Dormin's control. If the little person were to be defeated, but left alive, Dormin would influence them again.

Once at the door, the mystical energies that had been put into it made the door open. Barba stomped into the arena, and allowed his eyes to adjust to the light there. Soon, he saw the little person, holding a sword he had not seen since the defeat of Dormin. The little person was not the one who held it all that time ago, but the little person obviously knew what it could do.

Once he set eyes on the little person, the person ran, scaling the dividers that separated the floor. Inwardly, Barba was not happy about that. Even at the best of times, Barba could never fully step over the things. Now, he was not going to do that, which would make a mess of the arena. However, it seemed the little person felt the need to head to the far end.

Barba could see the sense in that. Many little people in the past would head for hiding areas, when the combat was between two little people. It actually used their size to their advantage. The downside was that the Colossi could see in the dark. It would not help this little person. It also did not help the little person that the ruined dividers upset Barba. It would take a good deal of time for the Colossi to fix such delicate things.

As he neared the far end, he felt something hit him, and it exploded. He realized the little person had to be in the alcoves there. He was certain that the little man was not in the higher alcoves, since there was no way to them from the arena. That meant he would have to bend down and look in all the alcoves. Of course, once he saw the little man, he would reach in and grab him.

Once Barba bent down, he realized what the little person's goal was. The only way the person could get at the sigils was to climb onto him, and the only way to do that was to grab Barba's beard. He felt the little person grab on, and start climbing, making its way around the Colossi's form.

Out of instinct, Barba started to shake his body. Since he was one of the few Colossi that were bipedal, he could do a lot more shaking than the others could do. However, as he did that, he felt the little person hold on tight. When he paused, he felt the little person move. As he was about to shake again, he froze as a sharp pain hit his head. He then felt the essence of Dormin starting to leak out of him.

He tried to shake his head, hoping to throw the little person from him. He was certain that the fall would break the little person's bones. Unfortunately, the little person had held on, and was climbing all around. This worried Barba more that the pain in his skull. If the little person found the second sigil, it would be all over. He would be the first Colossi of his kind to die in an arena.

That was his last thought when the stabbing pain came again. Instantly, his life faded, and Barba started to fall, further ruining the arena. It didn't matter, since his time living had ended. He realized before his thoughts ceased that he was dying a failure. He failed in the arena, and he failed in his duty to prevent Dormin from rising again. Maybe, if one of the others would not fail, he might return to life, but now darkness consumed his thoughts.

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Dormin was elated when Barba fell. That sole Colossi, the only one remaining of that type, had been a problem. It started with the Colossi trying to warn the little people, and continued with this. Now six of the traitorous Colossi were gone, and the little person had a nice portion of Dormin's essence in him. Of course, it was costing the little person's soul. That was of little concern to Dormin, since it was his freedom that was the goal.

Dormin then turned his mind to the next Colossi. He knew it would be Hydrus, and that one would pose a challenge. The little people never had the ability to breathe underwater, and Hyrdus thrived in the water. He knew that issue had to be addressed while the shadow beings transported the little person back to the temple.

Inspiration hit Dormin, and he used the fraction of his essence in the little person to improve the little persons breathing endurance. It may even allow the little person to withstand being pulled down into the depths of the region Hydrus called home. It would do Dormin no good if the little person died now. He then waited for the little person to come to, so they could begin their hunt for Hydrus.

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