From Their Eyes - Chapter 6 (A Shadow of the Colossus Fic)

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Well,this will be the 7th time I'm trying to post the sixth chapter of From Their Eyes (time keeps resetting). As I stated in the previous chapter's postings, this particular work probably stands along being written by a fan of a game who has never played the game. I've heard the music, watched playthroughs, but I have no direct experience with it myself, making my fic very unique. As with the previous chapters, I hope you enjoy this one. Now, you know I have been only posting one fic chapter a day, and I do this so not everyone gets pushed out due to multiple posts in a day. However, if you want to bump up my whole story, I understand. I will try to do the same, if you wish that.

Shadow Of The Colossus Disclaimer

Attention: Shadow of the Colossus is property of Sony. This should not be considered canon, but is based off the game. Please forgive any mistakes made, as of my information is from wikias and watching play-throughs on

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From Their Eyes

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Chapter 6: Taking Wing

Avion enjoyed the gift of flying his kind had. He was more serious about flying than Phalanx, the other Colossi who could fly, but that had to be expected. Malus entrusted him with the task of watching the Forbidden Lands, just in case someone tried to do the foolish task of restoring Dormin.

As it was, he had seen the little man when he had entered the lands, crossing the massive bridge that led to the portal the little people had come from, and gone to. He did not know what was beyond that portal, and he was not overly curious. What he did know was that Dormin could still, even though his essence was divided up amongst the remaining Colossi, contact the little people.

He had seen the little person destroy four of his brethren so far, and with each defeat, the shadow beings appeared and took the man. All the Colossi knew that the beings were the loyal followers of Dormin. It still amazed him that Dormin had learned to control the creatures. They were beings of darkness, only controllable by the darkest of magic. A magic Colossi shunned.

In fact, he had just seen the fall of Phaedra, and he had to consult with Malus. Malus was old fashioned amongst the Colossi, but not so old fashioned that he stuck with the old ways of the old land. This made it worth the risk to enter the only area of the Forbidden lands that had any foul weather. It was one of the lingering spells Dormin had imposed on that land, that and Malus's continued confinement to that area.

When he reached Malus, their leader did not hesitate. In their native language, which no little person had ever heard, Malus said, "I am already aware of Phaedra's passing. There still may be a chance to bring him back." That was one of the good things about Malus. He felt remorse over the passing of any Colossi.

Avion flapped his wings so he could stay level with Malus's face. "I figured you already knew about it, Malus. We all knew the risks when we took on the pieces of Dormin's essence." He then thought of Phalanx, and amended, "Well, most of us do. However, I have seen the foolish little man. I could easily eliminate him. He has traversed the open areas, on that creature they call a horse. It would be no problem."

He stopped speaking when Malus glared at him. There was a slight glow in the left hand, but no attack came. It was a warning. "No. The ancient rules of conflict still apply. We do not lash out until they invade our home, and lash out at us. We did not lash out at them when they first entered these lands."

Avion bowed his head. "I know. I just thought that with the seriousness of this matter, things would be different. Dormin is the root of this problem."

He saw Malus nod. "I know, but he is still weak. We have already taken the precautions to avoid being in large groups. Many of them have stronger wills than you. It could be the combined essence of Dormin is trying to influence you."

Avion had to concede that point. There were only four mentally weaker than him. He nodded, and then flew off, figuring there was nothing more to talk about. Malus was the wisest of all of them, and they also all knew that until Dormin's old spell wore off, he would not leave that spot.

He was also certain that many other areas in the lands were still touched by Dormin's anger. His own home area, which had been many tall buildings constructed by the little people, was now a lake. Of course, that left very little land areas for anyone to stand on. So the little man could not even reach him to challenge him.

When he reached the area, he went right to his favorite perch, the tallest of the towers sticking out of the water. Once he landed, he saw the little person. He studied the man, and noted that the man could not even reach him. Maybe the man would give up, and leave, abandoning Dormin's influence. It would be best, since Avion could not break the ancient rules when it came to the little people. Rules that followers of Dormin would easily abandon.

He was so focused on those thoughts, that he was shocked when the exploding projectile hit him. He glared at the man, and saw him firing a bow and arrow. It was one of the primitive weapons the little people used, but something about the arrows made them more powerful. Avion was happy about that, since it allowed him to do what he had wanted to do. Eliminate the little man. He left his perch, circled round, and let the speed propel him at the man. He was certain that the result would be a blow that would knock the man into the water.

As he reached the man, he was stunned to find the man had jumped and landed on him. That was not good, especially as the man managed to hold on to him as he flew. He felt the man’s grip as the figure moved about his back. He banked, hoping the man would fly off, but was stunned when he felt a stabbing pain in the wing. He glanced back, and saw the black smoke that was Dormin's essence coming out of where the man had struck.

He rolled in the air, hoping the sudden move would cause the man to fall off. He circled round to where he was above during the roll, hoping to see some ripples in the water. He didn't see anything, and that worried him. If the man wasn't in the water, that meant...

He faltered in his flight when he felt the second stab in his other wing. That worried him, since that meant only one spot was left. If the man could get to that, then he would die. He started to do another roll, and then he felt it. The last stab of pain, right in his tail.

Avion's vision started to fail, and he felt himself losing altitude. He could no longer remain in the air. He was falling, right into the deep lake. He couldn't tell if the man was still on him, but he hoped he was. That way, when he hit the water, the man would get pulled under. It was either that, or hopefully the man would drown when Dormin's essence enter him. The last thing Avion felt was the water, and he only regretted not breaking the code of conflict.

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Dormin watched as Avion fell into the water. That Colossi was the only one that could go to all the other Colossi with ease. He knew that Avion had a distinct dialog with Malus, but he also knew Malus didn't need the spy. Malus could have easily stopped him long ago, but he had managed to stop that. Here, in these lands, Malus almost managed to do it, but only succeed after Dormin had underestimated the little people.

He brought his attention to the little man when the piece of Dormin's essence entered the man. The man would be unconscious, and would sink into the water. Luckily, the shadow beings could flow easily through the water. Soon, the shadowy forms had engulfed the man. In a few seconds, the man was no longer floating in the water. Which meant that very soon, the man would appear in the temple. It also meant the horse would start galloping towards the temple.

Dormin turned his focus to the temple, and saw the man lying there. Soon, the statue of Avion would crumble and fall. That would mean that five Colossi would be gone. That would mean that the man's confidence, which was disappearing slower than the soul, would be ready to tackle the more dangerous Colossi. He knew the next one would be brutally tough. So he knew what he would do to keep his own spirit up.

He reached his mind out to the land beyond. He knew what mind he wanted to find. He had been watching it ever since that man put him in this state. The time had finally come to taunt Lord Emon with the fact that he was going to regain his full powers.

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Far away, in his bedroom, Lord Emon was in a deep and fitful sleep. For the past few days, his dreams had been plagued by disturbing visions. They had started off with images of a girl surrounded by a dark aura. Later, she was shown sitting on a throne, and both she and the throne radiated dark power, and shadow beings. He then knew what had to be done. If the girl was to be doomed to being a pawn of some dark force, like Dormin, it was best that she should not suffer it.

After that, he had been sure the dreams would calm down, but a shadowy figure had now invaded the dreams. All he could tell was that it was a man, and he had an odd bundle in his arms, and a weapon at his side. The dream persisted for a while, but nothing changed, until now.

Now he could see the figure, and while it was all in shadow, it had horns. Those were another sign of Dormin‘s influence. However, there was a more troubling image there. The sigil was on the figure, and something about the movement made him think it was on fabric, just like his honor guard wore. He also heard Dormin‘s voice, the first time in, what was is, decade, centuries. The curse of a longer lifespan due to the Colossi‘s ritual. However, while the curse of a longer lifespan could be dealt with, the words he heard were more devastating than the curse of an extended lifespan. “I will be free soon, and then I shall have my revenge on you.”

Lord Emon sat straight up, and all he saw was darkness. It had been another horrid dream, but this one told him that Dormin had manipulated one of the honor guard. He quickly got out of his bed, and called for the most senior of the guards. Once they had arrived, Lord Emon spoke. “Scour the grounds. I want to know where each of the guards are. And check the reliquary.”

After the guards left, Lord Emon looked in a mirror, and he could see worry on his face. If that dream had been another omen, it had been far worse than any he had so far. Dormin reforming would mean the end of the world. Humans had just enough power to survive Dormin’s evil before, because of the Colossi. If Dormin got free now, all the world would be his. The time of man would end, and that scared him worse than his own death. He just hoped they could contain it this time, and stop which ever guard had gone astray, before they released Dormin.

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