From Their Eyes - Chapter 4 (A Shadow of the Colossus Fic)

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Well, after a long January 22nd, I'm finally getting the fourth chapter of From Their Eyes up. As I stated in the previous chapter's postings, this particular work probably stands along being written by a fan of a game who has never played the game. I've heard the music, watched playthroughs, but I have no direct experience with it myself, making my fic very unique. As with the two chapters, I hope you enjoy this one.

Shadow Of The Colossus Disclaimer

Attention: Shadow of the Colossus is property of Sony. This should not be considered canon, but is based off the game. Please forgive any mistakes made, as of my information is from wikias and watching play-throughs on

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From Their Eyes

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Chapter 4: Solitude Of The Swordsman

Gaius looked up at the sky, which is most of what he did anymore. It had been his choice to remain on this solitary local, an elevated structure in the middle of a vast lake. It was true that the lake wasn’t as big as the ones Hydrus and Pelagia called home, but it was enough to ensure his solitude. It was true that the solitude was self imposed, but it was what he deserved for his crimes.

He sighed, looking up at the sky, to the Lands Above. That had been his home, before he followed Dormin. Back then, he had been idealistic, and believed Dormin had planned to improve things. This had been his first clue, once he thought about it, that something wasn’t right. Things weren’t really bad back in their old land. He was young, and foolish to believe Dormin.

Dormin had made him, and many of the others, believe that his way was to be the proper way. He convinced them to fight for his cause, and he realized his folly too late. He had led the charge on the ones in power, and during the charge, he saw the truth, but it had been too late for his correction to have any effect. Because he had been part of the charge, he was banished to this world.

After the banishment, he walked the land, until he finally found the lake with this lone platform. For years, he remained there, looking up to where he was certain his old home was. He even remained there when all the little people had arrived. Shortly after their arrival in the strange lands, he had heard them wandering about, looking at the place he had made his home.

He was brought out of his lamenting when a voice entered his head. It was Malus, another one of his brethren who had been fooled by Dormin in their old land. “Be on the alert. Dormin is going to try and break free. He has been sending messages to the little people beyond our lands.”

Gaius just sighed. It was happening again. His thoughts went back to the past, when the little people had first come to the land. When they had first arrived, he had heard that Dormin was being kind to them. Dormin had even asked them to forgive his mistakes, and help the little people. That had been right, and at that time, he forgot his self imposed exile, and helped the little people.

He had been sad to find out that it was just more of Dormin’s treachery. It was a kind that Dormin had perfected. He never lied to them, he just omitted certain truths. When he told the little people they could live in the lands, he never told them the cost. Dormin demanded tribute, and he and the other Colossi had been tasked to collect that tribute. At first, the tribute wasn’t large, like a small livestock animal, but it kept getting higher and higher. What was worse was when they couldn’t pay, Dormin wanted the Colossi to destroy their dwellings, something the Colossi had never done on purpose. The fact that they could easily flatten the little people with a stray step made them avoid that. It had been at that point that Gaius knew that Dormin was truly up to his old tricks, and so Gaius approached Malus.

Malus had been one of the first to realize that Dormin was not who he claimed to be. Malus had even tried to warn the little people in the beginning, but they didn’t listen. They soon realized that Malus had been telling the truth, and they fought back against Dormin. Even after all that, he kept to his solitude. It had been wise, at the time, when Malus had been confined to a stationary existence.

At least he thought it had been wise. Shortly after that, Dormin praised him for returning to the flock. After that, he again left his solitude, and made his way over to Malus’s prison. He had been joined by others, including Valus, and a few others. Shortly after that clandestine meeting, Dormin had been stopped, his essence divided into all of the Colossi remaining. He was proud that day, when the little people left, and thanked them all.

That day, he swore never to give in to the dark essence in him. Inwardly, he thought, “I will never betray the Colossi. I will never serve Dormin again.” He had even made it his primary reason for never leaving his solitude. He also swore to bash any followers of Dormin into pulp.

At that instant, he heard Malus speak to him again. “I know you would not. Just be alert. Dormin has somehow bewitched a little person into helping him break free. Valus and Quadratus are gone. If you defeat this little person, they will be restored.”

Hearing that bit of news took Gaius by surprise. After all that Dormin had put the little people through, why would any of them want to help Dormin? That one would have to be a fool, or desperate. In all likely hood, the person had to be a fool. He could not fathom that one of the little people would willingly help Dormin for any reason.

His thoughts were cut short when he heard something. Something was approaching his place in the lake. He could hear it swimming, which meant it would soon make its way up the ramp. Maybe if he pretended to be resting, he could lure the attacker into a false sense of security.

Soon, he sensed the figure approaching. It approached slowly, obviously being cautious. This figure would not be fooled by his ploy. It did not matter. The little person could be easily squashed by his sword. He got up, and looked down at the person. Like him, the figure held a sword, but it only reached the top of his foot in height. It would not take long to get rid of the little person. He approached the figure, noting the figure was not moving. Maybe this would be taken care of quickly. He raised his sword and slammed it down. Just before it connected, the little man jumped away.

That move frustrated Gaius. The figure had to have some skill in fighting, to have avoided that move. He turned to make sure he was facing the man again. At that moment, he saw the sword, and it looked familiar. It almost looked like the one used to defeat Dormin long ago. If it was that one, it was good all the sigils now on his body were high up, where the little person could not reach them.

He moved towards the little person again, raising his sword to strike. The little man remained in one place, a place that looked different than the rest of the plateau. It did not matter, the little man would die under his huge sword. He raised it up again, and brought it down. Again, the little man jumped aside, and his sword hit the ground, but this time was different. When his sword hit the spot, a tremor when up his arm, and he felt something shake loose.

Then everything changed. He looked at the arm, and noticed something had broken off. Then he saw the little person running up the blade of his sword. He quickly lifted his arm, hoping to throw the little person off. Unfortunately, he was too late. The little person was climbing up his arm. He kept moving the arm, trying to throw off the little person, but they kept climbing. He felt them climbing on his head, and he tried to shake them off.

Then it happened, a splitting headache. The man was attacking his head. He really had to get the little man off of him. Hopefully the fall from the height would kill the man. He then felt the man lose his grip. Hope swelled in him, for the man would fall to his death, the fool that he was for following Dormin. Also, if the man did still live after the fall, he could squash him flat.

He started to turn around, looking at where the man should have landed, but he saw nothing. A slight sickening feeling started to swell in Gaius. Could the little man have managed to catch onto his stomach region, where the other sigil was? It couldn’t happen like that, could it?

He received his answer with a stabbing pain right where the other sigil was. It was followed by another, and everything started going dark. He could feel Dormin’s essence flowing out of him. He was dying. The little man had foolishly killed him. He felt himself fall to the ground, and he hoped that as he fell, he would squash the little man. It would at least end the man’s misery, if the little man was aware of what was happening to him for doing this. It was the last thought he had as the darkness consumed him.

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Dormin watched with great delight as he saw Gaius fall. Gaius had turned on him, and choose not to return to him after the second betrayal. Some of the others had, but it was the ones who were left that did not. They had killed all the loyal ones that were enforcing his wishes on the little people. But it had been Gaius that had gone to Malus first. Now that vengeance had been taken care of, he could step up his plans. He could let his foes know he was returning.

While that thought give him such joy, he wondered who he should taunt first. He did not have enough power to taunt those that cast him out of his home world. Malus was already aware of his plans, and was trying to warn the other Colossi. The only one he could taunt would be the fool Emon. He would need to form the perfect taunt for him.

He then looked at the little man that was destroying the Colossi for him. His essence had just entered the man. More of that man’s soul was dead, and his skin was getting paler. Soon, more physical changes would begin. The shadows would make sure the man was in the temple. However, as they moved the man, he knew he had to take some precautions. Those would involve making sure the man does not forget why he started this.

He turned his attention again to the woman. He could sense now that she would be key in a back-up plan. Her soul, once he pulled it back to her, could be manipulated. It would be the key to returning to his home world, if he main plan failed. However, he would need to make sure she could get up there. The horse would be the key. He then let out an inward chuckle, just as the third statue exploded. Phaedra would be the next Colossi to defeat. He wondered how his young puppet would handle the challenge of Phaedra. He would wait and see.

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