From Their Eyes - Chapter 3 (A Shadow of the Colossus Fic)

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Well, after a busy January 17th recovering from a bit of snowfall, I'm finally getting the third chapter of From Their Eyes up. As I stated in the two previous chapter's postings, this particular work probably stands along being written by a fan of a game who has never played the game. I've heard the music, watched playthroughs, but I have no direct experience with it myself, making my fic very unique. As with the two chapters, I hope you enjoy this one.

Shadow Of The Colossus Disclaimer

Attention: Shadow of the Colossus is property of Sony. This should not be considered canon, but is based off the game. Please forgive any mistakes made, as of my information is from wikias and watching play-throughs on

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From Their Eyes

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Chapter 3: Curious Colossi

Quadratus rested in his cave. It was his usual thing to do after he explored the canyon that was his home. It was his usual ritual every day since the little people left. In honest truth, it was the usual ritual all like him had done.

Back in the old land, the one they all had been banished from for following Dormin, he and those like him would explore everything, each time finding new stuff. When their punishment was given, he had been saddened by the fact that he could never explore those lands again.

When they had arrived in these lands, a long time ago, he found happiness in the fact that this was a new world to explore. There had been vast deserts, caverns to explore, and even forests. However, no matter what, he would always return to the canyon, and the cave he called home there.

Then came the time of the little people, who entered the lands from the bridge over the vast desert. They had been such interesting things, and even though it took him some time, he soon understood their language. Some spoke of places they had passed on their way to the lands, and he wished he could enter their world. He also listened to their stories about smaller creatures that looked similar to himself and his brethren.

There was also the creatures that the little people had. Some of them were also similar to them in shape. The only differences were in size and intellect. He could not communicate with them either. It was as if they didn’t understand the mental talk that the little people eventually understood.

Those days were long past now, after Dormin, the one who fooled them long ago, tried to control those that looked for a place to stay. The sad thing was that Dormin craved power, and he would hide it behind promises of good things. The worst thing was that he used vague promises to get what he wanted. He would promise things, but never tell anyone directly what he wanted in return.

Now the little people were gone, and Dormin was defeated. Quadratus knew that because he had a part of Dormin’s essence in him. It was the only way they could all be truly free of Dormin’s evil. Of course, it had cost a lot of the Colossi as well. He was the last of his type of Colossi left, and he just explored his home area now. Every once in a while, one of the others would contact him, and the smaller ones would make the trip to visit him. However, they had to keep those visits short since the longer they remained together, Dormin would feel stronger and start to overpower their minds.

He sighed in his cave, the noise echoing through the cavern. Deep down, he hoped that even a little being would return and visit, or even some other creature. However, he knew if someone had come, it would not be a good thing. The only people that would come would either be trying to free Dormin, or trying to stop someone doing that.

For a moment, his lamenting thoughts were broken when he heard Malus speak with them. A moment before, he heard Malus say something, but he had been to focused on his lamenting. This time, he heard the message. “Valus has been slain by a little person being manipulated by Dormin. Remain on your guard.” The words took Quadratus by surprise. How could a little person being doing that? They had wanted Dormin defeated like the others. What would make a little person do that? It was something worth trying to figure out, since it was a very curious notion.

His thoughts on the matter were broken when he heard something outside his cave. It sounded like hooves walking around. The little people didn’t have hooves. If a little person had killed Valus, then this wasn’t a little person. In an instant, he broke through the wall. It would mean one of the others might have to help him close it up again, but it was needed.

As he emerged, he was surprised to find a strange figure. It was part little person, and part horse. What did the little people call such a figure? In an instant, he remembered. The creature was called a centaur. He had never seen one before. It was amazing. It didn’t even look threatening. It was obvious to him that it was no danger, and it looked at him with curiosity.

In that moment, Quadratus knew he had to show the centaur around. He telepathically told the centaur, “Welcome to my home, centaur. Let me show you around.” He then started to move around the area, turning his back on the centaur. He had no reason to fear this action, since the real threat was a little person. He thought nothing of the momentary pain in his foot, which caused him to momentarily kneel.

He had to apologize to the centaur for this pause. He turned back to say something, and felt some dread cross into him. He didn’t see a centaur anymore, but a horse. Had he been mistaken about what he had seen, and that it was the mysterious little person who had killed Valus. He shook the foot that was hurting, and felt something come out. He needed to return to his cave before the attacker got onto him.

He froze when he felt something move on his back. It had to be the little person, who had disguised themselves as a centaur. He just had to figure where the little person was, and then throw them off. For a moment, he shook his whole body. He then waited a moment, hoping he had shaken the form off. It would be a disaster if he died, even though he was curious about it.

At the moment he was sure the terror was over, he felt a painful stabbing in his backside, right where one of the sigils were. He knew what was happening now. The little person was killing him. He started to shake his body again, hoping he could shake the being free now. He couldn’t die now. Dormin had to remain sealed.

Again, he paused, trying to feel if the little person was still moving along his back. After a moment, he received his answer as fiery pain pierced his skull. The little person had succeeded. He felt his life force end, and he quickly sent a message through the mental link all the Colossi had. “I am sorry, Malus. However, it is now my time to take the great adventure.”

He was almost startled at the quick response. “Do not fear, Quadratus. We will stop him soon. And if we don’t, others should be on their way.” Quadratus would have nodded, but there was no more energy left in him. Before his vision faded, he saw the dark tendrils of Dormin’s essence enter the young man. The young man was doomed, and someone needed to warn him before it was too late, if it wasn’t too late already.

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Dormin watched the death of Quadratus and if he could have smiled, he would have. Another part of his essence had been freed, and entered into the young man. More of the man’s soul was gone, and in time, his soul would be reformed. Then he would leave the lands, and take his vengeance on all who betrayed him.

He then focused on his shadowy minions. A few had neared the near-dead body near the Colossi’s body. Their presence was spooking the horse, which he was already aware would happen. He had used them many times to spook the animals. This time, the horse was shying away, almost backing up the sloping road. That didn’t bother him, as long as the horse didn’t die. He knew the horse would be needed later.

Once the horse raced off, the shadow beings transported the young man back to the temple. While they were doing that, he looked at the woman again. By the standards of the little people, she was attractive. It was also possible she had a motherly side to her. That would be useful when she was revived.

As the figure of the young man appeared, and the second statue exploded, Dormin started plotting out his back-up plan. As he formulated it, he watched as the figure started to stir, which meant that Gaius would be the next to die. As with the other Colossi, this needed to be done, but it truly needed to be done to Gaius. Before the banishment here, Gaius had been one of his generals, and now they would pay the price for betrayal.

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