From Their Eyes - Chapter 18 (Shadow Of The Colossus)

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Well, it has almost been a year since my last posting related to this story, and that is because I've had a hell of a year between then and now, November 5th. This story sort of fell by the wayside during that time. Still, here is the eighteenth chapter of this story. It covers the ending of Shadow of the Colossus. That means Lord Emon, Dormin, and Mono show their parts. However, are they really the ones featured, or are things not what they seem.

Shadow Of The Colossus Disclaimer

Attention: Shadow of the Colossus is property of Sony. This should not be considered canon, but is based off the game. Please forgive any mistakes made, as of my information is from wikias and watching play-throughs on

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From Their Eyes

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Chapter 18: Plan Thwarted All According To Plan

Lord Emon crossed the vast bridge with his men. The whole time he was hoping that they would make it before the traitor freed Dormin. In part he hoped they would be in time with how strange time flowed in the Forbidden Lands.

He thought back to when he and his family, as well as many others entered the land. For a long time, they had been pursued by those who would harm them. When they came upon this mystical land, it had been a blessing, and they started to settle in it. It was the place they needed to survive and prosper. Then they had met Dormin, and he seemed to be one to protect them. The other beings that were in the land agreed to do so as well. His parents and the others were willing, but he heeded the words offered by the one Dormin said not to trust.

It had quickly turned out that Dormin was not to be trusted. As they found themselves living longer lives, they found that Dormin was not the benevolent being they thought he was. As their numbers grew, Dormin demanded more, and exacted various cruelties when they didn’t comply. The final straw had been flooding one of their large habitats and destroying many of their people.

It was then that they had rose up, and listened to the remaining Colossi that had warned them of Dormin’s treachery. That meant they were ready when the shadow beings came. If it hadn’t been for the Colossi, those beings would have killed the rest of his people before he had completed the ceremony that destroyed Dormin’s physical form and split his spirit into the remaining Colossi.

He didn’t want to think of Dormin returning to power, now that his people were free, and prospered again in the world they initially came from. He was ready in case Dormin did return to power. There was something about the gate they had passed through to enter and leave this land, as well as the bridge they crossed that would protect them.

When he and the others finally reached the shrine, they had quickly raced down on their horses to the hall where all the statues were. To Emon’s horror, only one statue remained. It was the one shaped like Malus, the one who initially warned him so many years ago. The hall was empty otherwise, except for a figure lying on the altar. He started to approach the figure, but a sudden shouting from his men alerted him to what was happening.

The lone statue left was now glowing. To his horror, it then exploded, showering all of them with debris. Luckily, only one shard had killed one of his men, but the rest had only gotten scratches. While he would have preferred none of them dead, he was certain he would need all of them for what might come. They would need to slay whomever started this to spare them all from Dormin’s wraith, as well as the body that would play host to Dormin.

He quickly made his way over to the altar and recognized the figure on it. It had been the woman who had been doomed to suffer a cursed fate. When he had had the vision, and relayed it to the priestesses, the girl, who was one of their handmaidens, had agreed that the only course was to give up her life to avoid the fate. He had been unaware at the time of his one recruits feelings for the girl. Had he known; he would have included the man in on the discussion. That had been folly.

He was about to check her, to see if she was housing any of Dormin’s essence when a sound came from behind them. He turned with his men to see that a lone figure was now on the floor. It was obvious that it was the traitorous one. The young man known by many as Wander. He also saw a sword so flying away from the young man and knew right away it had been the sacred sword.

He started to admonish the man, but as he spoke, he quickly realized that Wander was no longer himself, but possessed by the dead or a puppet of Dormin. No doubt, it was all part of doing the forbidden ceremony. Emon could have even sworn he saw horns sticking out of the man’s skull. He just turned to his men, and said, “Do it. It is better to kill him now, cursed as he is.”

He watched as one man first shot Wander with an arrow. It hit the cursed man right in the leg, making him fall. Luckily, none of the shadow beings that now flanked Wander tried to advance. They remained standing as another guard approached, drawing his own sword. Once that man was over Wander, he thrust the sword down, and into Wander.

It was then disaster struck. Emon watched as his man stepped back as shadows started to erupt from Wander’s body. Wander had gotten up, and tried to advance, but fell back to the ground after pulling the sword out. The shadows had consumed the dead body, and to Emon’s horror, a shadowy figure grew into a frighteningly familiar form to him. Dormin had been resurrected.

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Dormin reveled in his rebirth, although he knew this was only in part. He needed to make a big show to distract his adversary from his true plan. So, he locked his eyes on Emon. “Thou severed our body into sixteen segments for an eternity in order to seal away our power.” He knew that part wasn’t true. He had made sure that the spell had been misunderstood.

He looked at all the warriors with Emon and saw the fear in them. “We, Dormin, have risen anew. We have borrowed the body of this warrior.” This statement was a partial lie. He hadn’t fully risen. He was in the process, and the shadow beings were feeding his form, making him larger.

He heard Emon tell his men to seal off the shrine. He wasn’t going to let Emon know that it was part of his plan. Of course, he was going to make sure that Emon didn’t get much time to think about it. With that, he started striking at the men.

His massive shadowy fists struck the ground, causing all of them to lose their footing. Some of them tried to recover and attack him, but they were under powered. Their weapons couldn’t hurt him, but he could hurt them. With one blow, he managed to crush one of the men.

As he struck at the men, he did see Lord Emon retreating with at least two of them. He acted like he didn’t notice, since he needed Lord Emon to get away. He slammed down onto another of the men, feeling a crunch as he crushed the man. It was satisfying since the shadow beings would be claiming the man’s spirit.

He decided now to look toward Emon and saw that Emon had already started fleeing up the column that ringed the pool. The man behind him had also picked up the sword. That was exactly what he wanted them to do. He then turned his attention to one man who hadn’t reached the column yet. He decided to act like the man was more important, and struck at him, batting him away.

Dormin was impressed that the man managed to get to his feet so quickly. It wouldn’t matter since Dormin was certain the man wasn’t going to survive. He brought down his fist on the man and heard another satisfying crunch. He laughed at that, knowing that another man of Lord Emon’s was dead.

In that moment, he heard a ping, and figured what it was. He glanced back at the pool, and saw the sword was now in it. He felt the pull of a sealing spell, and he knew his plan was succeeding. Of course, if Emon was looking down, he would have to make sure the man didn’t realize what he had actually done. To do so, Dormin started to act like he was heading towards the girl on the altar. He felt the spell working, as he felt many of the shadow beings getting pulled off him. That was fine. It would help sell the illusion to Lord Emon. The girl had a very special purpose, and if he was right, it was already fulfilled.

In fact, as he realized that the body of the man was all that was left. He started the final part of his plan. He felt the body starting to regress in age and form as it was pulled towards the pool. As it was, he noticed that the girl on the altar had started to stir. It meant his plan had worked. He let the pull of the pool take him then. There would be no more fighting, since his plan had succeeded.

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When she awoke, she looked around. This place wasn’t the castle she had been trapped in. She did, however, feel the presence of her kind. Her shadow beings were here. She then got off what she was laying on and studied her surroundings. It was a terribly bright land outside of where she was. She felt more comfortable in the dark temple, which is what she figured the place was.

She then looked down at her body. It was almost the same size as her true form, but it was solid. Flesh and blood just like those weak people back in the lands around the castle. This would be fine for the time being. She could use it to gain power again. Her children would still come to her and feed her power.

As she stepped away from the altar, a sound caught her attention. She turned towards it and saw a horse hobbling into the temple. She first thought something was wrong, but then noticed it seemed docile to even her kind. As it started to move towards her, she heard a familiar voice echo through the temple. “It is a brainless thing and will help us get up.”

She turned in the direction of a pool, certain the voice also came from there. “Dormin, is that you?” She hadn’t heard the Colossi’s voice in a very long time.

She was relieved when he responded. “Yes, it is I. I am currently bound in the form that is in the fountain. It was all part of my plan for us. Part of my plan to give us the ultimate power.” She started towards the pool, hearing the horse behind her. She had wanted control over all life and found the corrupted Colossi a good partner. He had told her long ago that he had a plan to give them that control in a way that would free her from the castle. She had thought at first that he had failed, but it seemed there was much more in play than she had thought.

When she reached the pool, she saw a human like baby in it, crying. It looked like the people from her world, but it had horns. As she picked it up, she said, “This is part of your plan? Being turned into a humanoid baby with horns?”

She heard a slight chuckle come from all around her. “Indeed. You see, when I was banished from our land, part of my power was sent out into the little people there. Several have no doubt been born like this and brought to the castle.”

She blinked, recalling the humans in their world bringing strange sarcophagi to the castle. “Yes. They had been, but I couldn’t do anything about that. I couldn’t use them to escape. Most of them seem dead. Is that part of your plan?”

She picked up the baby, and then started up the ramp that circled the interior of the column. As she did that, she heard Dormin talk. “Yes. You see, they are bringing all that essence to the castle. Their life forces with my essence will power more shadow beings. All we will need is a vessel to lock the curse of the castle to. A female child. Once this body is mature enough, we can do that.” It was a bold plan and would take time.

As she climbed up, taking her time for the brainless horse to keep up with her, she looked at the exit that was open. There had been a rumbling coming from it that was getting fainter and fainter. “I take it that this land is not an option anymore. I could hear some of those people as I was settling into the body.”

When she reached the doorway, she saw the long bridge falling apart piece by piece as a group raced away on it. As she felt that those fleeing were not able to see her, she didn’t feel like her presence would be threatened. Besides, the bridge was falling apart behind them. If they stopped, they would fall to their deaths.

She then looked at another ramp that circled the outside of the temple, far into the sky above. As she did so, she heard Dormin speak. “That world is useless for now. Once we get back to the castle, we will be able to get the power to take over there and here. For now, we need to get to the garden.” She nodded. While she didn’t want to go back there, she knew there was more to the castle than her captors had thought. It was part of why she had initially made it her sanctum. Dormin had discovered its secrets when he first communicated with her. She then continued up, bringing their goal closer to them.

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