From Their Eyes - Chapter 12 (Shadow Of The Colossus)

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On this day, February 28th, back in 2011, From Their Eyes debuted on The past month, this series has been seeing a major increase in traffic. That's why I find it very fitting that I post chapter 12 up here on ComicVine. As I said with the last chapter's posting, the sixteenth chapter is in the works. As I stated in the previous chapter's postings, this particular work probably stands along being written by a fan of a game who has never played the game. I've heard the music, watched playthroughs, but I have no direct experience with it myself, making my fic very unique. As with the previous chapters, I hope you enjoy this one. Now, you know I have been only posting one fic chapter a day, and I do this so not everyone gets pushed out due to multiple posts in a day. However, if you want to bump up my whole story, I understand. I will try to do the same, if you wish that.

Shadow Of The Colossus Disclaimer

Attention: Shadow of the Colossus is property of Sony. This should not be considered canon, but is based off the game. Please forgive any mistakes made, as of my information is from wikias and watching play-throughs on

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From Their Eyes

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Chapter 12: Fire Will Not Kill Me

Celosia sat in his lair, keeping his distance from the ledge that overlooked the four torches. Even though they were below him, and nowhere near him, the flames still filled him with unease. He knew they were only there as part of an unused shrine, and that when the little people were here, they felt the flames should never go out, so Celosia watched over them. It was almost ironic.

Normally, fire was something that never scared any of the Colossi. Celosia knew in his mind that that was the truth. Their massive bodies, and the shell like armor they had, kept them immune from the heat of fire. His fear of it was the result of a great misfortune, one that had took the lives of many of his brethren.

He started to reflect on that moment, from countless ages ago. His kind had lived in the vast jungles of the old lands. They were one of the most beautiful in all the realm, and home to many creatures. Many had thought the jungles would always exist, and then that day happened.

The whole of the world to his kind of Colossi were shocked when the fire had started. Celosia had been the most shocked since the fire had started near his particular home. Normally, when flames started, any of his kind would stomp it out. This time, that wasn't an option, and much to Celosia's shame, he ran.

That action had devastating results. The fire went unchallenged, and the jungle foliage kept feeding the flames. In almost no time, the fire had consumed half of the jungle, and by the time any of the various Colossi and other beings living in the jungle or land could do anything, it was too late.

Celosia shook his head in shame when he recalled that day. It had been his fault that his kind no longer had a home. It left them all homeless, and after so many years of each one having their own home territory, they had to live in a pack. That was not easy for his kind, but they had managed. It was even a blessing that no one blamed him for his inaction.

He then recalled when Dormin had come to them. At the time, that Colossi had seemed so genuine in trying to find them a new home. The council of the Colossi had been taking their time in trying to find them a new home, but a majority of Celosia's kind understood they had their hands full with the plague of Shadow Beings. They had thought them to be contained when the Queen of the Shadow Beings was imprisoned, but the beings still caused problems. Some Colossi even thought the creatures of darkness were the ones responsible for all the tragedies, including the jungle fire.

Celosia even thought it was the truth, at first. Dormin kept insisting that certain measures had to be taken, and those seemed overly aggressive. To be honest, at first it sounded right to Celosia, but then he found out the truth about Dormin. It was something that Celosia didn't want to accept at first, but he came to understand it after he witnessed one of the ways Dormin tried to get others to follow him instead of oppose him.

It had been one day when Celosia was walking around the burned remains of his home. He still wanted to know what had started the fire, and it had taken him some time to find the starting point. To his horror, he had found signs of only one creature having been there, and that had been Dormin. Dormin had caused the fire, and now his kind were following Dormin. That Colossi was an expert manipulator.

Celosia then recalled how Dormin had manipulated him into not telling about his findings. The manipulative Colossi had been able to make him think that he would really be blamed. That fear had resulted in the exile to these lands, and a further insult was that his kind forced him to watch the flames. He still couldn't break his fear of fire.

He was brought out of his current musings when he heard Malus's voice in his head. "Celosia. You need to be on the alert. Dormin has tricked one of the little people into freeing him. He has already killed several of the others, including Dirge." That news truly made Celosia take notice. He had no doubt the news was true, but for a little person to defeat Dirge was almost unthinkable.

That disturbing thought made Celosia's blood run cold. No doubt that as the little person defeated the others, Dormin's essence was merging inside the small body. No doubt, the little man's soul would be long gone when the task was done. There had to be some way of convincing him of his mistake. Some way to get through to the misguided little person, like the Colossi had managed so long ago, if it was so long ago. Time in these lands was so hard to keep track of.

He was brought back to the moment when he heard movement in the room with the torches. He went to the edge of the balcony that overlooked it, and saw the little man. Maybe the little man‘s brain was being hindered by Dormin. If that was the case, there might still be a chance to stop the little man before a grave mistake was made.

Celosia jumped down to the room, and immediately he knew reason would not work. The little man ran for one of the torches, and climbed up onto it. Well, if the little man burned, then Dormin‘s plan would be over. With that in mind, Celosia rammed into the torch. To his chagrin, the little man hadn‘t fallen off, or into the flame, but a long piece of wood had.

He tried to shake off the impact, knowing it would make his head spin for a bit. As he did that, Celosia saw the little man jump off the torch, and grab the wood. Celosia tried to focus on the little man, but when he had, the little man was approaching another torch. He gave chase, but unfortunately, the little man had gotten on top of this one. This little man was going to be tricky to get.

Celosia could be patient, though. He was a bit like what the little people called cats. He would be ready to strike when the little man returned to the ground. To his surprise, the little man jumped down almost as soon as he had gotten up there. Celosia knew this would be his moment to shine. He charged toward the little man, confident that no weapon could pierce his hide.

Just as he was upon the little man, he came to a halt at the sight of the flame on the stick. The little man waved it through the air, and Celosia started to move backwards. The old fear and memories flooding his thoughts. Rationally, he knew the flame could not hurt him, but the fear was overwhelming. He kept backing up, trying to get away from the flame.

Just as his back paw lost traction, he realized he had backed up too far. He had reached the outer edge of the room, which meant he was going to fall outside. He had looked at that gap a few times, and knew it was a long drop. As he fell, he hoped that the drop would not jar his natural armor. A few of his kind had lost that protective shell from a drop like that, and it would take weeks to grow it back. This was bad because it would also expose the sigil that held the part of Dormin‘s power he was guarding in check.

He hit the ground with a loud smack, and as he did so, he felt the armor shed. It was the only thing he was certain of as he took note of the world spinning. That was bad, but he was certain it couldn't get worse. The little man would have to be suicidal to jump down to him now, just to go after the exposed sigil. It would take a leap that would be most likely fatal to the little man.

That certainty disappeared when Celosia felt something land on his back. He wanted it to be a falling rock, but a sudden stabbing pain in his back told Celosia that the little man had landed on his back. The little man had even stabbed the sigil. Celosia didn't want the little man to get a second stab in, so he did the only thing that would dislodge the man. He bolted, and he felt the little man holding on for dear life. The little man couldn't stab Celosia, but he hoped the little man would fly off when he rounded the turns back up to the torches.

To his horror, the little man never lost his grip. That meant Celosia's only hope was to stop quickly, and hope the little man flew off. He even made sure that when he stopped, it was possible that the little man would go flying out the same place that he fell through when the man swung the flaming stick at him.

Celosia came to a halt, and he felt the man start to lift off of him. Unfortunately, the little man's grip never slackened. It was possible that the sudden stop might have caused some injury to the little man, and Celosia had to take the opportunity he had. He started to shake, in the same way a wet animal would shake off excess water. The little man still didn't release his grip. The whole scenario was terrifying. If Celosia stopped shaking, the little man would take that moment to stab the sigil again, and he couldn't keep shaking. He realized in that moment, he was going to die.

He gave in to fate, and stopped shaking. Just as he figured, he felt a second stab in his back, right where the sigil was. As it happened, he felt his vision go black. His thoughts even started to fade. He was dying, and it would free more of Dormin's essence. He took only a moment to recall who Dormin might send the next attack to, and his last thought was of how difficult the little man would have next.

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Dormin reveled in Celosia's defeat. With this Colossi's defeat, that left five more to go. Added to this that some of the remaining Colossi were the largest ones by far only excited him more. Only one was near the same size as Celosia, and the fact that the little man handled that fight with ease was very comforting.

Dormin then focused his mind on the next battle that was coming up. The little man would be fighting Pelagia next. That battle would truly be one of the most trying the little man would fight yet. It was possible that the little man would be doing a lot of swimming in this battle, and that would require more stamina.

As the shadow beings transported the little man back to the temple, Dormin boosted the stamina of the little man. He also knew that if he continued to alter the little man, he would soon sprout horns. That, however, was part of his back up plan. The girl would also be part of that back up plan, just in case Emon managed to arrive and stop his plans. If his plan went right, when Lord Emon arrives, Dormin would be back at full power, and able to crush his old foe with ease.

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