From Their Eyes - Chapter 1 (A Shadow of the Colossus Fic)

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Author's Intro

Well, I'm taking a chance right now, but posting the first chapter of a landmark fic for me. From Their Eyes is an ambitious project I started years ago. You can read a little more about it on my library blog posting, but I can tell you that I probably stand alone as a fan of Shadow Of The Colossus, and have never played the game. I've heard the music, and watched play thorughs, but never played it myself. I hope you all enjoy this as I get it posted up here.

Shadow Of The Colossus Disclaimer

Attention: Shadow of the Colossus is property of Sony. This should not be considered canon, but is based off the game. Please forgive any mistakes made, as of my information is from wikias and watching play-throughs on


From Their Eyes

Chapter 1: A Plan Set In Motion

In an ancient temple, in the middle of a vast and almost vacant land, a spirit named Dormin lamented. However, it was not a quiet lament, for that spirit was full of rage. He had been betrayed by those who he had watched over. In fact, he had watched over those beings for countless years, in the communities they had set up in the lands. They had prospered in the lands, but then they wanted to travel beyond the safety of the lands.

It was incomprehensible why they would do that. They had come to the lands in the first place because the lands beyond were unsafe. The spirit took them in, and helped them prosper. Dormin didn’t even ask much, just the tribute he was due. He even had his brethren help them and protect them.

However, the spirit hadn’t realized what mistake he had made until it had happened. He had been unaware of the betrayal that had sprouted in the ones who had come to the lands. It was like they did not want to pay the small price they had to live in the lands. Instead, they worked to convince the brethren to turn against the spirit. A fierce battle ensued, and many of the brethren and the people died.

Dormin had resorted to making parts of the vast land inhospitable. He flooded sections of the lands, and turned other parts into a vast desert, both of which ruined certain habitations. He had even called on the shadow beings to keep everyone in check, and return things to normal. The spirit finally had to even restrain the leader of his rebellious brethren, Malus. He had forced Malus to remain standing near the endless sea. It was a fitting punishment, and it should have stopped the rebellion.

He had been wrong, since they had all still communicated with the smaller beings, and even managed to tell the little people what they needed to do to be free. Some of the people had taken to forging what was needed to perform the atrocity that put Dormin in the state he was in now. The people had worked to perfect the ritual, and they used it. The remaining brethren had even volunteered to help in the ritual. The spirit remembered that day well.

The various brethren had worked to secure the spirit at the time, and the imprisoned one managed to block all his powers. He had not realized how powerful the one that was imprisoned had been. The spirit was helpless, unable to struggle free, and unable to summon the shadow beings. Soon, the leader of the small beings stabbed the physical body, causing the powers to leave. Each of the brethren absorbed those powers, and a statue of them appeared in the temple. Soon, the physical body died, and Dormin was contained in the temple, unable to pursue those who had turned against him.

He was only able to watch the small people head out of the temple, and across the long bridge to the realm they had left a long time ago. They had thought Dormin was confined in the temple, but the spirit still had some powers left. He would watch the people as they passed back into the other land. Time ran differently there, and ran differently at the top of the temple tower as well. That was the land Dormin longed to be back in, and he would return, even if the brethren didn’t.

He went back to watching the small people. He saw them forming a community, and the one that preformed the ritual was their leader. he watched the days pass, and the people multiplied. He also heard the leader vilifying the spirit. That made the spirit angrier. He saw time pass, and the leader set up a religion around his greatness. Eventually, others believed him, and only believed the leader. He saw some of them getting into families, finding loves. Then Dormin saw something he could exploit, something that would allow he to become free.

Before he could act, Malus spoke in Dormin‘s mind. “Don’t you dare try to take control of them again. They wised up to what you do, like the others had. We even realized it now.” The spirit felt fury, but he took comfort in the fact that he would return to power soon. He had found the way to do so.

He waited for a moment, and saw where to strike to start his plan. He focused on the minds of the leader, who had aged greatly since he had left, and his followers. he found the easiest one to exploit, and planted a dream into the followers. Soon he saw them act on the dream, and kill the woman in the dream. The woman would be part of two plans. Now he had to start the next part of the plan.

he planted another dream in the weakest of the followers. he then watched as the dream took root, and the young man abducted the body, and the sword. The same sword that sealed him into this state would free him. The man didn’t know his fate, but he knew how to convince the man into doing what was needed. He watched as the man headed for the lands the one who imprisoned him called forbidden. The plan was working.

He saw one drawback happen. The one that preformed the ritual noticed that the sword was stolen. It would not be long before he followed. To the spirit, that would be a plus. If everything went the way it was supposed to, the spirit would get its vengeance. The man would come into the trap, and the man would learn the true power of Dormin.

Now, Dormin would wait. Dormin knew it would take time for the young man to reach the lands, since the path was long and perilous. He also knew the young man would ask to have the girl restored to life. It was what Dormin let be known in the dream. The young man would only have to do one thing. The young man had to destroy the Colossi, the brethren, and Dormin’s powers would be restored. Dormin would also have a physical body again, hopefully before Emon would arrive.

However, Dormin also had to be sure the young man was prepared. Dormin summoned some of the shadow beings, and when sixteen were present, he gave them their orders. “Wait for a young man to arrive, and rush him. He will try to scare you off, so let him, then follow as he frees me. Bring him here when he succeeds in each task.” Dormin saw them all nod at once, and then go into hiding in the temple. Now, as the sun remained stationary in the sky, compared to the outside world, Dormin knew it was all a matter of time.

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