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I used to skip my P.E./

To close my eyes and fantasize about a CD/

Nod my head as I embed in beats that don’t exist/

Mist/ Is all I had at first/

But then I would turn the mist into a verse/

That I never rehearsed/

So, for the better or worse/

Without any letters endorsed/

I would sit on the sidewalk and be the lone poet/

I was completely for-it/

I would just sit and write/

About how couples fight all night/

And don’t open their eyes to their surprise/

And realize that the problem is their own selves/ It’s like they are sleeping/

I would watch the world weeping/

While keeping it’s every single tear in a cup/

And I’ll keep drinking it until my time is up/

I was thinking that my time was up/

When an officer came up and asked “Are you planning a crime?”/

I said “Is it wrong to rhyme?”/

He answered, “Yes.” “Then I’m just wasting my time.”/

As he walked away I noticed his age/

Then I turned my page/

And he had a peg leg/

A patience of a lit powder keg/

Because he served in Vietnam, but he never knew that/

I watched as my thoughts flew back/

Into my head, strifed/

I wondered if I could resurrect his dead wife/

I didn’t dare though/

Why would he need that scare for?/

My dear reader/

You are my earth so to give birth, I am your seeder/

What cane we find? I’ll let our minds be water/

Now come together and let’s let it loose/

To see what we can produce/

Don’t let a man be used/

By any simple thoughts/

That are forced down their throats/

Poking hole in their boats/

To sink, stop to think, my listener/

Because my mind is truly missing ya/

But that’s why, I, am the lone po-et/

Wit a millionth son-net, that you never red/

The glory that I never had/

And then it starts to rain/

But I am not in vain/

because as soon as I think, before you blink, I’m on the moon/

There, is no air and it’s kind of cold/

But it’s all fair, I have a story to be told/

Except, not right now, because I never wrote it/

So as I fly down, I’m trying to note it/

Truly, the greatest story you haven’t heard before/

That’s what my verbs are for/

So as I swim to the lone shore/

I am the lone poet, we are so alone/

That I am prone to claim this zone/

Of the shore that’s alone as my own/

So now were not alone, now it’s just us two/

The shore is so true/

That I wish I could take him with you/

Unfortunately, the shore is my stationary friend/

And as the lone poet, I can’t pretend, I have no stationary end/

I must return to my thing/

Like “Return of the King”/

And he becomes the lone shore again/

As I journey through the valleys/

I happen to see the grand finales/

That were never finished/

It’s good to see hopes that don’t diminish/

As I’m running on my feet/

I’m gunning down the street/

I’m doing close to the speed of light/

As I wonder, what is the speed of fright?/

And does the princess really need her knight?/

I know, I could have took a car/

But I felt like outrunning cars and stars/

While placing scars/

On my bare feet/

With the fair heat/

That comes with this much loneliness/

But then again, I’m not really lonely-less/

Unless, this is just a simple test/

For some reason, no season would me rest/

Even If I was the best, but anyway/

Any day, if you’re in need, holla-me/

I’ll be, drifting my way around the gala-xy/