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This is related to @tommythehitman 's Keeper, go read it as its good, in a little shared universe.

Part one is here


2018, Ocotlán, Mexico

"Maravilloso!" exclaimed Miguel Camarena with childlike admiration as he watched his bulletproofed Hummer rotate in the air like gravity didn't apply. Fortress held it aloft telekinetically checking it for bombs and tracking devices.

"All part of the service," Fortress said looking directly at Pablo who held a cloth to his bloodied nose from his tumble down the stairs. Fortress didn't even need to use his telepathy to know Pablo wanted him dead. "Nice colour, Mr Camarena, negro."

Pablo spat a glob of bloody saliva onto the garage floor before snapping in Spanish to the members of Camarena's entourage. Fortress lowered the car back to earth. Mr Camarena gibbered something to him as he patted him on the shoulder.

"Um, sorry, no...comprendo," Fortress shrugged.

"He asked if you were like that monster Keeper," Pablo interrupted. "Are we ready?"

Fortress glared at the interpreter. "How's the nose?"

Pablo's face flashed with micro aggression before he ignore the large black security expert and talked to his boss. Miguel nodded and Pablo opened the Hummer door. The pudgy drug lord clambered into the vehicle and as Pablo went to follow, Fortress grabbed him by the collar and thumped him against the car.

"I'm going to fill you full of candy and beat you with a stick if you keep this up!" Fortress growled. "You get me homes?"

"Si! Si!"

"Good!" Fortress shoved him away. "Now, what is Aztequiza? Did I say that right? A person? A food?"


"It's a place..." Fortress pulled several images from Pablo's mind from the suggestive question. "Well, we/re not going that way today."

Fortress got into the Hummer and slammed the door, watching Pablo's face erupt in anger. The interpreter shouted what could only be swearing as he headed towards another car for the convoy. Fortress smiled a broad smile and looked at Mr Camarena who was lighting a cigar.

"Your boy is up to something," Fortress said quietly through the noxious cloud. Fortress tapped away on his phone, bringing up an app that was linked to the listening device he'd planted under Pablo's collar.

"Que es Senor Fortaleza?" asked Mr Camarena.

"All good, you chubby son of..." Fortress paused as he looked at the action figure on the floor. "Forever Man, no way! I had one of these when I was a kid!"

"Si, por siempre hombre!" laughed Camarena. "Los ninos aman a las super personas!"

Fortress shrugged and went back to his phone.

To be continued...

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Appreciate the couple of references to Keeper.

Quite enjoying this series so far, you’ve got a nice group of characters each with a funny personality.

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