Formation of underdogs

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Dante: Kratos, I had an idea. We should start a team called the underdogs.

Kratos: Great plan. We need some members

The word spreads, fast enough that the following join and become members-

















Rocket Raccoon



Dante: Ok, team. Since I can have a little too much fun, Rocket's gonna lead the team and usually be the one with the plan

Rocket: I like it. What are we up against?

Dante: We're up against the forces of evil such as Thanos, Sabretooth, and Loki.

Rocket: Ok, I say we go after Loki first. Heard some things about him. Trying to become dictator of Asgard.

Heimdall: Why, I am from Asgard.

Beast: He's in Cincinnati, Ohio. He's cloned Hydra agents, in a less powerful form.

Rocket: Ok, here's the plan. It's me, Dante, Kratos, Arjun, Hummingbird, Beast, Domino and Octopus.

The team arrives

Loki: Raccoon

Rocket: For the last time: What the hell is a Raccoon?! I'm the only thing in this world that's like me!

Loki: No, it's what your species--- Nevermind. Anyway, prepare to burn, as I steal the throne from the fat man, and make my Blonde brother jealous of my power! Agents, attack!

Rocket: Guys, spread and attack!

Dante: Take this!

As Dante is getting ready to rumble, he takes an agent, and throws him so hard, he crashes into 11 others, and Dante uses Yamato to take out 11% of the agents.

Agent: Well, you may have your tricks, but that was just lucky.

As the agent as finished, he is shot in the leg by Domino's handgun

A circle of Agents fire at Hummingbird's suit but the bullets bounce off.

Loki: Vibranium suit. No matter. I've got this!

As Loki has just finished, he freezes Hummingbird's right wing with the staff, and as Hummingbird is falling, Kratos catches him

Kratos: As Underdogs, we look out for each other

Arjun pepper sprays 8 of them in the mouth and eyes, then Octopus jumps up to Loki's location. Loki grabs him

Loki: HAhahahahaha. A cephalopod?! Those fools----

As he is about to finish the sentence, he is inked in the eyes, and then Hummingbird stabs him with the katana, and Domino shoots him in the eye

Loki: Lucky planning, mortals. Having octopus ink and a vibranium suit user on your team.

Rocket: It's not luck. It's strategizing and teamwork.

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Just take a look at the difference between mine and yours; mine isn't BETTER but it's in prose (that's the right term isn't it?) as opposed to script

Billionaire mogul Dante el Tarqwan looked at a tech table swirling with various images. His hazel eyes took in the pictures of Captain America, The Avengers, The X-Men but also those who opposed them like The Masters Of Evil, Loki, Dr Doom and Ultron. He rubbed his thin goatee.

“Kratos, I have an idea!”

The burly albino bodyguard grunted from the other end of the table at his bosses suggestion. “And?”

“I should fund and form a superhero team,” Dante said. “I can see it now! On lunch boxes, t-shirts, ooh a movie.”

Kratos shook his head. “Leave that to the Avengers, sir.”

“That’s the problem! The Avengers go after big trouble. The X-Men only fight mutants. Spider-Man deals with animal men in New York…”

“The 50 State Initiative.” Kratos took a knife from his twisted beige belt and cleaned his fingernails.

“Name one single team!” Dante dared. “You can’t! Fifty of them and nobody knows any of them.”

Kratos rolled his eyes. There would be no dissuading his employer, he’d just have to go along for the ride until something new took his fantasy. “Who is in your team?”

“We start…” Dante pulled up a picture from some surveillance cameras of an octopus man beating up four thugs rumoured to work for The Kingpin. “With him! And I hear there's some guy with a freeze gun and submarine!"

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Just take a look at the difference between mine and yours; mine isn't BETTER but it's in prose (that's the right term isn't it?) as opposed to script

Yes, "prose" is the right term. Take notes, Dante'. This is what I'm talking about. :)

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Prose is the right term, @batkevin74.

And @dantekesha, if you want to continue with script, I suggest looking into the various ways script is done. I've done a few comic scripts (none professionally published, but one managed to impress Dark Horse, but not enough to publish the comic), and I've seen TV scripts thanks to one professor at college, and I'm sure we've all read some of Shakespeare's plays. Each one is designed for the medium it is used for. Comic scripts have to give ideas on how big the panels are, and what goes on in each panel. Play scripts have notes on where each actor is coming from. Same with TV and Movie scripts, but they also include descriptions for visual images, or how a scene starts, as well as key actions that are supposed to happen.

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#5  Edited By Guardiandevil83

Why would a team with Dante and Kratos need help with Sabertooth? Either one could bring him in.

Hell, Rocket could most likely take him.