Flowers for the Dead: Chapter III

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@Bartolo's penthouse apartment 3 a.m.

Illegal activity's benefits were apparent. As the Daywalker entered from the rooftop pool area he stopped to take it all in.

"Damn, maybe I'm in the wrong business." he thought to himself.

The green granite countertops match perfectly with the dark oak cabinets in the kitchen as well as the golden sink fixtures. Pristine marble floors from wall to wall and Corinthian pillars scattered throughout. A large crystal chandelier hangs above the stairwell leading to the second floor. The crime boss was sound asleep in his bedroom, on the second floor of his luxurious penthouse when he received a visit in the dead of night.

He wkaes from his sleep gasping for air, ice cold water soaking his shirt.

"Gaaghk uuhhh!" What the... *coughs* the f-ck?"

"You looked thirsty, so I got you a drink. Nice place by the way." Blade says as he points a handgun in the man's face.

Bartolo reaches underneath his pillow for a gun, but finds nothing. A look of disbelief sweeps across his face before he looks back at the intruder.

"That gun wouldn't have helped. Let's talk business, vampire ash for example."

"Oh. You're a vampire. Why didn't you say so?"

The criminal reaches over and presses a button hidden on the nightstand beside the bed. Several lights overhead click on shining U.V. light throughout the entire room.

"Mulignan. Should've figured."

He gets a swift backhand for the remark. Blood trickles out of the corner his mouth.

"I'm not one of them. So about the ash, you have something against vampires?"

"No. Just found something more lucrative than the usual stuff."

"How did you get the ash?"

"A couple guys approached me a few months ago. Said they were vampire hunters and wanted to do business together. Sounded like bullsh-t so I didn't take them serious at first until they let me sample the product. It was legit, so I cut a nice deal with them. They bring in the stuff, I sell it, we split it 40-60."

"40-60? You're okay with that arrangement, sounds like you're getting short changed."

"With the type of cash I bring in with it, 40-60 is highway robbery. I don't know their names, so don't bother asking."

"You do realize this gun is loaded right. I don't have time for bullsh-t."

"I don't know. They have a drop off point where they leave the merchandise. I leave their cut and go on my way."

"So tell me when the next shipment is coming in. If you lie to me, I won't be as pleasant next time."

3 Days Later.... 12 a.m.

The drop off point is located on the outskirts of the city, in the warehouse district by the waterfront. Mist blew off the water as the wind kicked up, fog rolling in from the distance. Hiding himself within the shadows, Blade waits atop a roof for the delivery to be made. He focuses his superhuman senses, taking in every sound in the darkness, every scent in the air and every subtle movement in the distance.

A black Humvee creeps up with it's headlights turned off. Two men decked in black tactical uniforms and gear emerge with sub-machineguns in hand, ready to fire at a moment's notice. Another exits from the passenger side and heads around to the back of the vehicle. He opens the back and retrieves several duffel bags, no doubt containing copious amount of vampire ash. Even from a distance it's familiar smell filled the vampire killer's nostrils.

As he emerges a sniper reticle focuses directly on his head. A single bullet flies through the air, the perfect kill shot. The sword of the Daywalker flashes like a lightning bolt as he deflects the bullet casually. The sniper barely has time to fully comprehend what just happened. Through his scope he can see Blade turn towards him and wave his finger in disapproval. He chokes as a senbon lodges into his throat.

He can hear men shouting into walkie talkies as he sheathes his sword. "Man down! I repeat man down! Target is in the area."

"Amateurs." he mutters as he hears a helicopter approaching in the distance.

Faster than the human eye can see, he leaps down on top of the Humvee and tosses a white phosphorous grenade onto the duffel bags incinerating them. The two men trained their guns on where they thought he was, but he was already gone.


One man's head slams against the side of the vehicle with a loud thud as the dhamphir appears and disappears in a split second. The man's associate opens fire in his general direction, the bullets passing through the after image of the vampire killer and hitting his comrade in several vital areas. Blade reappears behind him and snaps his neck.


The Humvee speeds off into the night with the trunk area still wide open. Dozens of armed men begin to converge on the hunter from every direction all wearing similar tactical gear as the fallen ones. Reaching down, he grabs one of the guns and fires a shot at the driver, hitting him in the back of the head. The military vehicle veers off course and plunges into the cold water.

The chopper arrives moments later flashing a spotlight down on the lone hero. He can smell the ash based drug seeping out of their pores as the men draw closer. Several leap at him with inhuman speed, but they are not accustomed to it and their coordination is somewhat sloppy. One after another they fall to the ground dead. His katana rips chunks of flesh from bone, splattering blood onto the pavement. Several more attempt to dog pile on top of him. The remaining men open fire on the melee indiscriminately in the hopes of hitting Blade, killing many of their teammates in the process. He breaks free and leaps upwards towards the helicopter grabbing hold of one of the landing skids.

He flips inside and stabs one of the passengers through the chest. The other attempts to jump out the helicopter, but is caught by his collar mid-leap by Blade. The razor sharp sword cleaves his skull in two pieces before his corpse is tossed back out the chopper. The pilot is feeling extremely conflicted about the situation. His passengers were just killed and he was unsure whether to try and escape or just keep flying the helicopter. The constant gunfire from below didn't help much either.

"Stop shooting at me you a$$holes!" he screamed.

His pleas fell on deaf ears. Blade looks down below to see one of the men aim an RPG at them. He leaps out the helicopter and swings his sword, unleashing a wind blade. The force of the techniques carves a line through the pavement and makes contact with the rocket a split second after it leaves the launcher, causing it to explode. A large portion of the men are killed in the blast as their own grenades and ammunition ignite, triggering more explosions and bullets flying in all directions. The stragglers meet a similar end as the others as Blade commandeers the chopper and launches a kamikaze attack with it.

A couple miles away the escaped passenger of the Humvee is running as fast as he possibly can, soaked from head to toe. People stare at him in shock and awe as he runs in and out of traffic. He spots a man talking on his phone and knocks him to the ground before stealing his cell phone. Frantically he punches in a phone number and ducks into an alley as it rings and rings.

"Come on dammit."

The phone clicks as someone on the other end picks up


"It is done. They are all dead."

"Clearly it is not. You are still alive."

"Well yes, but I.."

"The number must be EXACT!!! You know what you must do. Finish your job."

"I....I will for the glory of the.."

"Hey a$$hole, give me my f-cking phone back before I kick your a$$. You junkie bastard."

The man he had knocked down had come for his phone. He punches the man in the face, breaking his nose and slams the phone on the ground. Blade tackles him and slams him against the wall.

"Who is running the ash?"

He responds by spitting in Blade's face. Blade reacts as any rational vampire hunter would. He punches him in the stomach hard enough to make the man piss himself.

"Now, who is running the ash?"

"It doesn't matter. The vampire scum will be exterminated soon enough."

The Daywalker pulls out his sword and stabs the man in the shoulder. He screams in pain as he is pinned to the wall.

"You'll find out what you want to know soon enough."

With that being said he severs his own arm as he writhes to get free and then grabs the sword and sloppily slits his own throat. He lies on the ground choking on his own blood and is soon dead.

Suddenly a familiar energy starts to become more tangible. The chill in the air gets thicker as the hair on the back of Blade's neck stands up. A low ringing noise fills his ears.

"Son of a bitch."

The Victorian Mansion moments later

The ground begins to tremble as the animals in the surrounding area begin to run away from the mansion. An echoing chant can be heard emerging from inside, low at first then rising to booming levels.

Sacrifice of a neighbor's blood

Flesh of self given by thine own hand

The value of a tribute paid

Corrupted flesh split by a hunter's blade

The rest eternal of the dark ones broken by storms

Unleash from earth untilled for purity of the ancient reformed

Rise from the depths, our master the glorious White Worm!

A decayed hand emerges from the soil in the catacomb.

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