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You've heard her talk about herself and you've probably heard many men talk about her too...IT'S !!!!



Name: X35 / A.F.

Gender: F

Age: Old.

Languages: English, German

Favourite fictional character:Tim Drake, Amora the Enchantress and the Hulk

Taste in comics: 80s Marvel (Stern's Avengers, Gruenwald'sCap, Simonson'sThor, Mantlo and David'sHulk, Nocenti'sDaredevil,Byrne'sAvengers West, early X-Factor, etc.), 90s DC (Robin, Knightfall and Batman and his related titles in general), and generally whatever the Thunderbolts are up to is always good.


CFb: Which character have you enjoyed writing the most?

X35: Well... I've only really written the one. So, I guess I have to say Swordsman! *chuckles* No, I've enjoyed writing my version of Baron Strucker, or Commander Strucker as he's called in this Universe. Look forward to some Strucker action, including his debut, in Swordsman #3 and he will be playing a big part in the upcoming Fall of HAMMER prologue exclusive to Swordsman! I'd love to write Amora (the Enchantress) one day... that's a character I disturbingly relate to a great deal.

CFb: Favourite writers on the vine?

X35: I heard that CapFanboy guy is pretty cute! A lot of the writers are really nice and friendly, and most of them think I'm hot which is always a plus. *chuckles* I think two of my favorites are New Mutants and Moon Knight. And i've never liked Moon Knight so Marvel should really hire that guy STAT. But most of what I read is good, other than one title that was cancelled, I think the standard is quite high.

CFb: Do you read many fics?

X35: I try to. As I said a lot of the Genesis clan are lovely lovely people so I try to make time to read their stuff when it's new out, but I'm not too great at keeping track. Plus, I get conscious I might "borrow" something from their storylines. So if Swordsman suddenly starts copying Spider-Man 2099 don't be surprised. One day he might be shooting webs instead of cutting people's tongues out with his sword.

CFb: What do you think makes a good fic?

X35: I think a fic has to read like an actual story and less like fanfiction. Like if Swordsman was best friends with my favorite characters like Hulk, Beetle and Amora, then that would just reek of fanfiction. I think a writer has got to draw a line somewhere between the fan and the fiction. And mostly of all it''s got to be interesting or exciting to read. And not stupid. Or confusing. If Swordsman, a disturbed serial killer, suddenly took a job at Wendy's to make money and then managed to beat Thanos during a lunch break, it would not be a good fic. *chuckles* Although I would like to do an issue with Swordsman getting his ass handed to him by Thanos. I'm patiently waiting for the rest of the Genesis crew to one day come up with an Infinity Gauntlet inspired idea.

CFb: Who would you like to see a fic about?

X35: I'd like to see someone run wild with a slightly obscure character and really define them outside of their own existence. Kinda like I'm doing with Andreas in Swordsman. That sounds a bit arrogant but, idk, if PrimePower53 suddenly decided to write a Stingray ongoing I'd be all over that. Marvel, and DC and most companies for that matter, have a whole cast of underused characters brimming with potential. It's kind of a diservice for fics to really only focus on the Luke Cages, the Daredevils and the Punishers when there are folks like Machine Man out there who someone could really run wild with reinventing them.

CFb: Marvel or DC?

X35: I'm going to have to say Marvel, but purely because I've read more Marvel. My DC knowledge is limited. I pretty much just follow the Robins because I crush on all of them. When DC did the whole New 52 I kinda made the decision that it would probably be for the best if I don't try to expand my DC collection much. And Marvel cancel most the titles I like anyway, so ask me in a year or two's time and I'll probably be reading exclusively Image and Vertigo *chuckles*

CFb: If you were approached by Marvel to write any book, what book would that be?

Honestly? I'd love to write the Avengers. But I'd probably ruin it for a lot of folk. I'd love to get the team back to smaller teams... like there were times when the Avengers were a trio! I'd like to get back to the trios and kooky quartets of yore. I think I'd infuriate a lot of Avengers fans though. I think my Avengers line-up would be something like Ms. Marvel, MACH-V and someone like Ares if he wasn't dead. So, not exactly a traditional Avengers line-up. Oh, Quicksilver would be there too.

CFb: So, what made you get into Fan-Fic?

Idk, i was looking for an excuse to show off really. Sadly I felt limited when I joined ComicVine because I can't really bust my dance moves to impress the boys with my flexible and pretty intense dancing so I thought "I'm going to have to bust my words in a synchronised and particular fashion so they seem impressive to the masses". What I'm actually doing is dancing through the means of writing.

CFb: What was the first fic you ever posted?

As of now, I'm currently on the third issue of Swordsman. The first fic I posted was Swordsman #1. Maybe this answer would be more impressive if I'd written more than two issues.

CFb: Do you think writing Fan-Fics improves your writing skills?

I've always been pretty ok at writing, but I don't know how much of that was down to me being an attractive girl. I do think it depends on the person. If you look at the crop of writers working on Genesis you've got young school boys and old women like me mixing it up. Likewise we're all from different walks of life, there's strong army men and there's girls who dance for a living. Some people are natural born writers and others pick it up as they go along.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS!OUR SECOND FIC'R INTERVIEW!!!Thanks of course to A.F, not just for this interview but for writing a good swordsman series! Don't forget to check the fic'r interview board for links to new exciting interviews with your favourite Fan-Fic writers!

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I used to read exclusively Image and Vertigo lol good interview 

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this interview. =P

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Cool, good interview

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IS A GIRL!????!???! Madre dios! :)

Nice work and I agree with your idea about some of the lesser written about peoples of the Marvel & DCU...hell even Image, Dark Horse characters need a story or two

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I am sooooo writing Stingray now.

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Nice interviw! *chuckles* And I 2nd a Stingray 6pt epic :)

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Wow, this chick sounds hot!

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@X35 said:

Wow, this chick sounds hot!

I should probably thank her for mentioning me...now if only I could find her somewhere

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I have yet to check out X35's work, but this interview makes me want to do just that, so I'll search out Swordsman #1 soon-ish.