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Meet Darkchild

Username: @darkchild

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Languages: English and slight Spanish

Favorite fictional character: Aquaman

Taste in comics: Anything with an awesome story will pull me in fast, i tend to hop alot in comics from one to another. So anything that can keep my attention fixed is awesome.

The Questions

So what have you written that people will remember you from?

I wrote a series of fanfics years ago, Puzzle Box and my Sinner series. Won a few Fanfic of the Month awards and also a writing contest because of it. Right now writing a fanfic called God's Bane that has garnered some attention, will be picking that back up in the next few days.

I also did a few Request fanfics, where I took Viners and made a fanfic about them. Why So Serious was one of the biggest ones, had the most views. Here are a few others that got some attention

To End It All ,Disturbing Behavior ,Twas the Night,The Pole

Besides fanfiction, I have put a big chunk of my life into rpging in the forums. Was one of the Original Three haha still love that name, when it came to villainy.

What made you get into Fan-Fic?

Honestly? Boredom and comics. After reading Transmetropolitan I couldn't stop thinking that writing looked fun, so I started. Little things here and there, and I remembered when I was probably ten years old I wrote a few stories. Ones about Nightcrawler, Star-ship Troopers and then my own take on Animorphs. I went to my moms pulled out the floppy's and read them, I realized that I really did enjoy doing this. I never thought of it before, but once I start on an idea I can come up with just about anything. More often than not on the fly, and it just happened. After reading countless books and loving countless different things about each, I started to put them together and make something. If people look into all my fanfics, I have quite a few tells of why kind of author or stories I read. I am always coming up with new stuff.

I never want to be without the use of my hands, because if I didnt have writing now my life would be crazy. I now use it as a way to cope or relax, and without it I'm sure I would be on the five o'clock news.

Have you ever written about Aquaman?

You know what....I never have....Hmmm. At first i never wanted to really write about characters mainstream, but after seeing the success of everyone in the fanfic forums nowadays with just that. I am thinking of jumping onto that bandwagon myself, hell I'm already getting ideas for a fanfic about Aquaman. I HAVE to do this, I'm naming my son after the man for christ sake!

Arthur....or Aquaman? Your child's pre-birth social standing depends on your answer.

Back on topic....Do you think Aquaman is being done justice in the comics? Do you think you could do a better job?

LOL His middle name will be Orin, that's Arthur's Atlantean name.

In his ongoing he has been given the justice he so rightly deserved....outside of the ongoing not at all. I wish he could be shown as more than "The guy who talks to fish". The single most awesome moment in the ongoing in my opinion was when he said "I do not talk to fish...they talk to me and I listen." Hes also shown to be a very formidable fighter, something rarely seen outside of his 90's run and only shown again in its awesomeness during the early 2000's.

I think I could do an awesome job at writing for Aquaman, I have the years of reading him on my side. I also have the creativity to take him to different places, very seldom is he shown to be an honest to god fighter over his lifetime. I would change that, but what I wouldn't change is what they are doing right now with him in his ongoing. So until they mess it up or cancel it I'm going to keep my resume, but the moment they do I am going to call DC!

And finally, why should people visit the Fan-Fic board?

Because I'm there duh!

No really its an awesome place, hell I have become a fan of alot of the newer guys there now. Its definitely somewhere you want to go if you enjoy just reading because you will be there for hours.

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thanks man, actually got a few chuckles out of this.

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@darkchild: Hi! I'm also writer on the fanfic board, though I haven't published much recently. I'm also a big fan of dc related stuff, so if you ever start up an Aquaman series please let me know.