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Got questions about the FOP? Here's your answers! If you think of anything else, let me know. -FicOPedia

What's a Fic-O-Pedia?

It's a complete list of everything posted to the Fan-Fic forum - all (as of May 15, 2015) 183 pages of it - alphabetized by author. You'll see the links to the alphabetical listings on the main FOP pinned thread.

Why do this when writers and groups have libraries of their own?

For a few reasons:

  • Mostly, because I wanted an easier way to find stories in the fan-fic forum. I used to surf the back pages of the forum quite a bit, looking for stuff to read. I cannot tell you how many times I found chapter two of something, but had to search-and-search-and-search for chapter one. Now I don't have to do that, because the chapters are together. And neither do you. :)
  • Not all writers and groups make or keep up their libraries. This is everything by everybody on the Fan-Fic forum. The intention here is not to replace anyone's individual or group libraries, but merely to be a complete, easy-to-use reference for everything on the Fan-Fic forum. Libraries are even listed here!
  • This is simply a concise listing, with no fancy touches like pictures and special story title logos. Links are copied directly from the forum as is. If you change or edit the title later, feel free to PM me, and I'll update the Fic-O-Pedia accordingly.

But you may be wondering...

How can it help you?

Lost chapters can be found. That one epic chapter you wrote under an alt that has been buried in the back pages? It's now easy to find in this alphabetical listing!

Why list alts with their main accounts?

If you have a favorite writer on this board, all of their stuff is now together in one spot - including alts, if they made their alts obvious. For instance, I'm @cbishop, @bumpinthenight, and @ficopedia, so I've listed them together. I make bumpinthenight obvious as an alt by letting everyone know that it's cbishop when I post as bump'. If writers have done that here, I've combined their alts with (as best as I could determine) their most used account, so readers can get a better overall sense of their writing. If you have any questions about accounts I've combined, please see the Alt Confirmations page.

So am I supposed to tell you my alt account names?

Nope. I've just combined where they were obvious. If you want to get your alts combined, you can let me know via PM or leave me a message on the Alt Confirmations thread. I make notes on what was written by your main account, and what was by your alts. If you have a burning need for secrecy, then by all means keep that mysterious allure, you intriguing Internet icon you! ;)

What if my user name changed because of the merger with Gamespot?

I'm updating those as I run across them, but I cannot guarantee that I'll catch all of the changes. You can PM me or leave me a message on the Alt Confirmations thread. I'm noting name changes there, just like I would alts.

So do I have to let you know if my user name changed because of the merger with Gamespot?

No. Just like with alts, if you want to keep that to yourself, go right ahead. Unless I know that a user name has changed (i.e. PrinceMarvel became PrinceMarvel_, and Tim_Drake4444 became LeonardoTMNT) then I'll treat new user names like any other new users- starting a new tab for them in the FOP. No big deal.

Did you ignore "The" when alphabetizing?

I did ignore it when alphabetizing story titles, but not for screen names. If your screen name starts with "The," "THE," "the," or any other variation you can think of, it is listed under "T."

Anything besides alphabetical listings?

Yes. Beyond the alphabetical listings, you'll eventually see some categorical listings, so you can find complete lists of fan-fic stories on all of your favorite characters. These may be one-shot stories unconnected to anything else on the forum, or they may be from groups. For instance, if your favorite character is Batman, you may find:

When completed, the categorical listing will be links to other Fic-O-Pedia pages floating around the forum.

So the authors are alphabetized. Are their stories alphabetized too?

Mostly. If a story had multiple chapters, it got a numbered grouping. If it had five or more chapters, it got a numbered grouping with a title bar over it. Sometimes, it was necessary to switch things around for certain authors, so their listing didn't get confusing. I am suppressing both a smirk and a shudder as I apologize to the OCD among us...

But everything is in the A-Z listings?

There are certain writers on this forum who simply have a prodigious output, and it's just too much to be contained on this listing (blogs do have a limit on how much content they can contain). So by their names- for instance: Joshmightbe- you'll see a note that says, "see: Fic-O-Pedia: joshmightbe," and that will be a link to a separate Fic-O-Pedia page just for that author.

How do you decide what goes in the Fic-O-Pedia?

If it's posted to the Fan-Fic forum, it should be in the FOP. They're all publicly available links, so I grab everything, and organize it like crazy.

If it's spam, or hot links (links to other websites), or the OP (original post) has been deleted, or just junk of some other kind, a mod was deleting those at one time. I don't know if that's still being done. I'm leaving them out of the FOP though.

Also, I have tried not to list certain things like earlier versions of libraries. For example: DC-Group-A had a Library by User1, but they quit, so User2 started DC-Group-A Library 2.0. Just to avoid confusion, I'm only listing the 2.0 library, because it is the newest version. I have been working with a mod who has been kind enough to lock earlier versions so that only the current version can be bumped. If we've missed any, that's on me.

Certain other locked items have also been left out to avoid confusion- things like former versions of the forum rules. I do have those links archived in a non-forum spot, so if you're looking for your old library or something, let me know in a PM.

How long did this take?

For the initial four A-Z pages, the account set-up, and this blog page, pretty much a solid ten days of steady work, and a bit longer for the individual pages. Further organization will be ongoing. I'm an index freak though (apparently) so I had fun with it.

Why are there non-fiction posts in the Fic-O-Pedia?

There are some non-fiction series about animals by folks on the fan-fic forum that I thought were interesting, so I included them. Occasionally I run across something else on other forums that I think could be useful to writing, so I include those as well. Simple as that.

Can I copy the Fic-O-Pedia links for my own use?

YES YOU CAN! :^D ...The reason I'm able to do the Fic-O-Pedia is because the links are out there publicly. Like I said at the beginning of this FAQ, I started this because I wanted an easy reference, but I also want it to be a tool for you!

  • Do you have your own page in the FOP, and want to link to it as your library? Please do!
  • Do you have your own page in the FOP, and want to COPY all of the links to make YOUR OWN library? Go for it! The reason I keep the FOP as just a simple list of links is so if you want to make your own library with cool pictures and fancy title logos, then YOUR page will stand out! ...Or maybe you just don't like the way I organize a page- THAT'S OKAY. Feel free to copy the links and make your own page. ;)
  • Are your links in the Fic-O-Pedia A-Z pages? You can still copy your links and do what you want with them!
  • You want to review a user and link to their FOP page? Please do!

Basically, the FOP is the same thing as the Fan-Fic forum, but better organized. That's the only reason it exists- to make my fan-fic reading experience easier, and hopefully yours as well.

Can I make changes to my Fic-O-Pedia page?

You can't, but I can. Every page of the Fic-O-Pedia is a blog for the FicOPedia account. I made this to be a tool for all Comic Vine users, but I am a Comic Vine user too. So there's no way of logging in-and-out of a FOP page for you. I have to make those changes. So if you need something changed, PM me and let me know, or leave a message on the page that needs to be changed.

Even if you are a mod, please let me know instead of making the changes yourself, or I may notice it later and think a virus has eaten my page! Please don't do that to me- I'm willing to work with you, but I need to know what's changing on my pages. Otherwise, I'll be curled up in the corner of the Internet reciting binary numbers over-and-over. That would be icky. You don't want to see icky, do you? I mean really, icky is an icky word. Only you can prevent icky. Don't make things icky. ...Icky.

If it's something cosmetic, sorry- all of the FOP pages are purposely designed to look basically the same. Think of it like an Encyclopedia (which is why it's named Fic-O-Pedia). It's just an informational gathering of links. I'm not going to add pictures or special title logos- that's what you would need to make your own library for.

What can get changed: If you've changed the title of a blog and need the link name changed in the FOP, no problem. If you've deleted a post, and need it removed from the FOP, I can take care of that as well. If your user name has been changed, I can change that in the FOP. That's all part of keeping the FOP up-to-date as an easy-to-use tool, so don't hesitate to ask.

What is a Hunt?

A Hunt is as close as you can get to a search function for the FOP. Unfortunately, CV's search function is still a work in progress, and finding forum links can be difficult. And there's no way to make it search the Fic-O-Pedia pages for certain links. Sooo, I have to do that manually. That's a Hunt: A page of links that I've put together that relate to the same character or team (i.e. "Batman" or the "Avengers").

What are all the FOP Lists for?

Those are basically workspace for me, to help facilitate the Hunts. As of February 14, 2018, I'm going through the Annuals, trying to separate the links into lists relating to characters (Batman, Deadpool, etc.), teams (Avengers, Justice League, etc.), or type (Writing, Amalgam & DC/Marvel, Contests & Challenges, etc.). The lists are showing the links in chronological order, from 2007 to the present. When I'm caught up to the present, I'll make blog pages for Hunts that gather chapter links together, and make the Hunts much more user-friendly for you. Having the links in chronological order will allow me to add to the Lists each month, and not get lost on where I left off.

What is a supplemental page?

As stated elsewhere in the FAQ, blogs do have a limited amount of space. Some authors on the forum have their own pages in the FOP, but even that is not enough for everything they've written. When their pages start getting too big, it starts acting a little wonky about how it saves stuff (or doesn't).

To try to avoid this, I created supplemental pages. All that means is I've taken a big chunk off of their main page, and created a page just for that chunk. For instance, my main account is cbishop and there is a Fic-O-Pedia: cbishop page which used to include all the links I've made for the FOP as my alt FicOPedia. But this Fic-O-Pedia has created over 200 links, so I gave them their own page: Fic-O-Pedia: FicOPedia. That keeps my cbishop page from blowing up.

Another example is if an author has a large amount of posts for a certain group. Batkevin74 wrote a ton of stuff for the Marvel Iron Age (MIA) group. His page was getting big, so I created a supplemental page called Fic-O-Pedia: Marvel Iron Age, by batkevin74. I made that page supplemental for both Fic-O-Pedia: batkevin74, and the Fic-O-Pedia Groups: Marvel Iron Age page. That way I only have to add batkevin's MIA links to one page.

Other examples would be for large amounts of original fiction, like Fic-O-Pedia: The 40's, by TommytheHitman, Fic-O-Pedia: Waeziverse, by waezi2, or even the occasional specialty like Fact-O-Pedia: Impurest's Guide to Animals, by ImpurestCheese. In the cases of TommytheHitman and Waezi2, their pages weren't so big that I really had to create supplemental pages, but those works stood out enough that I felt they deserved the spotlight of having their own page. In the case of Imp', not only was her Guide to Animals so large it needed its own page, that's one of three supplemental pages to her main page, because she was just a writing juggernaut.

How do you know if something on the fan-fic forum has been plagiarized?

I don't. I try to give any posts from unfamiliar users a look before adding them to the FOP, because I want to make sure that what they've posted is an actual story. If it looks like a story, and doesn't seem to be violating any of the site rules, I add it to the FOP. I don't read everything though. There is really no way for me to know if it's plagiarized or not, barring long Internet searches that I am not going to do.

But UNDERSTAND THIS: It is absolutely against the site rules to plagiarize the works of another, and according to an article on legalzoom.com:

"plagiarism is illegal if it infringes an author's intellectual property rights, including copyright or trademark. For example, the owner of a copyright can sue a plagiarizer in federal court for copyright violation."

Stephanie Morrow, via legalzoom.com (See? Crediting a source isn't so hard.)

IF ANY WORK HERE IS FOUND TO HAVE BEEN PLAGIARIZED, the user who plagiarized it will suffer the consequences according to the site's rules, and if I am made aware of it, I will immediately remove those links from the Fic-O-Pedia. IMMEDIATELY. AND- assuming you're not banned, which you could be- I will probably not add any future posts by you to the FOP either. Don't doubt that.

Now, this is fan-fic. If a portion of someone else's story inspires yours, I get that. If a line from an established story is your jumping off point for your fan-fic, I get it. But credit the original writer, and acknowledge who has actual ownership of that story. Otherwise, you're plagiarizing.


It's my hope that the Fic-O-Pedia will make the Fan-Fic forum a little easier for you to use, and a whole lot more fun. I'll be maintaining this for the foreseeable future, but have set the Fic-O-Pedia up as it's own account in case I want to hand it off to someone else at a later date. I hope you like it, and happy reading. Enjoy.

-cbishop 5/15/15

Thanks for using the Fic-O-Pedia! :^D

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Fic-O-Pedia: FAQ
Fic-O-Pedia: FAQ