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Keep your fanfic's within the rules of the site, that means no sexual situations, no swearing, basically use your common sense when rating the story.

All stories must be rated correctly. Please give all stories a rating of at least FR13 unless it is uber-vanilla. Most comics are considered Pg13 after all.

Ratings System:

FR7 - Suitable for your five year old sister. No nightmare inducing material of a sexual or violent nature. No naughty language. As fluffy a fluffy bunny as you can get.

FR13 - Behold the wonders of dirty words. But only saying them. Not doing them. As usual, censor the words when posting please.

FR15 - The sexual exploration begins! But nothing explicit, kissing, whatever... and the violence is kept to Super Mario levels.

FR18 - Violence ho! But nothing extreme. Be reasonable. If it'd give an 18 yr old nightmares, move it on up a level.

FR21 - Nightmare on Elm Street style fanfics, as if you're reading The Authority... heavy fighting, blood, guts, whatever...

We do not tolerate plagiarism. We consider plagiarism to be copying, in totality or in part, any other author's story without clear attribution.

In the case of including lines of canon dialogue, you should mention this in your disclaimer.

If you posting someone else's story, you must have the author's express permission to do so - i.e. they must be aware that you are posting it here.

We can't archive stories that use the following:

  • The works of Anne Rice (she does not permit fan fiction)

  • The works of Anne McCaffrey

  • The works of Mercedes Lackey (only permits fan fiction in official fanzines)

Those writers have a heavy team of lawyers and don't allow fanfic of any sort to be posted on regulated websites...

Basically use your common sense when it comes to posting your fic on here, whether it's using your own characters, or writing fanfic about pre-existing characters...

If you're writing fanfic using pre-existing characters, Superman, Spiderman and others, just add a quick disclaimer at the top along these lines...

"All things Superman belong to DC comics, Spiderman and Iron Man belong to Marvel Comics, Harry Potter, Hogwarts and all that belong to J K Rowling... nothing is mine, only the extremely twisted idea..."

Just covers everyones back when it comes to awkward legal stuff...

If you have any questions about fanfic's or whether your fic would be suitable to post here, just PM one of the mods or if you want your fic checking over, or beta read, just e~mail it to me and i'll get it back to you asap.