(Fan fic) Transformers Shorties : The city beneath the waves

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*This is a fanfic story. All characters except Dr Michelle Roberts are owned by Marvel / Dreamwave / IDW / Devil's Due / Hasbro 
Rating - E (Everyone) 
Try and guess the identity of the Transformer in this fan fic :)
Year          : 2079 
Time         : 5:38pm est 
Location   : Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean 

The name's Dr Michelle Roberts and I have been working as an underwater archeologist for 10 wonderful years. My latest assignment takes me to a location known as Site-00 located within the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. I've been down here for hours in the Rapture, one of many small deep sea submersibles used by my organisation to explore ruins and archelogical sites far beneath the waves. All contact with the Rapture's crane ship on the surface has been lost hours ago leaving me stranded alone near Mariana Trench. The fate of the crane ship became known when I saw it pass by me on its way down riddled with large gaping holes and shreded steel hull.  
There was no going home for me now and the Rapture doesn't have enough fuel and power to make it to the closest landmass. The
only option left was to press on towards Site-00. I manouvered the Rapture over the ridge of the trench and decended down towards Site-00. It was hard to see from a distance but when the Rapture had come within meters of the site, I was able to see something through the main viewing portal. Resting at the base of the Mariana Trench was the wreckage of a World War 1 tank and not far from it was the wreckage of what looked like a couple of ancient Trident 2 ballistic missiles. Other than the two wreckages, there were lots of mangled train tracks all over the base of Mariana Trench. I couldn't make sense of how all the different objects had come to rest at Site-00.