Fan fic reviews Season 2: Chronicles of Brood

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I sense something, a forum trend I’ve not seen since… Uh, two years ago? Wow, it has been a while since I did one of these things. And that wasn’t a very good Star Wars intro, so my return to this project is less then triumphant. But with the forum on the verge of being declared dead yet again, then I suppose this is as good a time as any for a revival.

If you know me at all, you know I have a tendency to leave off things for months or even years at a time, so it should be no surprise it took me this long to finish Joygirl’s Chronicles of Brood, a series set in the Star Wars EU, before Disney alienated the fan bases by wiping out the EU. Thank God we have fan fiction to fix all the things the property owners tend to freak up.

Well, that should suffice for the intro, and I promise I’ll try to be funnier with the next one. So without further adieu, let us get on with Fan Fic Reviews season 2.

The series follows Maris Brood after the events of a novel I never read tying-in to a game I never played. Maris is a good girl, turned bad girl, turned- anti-hero? That old story. Due to pre-story events, poor Maris can’t find harmony with either side of the force, but as metaphysical love triangles tend to go, she feels the tug from both sides.

Naturally she feels lost and adrift in the universe. She’s looking for a reason, roaming through the night to find her place in this universe, her place in this universe…. Sorry. That joke was just simply too easy.

Young Maris has found herself on that one swampy planet, you know the one, where Luke had that weird moment with hallucination Vader? I forget what it’s called. Anyway, it is there we first meet our tormented heroine, who herself meets Kermit the frog. After a song about being green, and the difficulties that come with it—wait, wrong story. No, she meets another short, green fellow. Three guesses who. After a brief bit of introductory banter, and such, the good master takes Maris under his questionable tutelage, to teach her to reestablish her broken connection to the good side of the Force.

Unfortunately this series only lasted six chapters, after which Joygirl moved on to other writing projects, leaving this series just as it was really starting off, with Maris returning to a planet with ties to her past, seeking to reclaim her connection to the force, find her lost sense of purpose, and perhaps take some revenge and/or names along the way.

Now normally, I would not review an unfinished work unless it was quiet long, and then I may review it in parts. This has been quiet for a while though, and Joygirl herself has been some time from posting in the forums. Here’s hoping she returns to this project in the future.

Score; 5/5 for good characters, no noticeable issues, and a narrative that is easy for the uninitiated to pick up and follow.

Further reading;

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@wildvine: Decent review, but I would think the highest score possible would be 4/5, as the series is unfinished. Still, I've been meaning to read her and dngn's SW:GOT Phantom Lords series- maybe this should be on the reading list too. And yay! A link to a Fic-O-Pedia page! :)

P.S. CCC 11 was Star Wars also: Boba Fett vs. OC. :)

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That is a fair argument, but many series/stories go unfinished, meaning the highest possible score for nearly any work on this forum could only receive a 4, making 4 the standard, and creating a paradox of sorts, where it could be argued that 3 should be the given score since no unfinished work would be worthy of 4. To wit, I would rather assume it's unofficially unfinished.

Thank you. added.

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@cbishop: @wildvine: I doubt either series will be completed, but even moreso with Phantom Lords. Joygirl and I haven't talked about it for almost a full year now and even when we were writing it, it was done on the backburner. In hindsight the biggest flaw with Phantom Lords is that we both had two opposing styles of writing. Joygirl specializes in literary fiction (character driven) storylines whereas I mainly do commercial fiction (plot driven) storylines. Initially I thought we would just Yin and Yang it all together in a way that our styles would be able to compliment one another, but in practice it made us both struggle to understand what we wanted our story to be. If I could start again I would do it character driven and in would read more like a co-op rp event than a traditional comic book story. If you want to know more details of why it didn't work out pm me (It's not juicy gossip, I just don't feel comfortable talking about such things to all of comicvine).

With regards to Chronicles of Brood it was well written but because it was unfinished, there were only two memorable characters in the series, which meant if you weren't sold on Brood after the first couple of chapters and you aren't a big Yoda fan, you were basically sh*t out of luck. 4 out of 5, mainly because I've read enough work from @joygirl to know that if it did continue it would be awesome.

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I hold that it's not fair to fault for being unfinished, as most stories in the forum are unfinished, or have no real ending. They just stop generally. So for this reason I rated on how enjoyable it was, how well the grammar was, and whether it was easy to pick up. Even though I had no idea who Maris was, I had no trouble getting behind the character. But I do understand where you and CB are coming from.

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@wildvine: It's just more noticeable on character driven stories. When a plot driven story is left unfinished you could usually tell how the other elements were going to turn out but in when a character crisis is left unfinished your not sure if the characters really found any peace or accepted, or changed themselves (for better or worse). Either happens. Beside my first story on comicvine and a few CCC entries, none of my other titles are finished.