Fan Fic Review: Sharpshot

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Just don't call him Mary Sue....

Rated T.

This week by request, and a good month late, I reviewed Tommythehitman's Sharpshot series. Sharpshot is an original character created for the DC Corrupted series. He's a smart @ss shooter with questionable moral. Pretty basic I suppose. He's consistently written though, and fairly entertaining.

To fully understand Sharpshot, you have to read Corrupted, and War of the Worlds #1. So after the events of those stories, Sharshot finds himself adrift in the mutiverse, and looking for a nice homey dimension to crash in. After a few hit and misses, he lands in the Psyco-verse.


Good: Tommy's writing is fun and enjoyable. Sharpshot is a fun character. Chapters are short and punching, which is great if you want something light to read.

Bad: The story bounces backward and forward in time. This made my slightly confused at times, and hurt the flow of the story. The end of chapter 6 does not connect well to the start of 7.


Due to the occasionally confusing nature of the narrative, I give this series three and a half stars.

Further reading:

Sharpshots origins are here. Corrupted the library

His next appearance is here. War of the Worlds #1

The Sharpshot series can be found here Sharpshot's Library of Pain, Mayhem and Bullets!

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Hopefully I can actually write a series instead of getting bored easily. Love Sharpshot!

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@guardiandevil83: Why don't you ask Spidey if you can write a series set in the same universe?

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Hmm a good review. I doth approve and agree with this. :-)

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I've been considering Sharpshot for awhile, but didn't know where to start, and didn't want to search out the links at the time. Thanks for compiling them. Now I have a place to start. I will probably read these at work, between calls. Us dispatchers need something to do in the downtime. :)

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