Fan Fic Review: "Poker Face"

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Because laughter is the cheapest medicine...

As I work my way through the back pages of the Fan-Fic forum, I occasionally run across something I simply have to check out. This story is one of those things. This week I reviewed Sora_thekey's "Poker Face" A Spider-Man/Deadpool Fan-Fic

Rated E

Now, at first I was a little put off. I am not a fan of scripted stories. But, as an objective reviewer, I cannot avoid a story, irregardless of personal tastes. And, script writers put just as much effort into their stories as story writers. But enough foreplay.

The story is about Deadpool kidnapping Spider-Man for a card game because he's lonely. That's it. The plot is as deep as a mud puddle. Here's why you should read it. Deadpool (and voices) and Spider-Man are spot on in character. And the simple stage is easy to envision. This story doesn't try to be anything but funny, and in that regard it does it in spades.


Good: Characters are well depicted. Entire story is just so funny.

Bad: The end is abrupt, and a little weak.


Recommended reading for Deadpool fans.

Marvel Re-imagined: Deadpool #2

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Just finished reading this and it was a fun read. Completely agree with your review, especially the spot-on characterization of Deadpool and Spider Man. Had me laughing for sure.

Thanks for taking the time to review this. I look forward to the next fan-fic you review and seriously, this is an awesome idea. You pretty much rock for taking this on and pretty much are the goodwill ambassador for the fan-fic forum.


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Just to let you know, the first link to Marvel Re-imagined: Deadpool #1 is a dead link, but the second one is fine.

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Wow! Thanks for the review...

I'm open for suggestions. How should the story have ended? Thanks to you I re-read what I wrote and found some writing mistakes which I'll fix soon. I will say thought, that the reason it's in script form was because this was originally for an artist here on the site who was going to do the art but backed out.

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@sora_thekey: Ask he's pretty good and quite helpful in drawing stuff :)

Good story by the way

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Great review wildvine! I'll have to check this story out!!!