Fan Fic Review: Horror Inc: My Name is Frankenstein

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Here there be monsters....

Monsters. They're just like you and me. At least they are in the steam punk imagination of Necrotic_Lycathropy. Today I had the pleasure of re-reading, and reviewing Horror Inc.: My Name is Frankenstein (one-shot)

Rated "M"

'My Name is Frankenstein' takes place in a dark, nightmarish world. Though the exact time period is unclear (On purpose I'm sure) the feel is kinda retro. This is definitely one for fans of the new weird. It stars a cast of (possibly) the most unique characters ever conceived. From Freakinstein to stitchpunk, each character has they're own shape, and personanlity. Necrotic_Lycanthropy takes your hand in her claw, and introduces you to each of her creations in careful, loving detail, until you can see them vividly. Heck, you can almost feel the tortured, scarred flesh. What makes this different from standard monster stories? These monsters are trying to make it in a world inhospitable to humans, and in-humans alike.


Good: Original characters are always good. The story contains humor, and tragedy. Love and loss. Characters are easy to imagine though abundance of details.

Bad: Several grammar/spelling typo's. Ironically, the biggest problem is the best part of the story. The details. To many of them at once. It would have been better if some of the physical details had been spread around a little better.

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Interesting review, I'll take a look at it!

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Awesome that you’re doing Fan Fic reviews! I would love if it you would take a look at my Thor stuff and give me some constructive criticism on it, everyone just says its awesome and doesn’t really explain why or list any faults and it kinda annoys me so seeing some one take a critical look at my work would be greatly appreciated and help me out immensely.

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Nice write up --- I am off to go read. :)

(Seriously, this is a great thing you are doing)

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@ekrolo: Hey look! Baby Ekrolo right before I showed up! The battle scars STILL haven't worn off...